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  1. xGh0sTx

    Question xbox 360 controller corrupt HID driver. Please help me.

    I have an xbox 360 controller and it used to work well. Now suddenly it gets a yellow triangle beside the HID compliant game controller driver, and have noticed I have 3 HID controller drivers. Even though I uninstall and reinstall them, someday the drivers would just come back and have a yellow...
  2. K

    Question Why is my Xbox 360 Slim getting extremely hot?

    So I've had my Xbox 360 Slim for about 5 years now. I got it brand new. Recently I've noticed that even after a few minutes of gameplay it gets burning hot. So I've disassembled it and gave it a good clean and replaced the thermal paste. It maybe helped a little but it's still worrying. Any...
  3. A

    Question Xbox 360 wired controller not working in Windows 10

    I had an old wired Xbox 360 controller (a legit Microsoft one) which had a wiring issue in which moving the wire will disconnect it. I went to fix it and then tested it back. Now when I plug in its ring flashes for half a second and it doesn't work It's not recognized ANYWHERE, tried plugging in...
  4. T

    Question Samsung S8+ lost in snow for week, how to dry

    Hey, I lost my dead Galaxy in the snow and had to wait for it to melt over a week. I have just found it and have to dry it off because there are some cracks in the front and back. What should I put the phone with to dry and and for how long should I keep it there.
  5. Tom9335

    [SOLVED] What is most likely bottle necking my system?

    I just put my PC together and loaded steam onto my HDD instead of my SSD to save space and downloaded just cause 3 and its playing like a powerpoint presentation. Components include: i7 8700k cpu RTX 2060 graphics card 16 gbs of 2100 DDR4 RAM a seagate 1tb HDD Is it the HDD causing issues or...
  6. S

    Question Copper Tubes

    I want to make a custom loop with copper tubes Where I can find them;
  7. S

    Looking for future improvement advices.

    Hello! I Created my first build a week ago everything looks great! but i would like to see some opinions on what i could do better,also what could i upgrade in the future. Giving some tip for priorities would be great to! CPU: AMD ​Ryzen 5 2600 / Price:154€ GPU: Sapphire Radeon RX 580 8GB...
  8. K

    [SOLVED] OEM CPU Compatibility

    I just bought the Ryzen 3 2300x and was wondering: Does it work with the ASRock B450 Gaming K4. I can't find it anywhere on the support lists, but it says it will support all 2xxx ryzen CPUs. Thanks in advance
  9. 8

    Intel to amd no display

    I recently switch my cpu to ryzen from Intel (motherboard or cpu broke (xeon 3 gen) every seem to work pretty good except a got no display from the computer Specs 1060 Zotac Ryzen 5 2600 HyperX 2x4 for 8gb Motherboard prime350-plus Win10
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Help me decide..

    Is it okay to have 4Gb ram + 16Gb optane,in 2019??
  11. T

    [SOLVED] Use an RX 480 with an 1050 Ti ?

    I want to use my rx 480(PCIe 3.0 x16) and my 1050 Ti(2.0 x16) on different monitors , I just want to know, will the drivers conflict?
  12. A

    Missing part to add in a microphone clip

    I am switching my microphone stand into a microphone stand. I already have a microphone clip. Here the link: \ Now I am missing some sort of small metal rod that will connect my microphone clip...
  13. B

    [SOLVED] Windows 8.1 missing drivers

    I know it's been asked a lot but no answers are helping me. Currently I am trying to install 8.1 or windows 10. I am getting the dreaded driver error. I have tried multiple xboot drives. Currently have 2 window 8.1 ISO 1 windows 7 and getting windows 10. It seems they are all requesting drivers...
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Asrock H87 Performance

    Hi guys, I am not a computer pro so i am here to seek for advice please help me if any of you know what i can do. i will try my best to describe it. I was prompt the message "The following channel memory did not pass cpu memory test, Please remove the memory then plug again. Channel B" Mobo...
  15. N

    [SOLVED] I have problem in my FAN

    I buy my rx 570 dual fun oc 4gb having bit problem why my FAN are not spinning its only spon if my rebooting. Also i use afterburner so my fan spin. But i would like if i dont use the afterburner like a usual spin only . Also it's ok if o push to 100 the spinning fan in afterburner
  16. B

    Should i upgrade my CPU?

