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  1. Tschrom

    Question Windows Store/Xbox App Store download issue

    I have a bit of a strange issue happening where, if I begin downloading a large file with with the MS Store (such as a game) the game download will stop with an error any time I open an exclusive fullscreen application. I'm not sure what could be causing this at all. Anyone have any ideas...

    Question Xbox app won’t work:(

    A little while ago I calicoes dismiss one setting on something like apps not working or something and now I can’t hear anyone in the Xbox app even though it says they are talking. Also I think they can hear me.
  3. A

    HP Laptop dead after screen replacement

    Hello, The screen of my HP Envy 15 (hp envy 15-ah000na) cracked a while back and I recently got round to replacing it. After ordering the correct replacement screen, I carefully installed it as usual. After plugging in the charger and pressing the ON button, the laptop began working, keyboard...
  4. omenrip

    My Alienware Aurora R7 left panel doesn’t fit tightly to center panel

    I opened my left panel about 3 times since I got my R7 in March 2018. The last time I tried to close it “with a click” as the Dell manual says, it won’t lock. No matter hard I pushed the top of the case (and yes I had the feet of the panel in their slots), the left panel wouldn’t “click” or...