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  1. ReHack

    Question Xbox 360 controller not working on windows 10

    I have an xbox360 controller, it's worked countless times before but it was always a struggle to make it work, and now the bars around the logo only lights up then it would pop up as "usb device not recognized" then the lights turn off, what can I do?
  2. Z

    Question XBox Controller Axis Range

    I've bought a cheap third party Xbox 360 controller and been using it to play some Flight Sims. I've realized that the axes of the thumb stick maxing out too early before the physical stick reaches its edge. (The axes is maxing out about halfway between center and maximum). This creates a weird...
  3. xGh0sTx

    Question xbox 360 controller corrupt HID driver. Please help me.

    I have an xbox 360 controller and it used to work well. Now suddenly it gets a yellow triangle beside the HID compliant game controller driver, and have noticed I have 3 HID controller drivers. Even though I uninstall and reinstall them, someday the drivers would just come back and have a yellow...
  4. Budget Meta

    [SOLVED] Xbox 360 Controller help.. please..

    I have a Samsung Galaxy J2 (J260DL and J260T1) phones one is running android 8.1 the other is 9.1... i recently got an otg adapter and been wanting to make a real cheap ghetto gaming set up.. micro usb to hdmi keyboard mouse and gamepad running from a smart phone lol (yes i know about rasberry...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Xbox 360 controller windows support

    i have been using xbox 360 controller on PC for years, always working fine with no problem at all But i updated windows to 2004 version and all of a sudden it doesn't recognize in the last version. the controller doesn't pair with the receiver. I try to reinstalled drivers manually and for...
  6. A

    Question Xbox 360 wired controller not working in Windows 10

    I had an old wired Xbox 360 controller (a legit Microsoft one) which had a wiring issue in which moving the wire will disconnect it. I went to fix it and then tested it back. Now when I plug in its ring flashes for half a second and it doesn't work It's not recognized ANYWHERE, tried plugging in...
  7. S

    Amd Phenom II x4 965 BE overclock

    Hello, I want to OC my cpu to 3.8 Ghz, and I want to know combo how to reach it. Hardware: Motherboard: Asus M4A77T PowerSupply: WhiteEnergy 500w, cant find exact model. Cooler: Cooler Master T4. Gpu: Asus Nvidia Gtx 960. Plan is to reach stable 3.8Ghz, since over 3.8 my powersupply and cooler...
  8. R

    2x4 gb vs 1x8 gb

    My motherboard is gonna be a asus maximus vii ranger , shall i go for 4x2 gb ram sticks or 1x8 ( 1x8 is around 20 dollars cheaper) Also getting 2 (1x8 gigs) work? 2x4 is slight cheaper here to 2 1x8 gigs ram( not in the same pack but same sticks) So , a 4x2 pack or a 1x8 pack or 2 packs of...
  9. B

    Computer turning on by itself

    I got a pretty weird one for you guys... so last night... on Halloween night, i was on chrome watching some videos on YouTube, all of a sudden internet starting crapping it self. thought it might be router so i reset it and still was extremely slow. (about 3 minutes to open YouTube). wanted to...
  10. Floydms

    Australian $500 Bugdet Low Gaming Computer

    Hey im looking for a half gaming computer for about $500 I dont mind what CPU, GPU or even the APU (Kaveri) But i would like to it be not much over $500 max $550 If you could use thise website it would be nice Thanks EDIT: I would like it to be able to play...