    Hello guys i currently have an i5 4690 stock and i play games like battlefield 5 and battlefield 1 and it bottlenecks my rx 570 and stutters like crazy.The cpu is already 100% and the gpu at 60% on average and sometimes worse.I found a guy who is selling an i7 4790s 4core/8thread cpu for...
  17. SwatSkillz

    GTX 1060 compatibility

    Hi, I recently acquired an ASUS GTX 1060 dual OC 6GB GPU. I am currently attempting to test it on a machine that isn't my main and it has fairly poor specs. I am having trouble getting the card to work. After the connecting the PCIe cable to the card and PSU, and slotting a HDMI into my GPU...
  18. D

    [SOLVED] msi b450 gaming pro carbon ac compatible with g.skill trident z rgb?

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy this motherboard and the ram. I just asking if it is compatible... Mobo: MSI B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC RAM: G.SKILL TRIDENT Z RGB 16GB kit
  19. T

    [SOLVED] Problem With RGB Case Fans and Standoffs

    I have an ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E and It has two CHA_FAN headers and I have the NZXT H500 which I have 2 Corsair LL120 RGB and 2 120mm stock from the case. I also have the Corsair Commander Pro and here are the problems: First of all, I don’t know if the case has standoffs pre installed but I can...
  20. D

    PC Crashes with Black Screen, MemtestCL detects 5582230 Total Errors

    I built a PC 2.5 years ago and have experienced no major issues with it until now. I have never overclocked any of my components. My first encouter of this problem was when I was playing Dota 2. While I was in the game, the screen turned black and the speakers produced a continuous buzzing...
  21. G

    NVIDIA High Definition Audio issue. Onboard sound card disappeared from windows!

    Hello everyone, I put a nvidia gpu in my pc and since audio has stopped working and I can't even see the onboard sound card anywhere anymore! Here are my components: HP xw8600 workstation. Dual cpu x5460 32gb of ram 250gb ssd gigabyte gtx 960 (GV-N960OC-4GD) Audio was working fine before the...
  22. P

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte fusion rgb strips

    Hello, i dont know if im being stupid but does any 5v 5050 rgb strip work with the gigabyte fusion, for example im looking at these...
  23. zniff

    Does a laptop m.2 slot have limitations?

    I have a GP72VR 6RF Leopard pro and found out i should change out the M.2 slot storage device. due to low storage capacity. so what is the maximum speed id get out of that M.2 slot. do i have to buy something that matches the maximum speed of the M.2 slot or should i just buy the M.2 chip with...
  24. S

    asus rog maximus xi hero z390 worth it?

    Is it worth shelling out the $300 for the highest end mobo I can get? I plan on upgrading to (most likely) an i7 9700k with 16gb ddr4 3200mhz. I plan on overclocking it nearly to its max potential.
  25. V

    Which is easier - OC Intel or Ryzen?

    OC newbie here - seems that from a performance perspective (gaming and some photo editing) both the i7-8700k and R7-2700x are very close. I plan on some mild overclocking on the CPU, RAM and GPU, and as I haven't done this before, are there any differences in the procedure for Intel and AMD...
  26. manineedhelp

    Corsair TX850 vs Corsair TX850M psu?

    What is the difference between Corsair TX850 and a Corsair TX850M psu? Help me
  27. K

    GT 1030 compatible Dell Inspiron SFF ?

    I've already got a tiny (Small Form Factor) PC: Will the GT 1030 fit its narrow mini-ITX motherboard ? Will the card GT 1030 run well with its default 200W psu ? If not, please recommend me some graphics card that compatible with my Insipron...
  28. C

    Which 1080 should I get?

