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xbox 1 controller

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  1. CarlosMRD

    Question Xbox controller swapping buttons

    Hi. I'm having trouble with my Xbox Series X Controller. It works fine when set as a Xbox Controller on Steam Settings, on the Xbox Accessories App, or on online gamepad testers. However, when playing games with Global Controller setup on Steam, or games outside Steam, such as Code Vein on...
  2. J

    Question Xbox Controller Syncing Problem

    So this might be a lost cause but the sync button on my controller is not working. My pc has Bluetooth on the Wi-Fi card but I can't connect it without the sync button. I have tried to plug it in with a cable to see if they would sync but no luck. I have a microsoft wireless adapter that I can...
  3. Dmarhon

    Question Power issue :Xbox controller burned out by MSI Tomahawk b450

    Hello everyone I was using the Xbox controller pretty fine but one day I decided to switch to PS4 controller because vibration is not working later I decided to get back to the Xbox 360 controller and when I plugged it in the computer will restart for several times. I didn't even think it was...
  4. R

    Question Xbox one S controller not connecting to PC (no bluetooth)

    Have no idea, searched everywhere, tried getting drivers, not showing on device managers, nothing. Windows is a joke, should just be plugged in and played, just flashes for a few seconds then turns off, need any last resorts or ideas? Yes the controller is working, yes the cable works, yes my...
  5. Z

    [SOLVED] Xbox one controller not seen in games - Windows 7 64-bit

    Hi, I bought a new xbox one controller for use on Windows 7 64-bit - installed - everythings normal, but......not working in games - any game when connected through bluetooth. It does connect and is recognized by device manager. When checking properties in bluetooth - I can see that windows see...
  6. Y

    Question [SOLVED]Potplayer Xinput button mapping caused youtube problem(independant of the browser used) that even fresh windows install didn't fix

    I recetly bought a xbox one s controller for my pc. While using potplayer i stumbled upon xinput button mapping feature and it worked great or so I thought. While potplayer was open, I switched to a live feed in youtube(on chrome),which was on hold when i was using the player, using the xb1...
  7. trio1989

    [SOLVED] Can i connect my wireless mouse, keyboard and xbox one controller using the motherboards built in bluetooth 5.0?

    My new motherboard has built in bluetooth 5.0 i am just wondering if i can connect my keyboard,mouse and xbox one controller with out a dongle using windows 10 or would i need to buy a bluetooth dongle although my motherboard has it built in?
  8. L

    Question Xbox one controller not working anymore

    So I bought a wired xbox one controller for 60 Euros. It worked fine for 2 weeks and I came from work today to see that the controller light isn't on anymore. I've been troubleshooting this for an hour now and I'm desperate. What I've tried: -Reinstalling the drivers -Unplugging then plugging...
  9. G

    Question Serious issue with XBOX one controller

    Hello. I'm currently experiencing a weird and very troublesome issue with my XBOX one controller (wired). Some games, like Sekiro, Monster Hunter World or Tekken 7 just freezes at launch when the controller is plugged (sometimes the game launch, but most of the times the screen just goes blank...