    Hello, I am looking for a 1080 but cannot decide on which one I should go for. Currently I am looking at Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 1080 GDDR5 8GB OC WF3 or just the none OC edition. Currently on newegg its £419.99 which is a good price...
  29. S

    Transfer / Convert files from APFS to NTFS

    My father uses Photoshop and Lightroom for photo editing on his Mac, running High Sierra. His computer recently died and he's interested in changing over to a Windows 10 machine. The main issue is getting his photos that he's worked on, which are on separate external hard drives to convert...
  30. A

    Need help with M.2 type 3

    I wonder if anyone can help me. My motherboard is EVGA X99 Classified. There is a M.2 Type 3 connector on board. I bought a Samsung 860 EVO 2TB M.2 SATA SSD. According to the motherboard manual, I have to enable the M.2 Type 3 in the BIOS which I have (by doing so, PCIe slot 5 will be disabled...
  31. M

    Undervolting EVGA 1080 Ti SC2

    I've never really messed with any of these settings before, so I'm not really sure what to do here. I was hoping to lower the temps on my GPU so that it can run rather silently. I was told by my friend that there's ways to undervolt it that reduce temps but it doesn't affect performance at all...
  32. Spaurtacus

    MSI GTX 1080 not Gaming X version

    I just bought a plain MSI GTX 1080 Gaming, not the X version. Whats the difference between plain and X?
  33. R

    2 1920 x 1080 monitors or 1 2560x1440 monitor

    So i have been looking around and found a few deals, what deal should i get, they are basically the same price, i plan on playing fortnite mainly should i buy 2 1920x1080 monitors to run dual monitor cuz i wanna stream, or should i buy 1 2560x1440 monitor and use my old 1280x1024 monitor as...
  34. M

    The new 2000's GeForce gpu

    So pros 20 percent faster not an issue for fps Can play any game Has some new technology that only they can tell me how it works? Cons Price 1.I can't think in competitive gaming where graphics will make u better 2. I remember when a little fps lag helped get hs in CS source 3. Ghost recon...
  35. N

    Building a new [gaming] system, after some input.

    Hey all, I'm in the progress of choosing new components for my new PC which will be used primarily for gaming and general work stuff, Word and web browsing. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. I've spent the last month or so chopping and changing my mind about the CPU and MOBO. I...
  36. M

    Powered on newly built PC, orange light on Z370-E motherboard and nothing is powering on, help?

    I've installed my parts and connected my pc to a monitor but when I powered on nothing is happening. Nothing comes up on the monitor, no fans running, etc. I've waited with it on for about a minute with nothing happening. I'm not really sure what the typical things to check are if this...
  37. R

    Watch dogs stopped working

    Hello sir I have downloaded watch dogs and installed it. It runs fine upto main menu when I click on new game it crash after filling half loading bar. I saw many sites and you tube videos . What they say I already done that like compatibility mode to win 7, crack fixes , run as administrator and...
  38. E

    Is overclocking GTX 1070 TI worth? (Asus Strix)

    I'm a guy who wants more FPS because of the 144hz monitor, will OC the GTX 1070 TI will be effective? I don't have water cooling, will it be safe? won't it burn/break/etc..? Should I worry about warranty? I mean, I know it'll be gone, but how will they know if I Overclocked the card... GTX 1070...
  39. A

    Water spilled on computer case help

    So, yesterday I spilled some water on my computer's case while it was on. I instantly powered off the computer and unplugged it. After it dried, I started up the computer and it worked fine, except for all the games that it ran had a very low fps. I was able to run games at max settings before...
  40. S

    Headphones buzzing while idol?

    So, i recently decided to return my old headphones for physical repair. During that, i decided to plug in my old, BOSE headphones for use. I decided to change my sound quality to the highest it could be. Then, as i woke up -- I realized i'm starting to get this weird bassy, buzzing sound coming...