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  1. Gamefreaknet

    Question Is it possible to cast an Xbox One to a Gaming Laptop?

    I have an Xbox One (previous version before S and X) and recently got a few games I know I am more comfortable with on Keyboard and Mouse controls. I can cast my Xbox to my TV (via HDMI) however would this also be possible to cast via HDMI to my "Gaming" Laptop. Alienware m15 2019 OLED Edition...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] streaming laptop help

    My husband has just made affiliate on Twich, and I wanted to surprise him with a laptop for streaming, since out current old computer can't run streamlabs hardly at all. What is a good laptop for streaming with Xbox one? Thank you in advance!
  3. Chick3n

    [SOLVED] Xbox One Controller not connecting to PC via wired

    I have an Xbox controller I'm trying to connect to my PC via a micro usb to usb cable. But when I connect it, the controller buzzes for half a second and when I press the Xbox button, the light blinks for about 2 minutes but never actually syncs. There is no Windows sound when I connect the usb...
  4. A

    Should I upgrade my original xbox one to an xbox one x?

    I've had a 4k tv since 2015 and haven't used any 4k videos on it since I got it due to living in a rural area and not having fast enough internet available to stream 4k video. So it was a waste of money. I've also had my advanced warfare xbox one for awhile as well. It works great but it's...
  5. PaulDundee

    [SOLVED] Wifi Gaming Problem

    Hey all Got a litting problem hopefully one of you can answer. I am in student flats and th building has free wifi.I have an Xbox One in my room and I can do everything with it. Watch YouTube and Netflix, use the browser, download and play games including Game Pass games. I have Live Gold. I'm...
  6. J

    Question video issues with xbox one S

    link to tv specs: link to receiver specs: So basically, when I have my xbox one S connected via HDMI directly to my 4k tv the following settings have a...
  7. H

    [SOLVED] My Xbox One controller (for Windows 10) is drifting to the right side.

    When I press win + G (or the xbox button) and then I go back with the keyboard or mouse (!) it will be good. After that when I press any button on the controller I'ts drifting again. What I've done: windows 10 reinstall, controller calibrating, controller replugging, controller replugging from...
  8. J

    Question Xbox One External Hard drive

    I have a 3TB external western digital passport I use to store video files on. All of a sudden when I try to add new media by plugging it into my PC, the Xbox won't read the new files, I have formatted the drive with my PC and moved everything over again to the external drive, then my Xbox...
  9. B

    Question Need help with connecting Xbox One S controller over Bluetooth

    Hi, I have an Xbox One S (Bluetooth enabled) controller that I am trying to connect to my computer with over a Bluetooth connection to play Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Windows 10. Most guides that I've seen seem to use an in-built Bluetooth radio inside of their PC, while I have an external...
  10. K

    Question Which Elgato to buy?

    Should I get the Elgato HD, HD60, or HD60s to record my Xbox One, given the specs of my laptop and pc? Hi guys I would appreciate your input on this. I am looking to start making Machinimas on my Xbox One and would like to get a capture card. My only problem is that my laptop isn't that great...
  11. S

    Question Milk Damaged Xbox Motherboard

    I accidentley spilled milk on my Xbox one about a week ago and I'm just now trying to clean it. I'm having trouble getting the milk residue off of the motherboard. I've already tried using isopropyl alcohol with a q tip and a napkin. Neither can get the milk residue off no matter how hard I...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] Could you turn an HDMI port to a PCIe port for input?

    This idea was created because the HDMI port has lots of GBps and also has PCIe lanes for low latency. So could you turn that HDMI port to a PCIe port for something like a Graphics Card to connect to? This post on Reddit talks about this: View...
  13. B

    Question Xbox one will not detect WD Passport Ultra.

    I have the original Xbox one, and a WD Passport Ultra. It was working perfect for external storage I until plugged it in at my friends house. Now my Xbox won't even detect it. Works perfectly fine in a laptop, but my Xbox can't even see it. The hard drive light came on, so I it's running. Cord...
  14. F

    Question Constant BSOD even after clean install & switching to original ssd

    I've had the Overpowered OP-1 branded, tongfang GK5CN5Z laptop for a few months and have recently begun getting constant BSODs. The first crash happened while gaming without any noteworthy driver updates being done and these crashes have consistently continued as soon as the AC adapter is...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Should I trust riotoro onyx?

    As in reliability - quality. RX 570 sapphire nitro 8gb +, no OC Ryzen 2600x no OC 4x8gb ram slight oc at 1.4v
  16. M

    Question Possible CPU Upgrade

    Hi I am looking to buy a new monitor. I am looking at ultrawide 35" and have a £500 budget which will just about get a lower end one. I am not sure if my current CPU will be enough to run 1440p though as it is quite old (specs below) i5 2500K 0verclocked to 4.8Ghz 8GB RAM RTX 2070 I...
  17. K

    Question Gpu overheating rtx 2070 strix

    I'm relatively new to this, my problem is the following, I recently got an rtx 2070 strix and I'm a little paranoid about the temperature of the gpu because it reaches 78 degrees and being a strix I think it's too much, or I'm wrong? I have to worry or everything is fine? First of all, Thanks...
  18. G

    Question Ryzen 5 2600X + Asus Rog RX Vega 56

    So I just want to make sure if everything is right as I built my PC for the first time. So I play Fortnite using a 1444×1080 resolution with all the settings on low but view which is placed as "far". Should I be able to get 240 fps with my setup. I have it capped to 160 now and it's not so...
  19. D

    Question 4GB(3GB usable)

    Okay I know that system itself needs some memory to work but just before I increased my RAM (from 3 to 4gb) it was just 3GB nothing more Now when I added this new ram stick it always lowers the RAM by one (eg 3GB(2GB available)) except when it is by itself 64bit Win7 RAM:1x kingston...
  20. T

    Question Why does my computer crash when I play games? Please help.

    Hi, when I am playing a video game my game will freeze and then have these small square all over the screen and then my whole computer crashes. I am not sure what the problem is, I have a fairly good computer. I have an i7 6700k CPU and then a 1080ti neither are overclocked. I think the problem...
  21. M

    Question Battery problem

    I have an Asus X551MA which I haven't used for about 18 months. When I switched it on this last weekend, the battery would not charge up. The charge light would show steady orange and then after a while it would start flashing and the battery indicator on the system stray would change from...
  22. B

    [SOLVED] my games are lagging inspite of having gtx 1050ti.

    I recently bought a new Gtx 1050ti. My pc has an i3 4150 processor, 4gb ddr3 ram, 450 W psu and 1TB hdd. But I don't know why I get so much of frame drops( in games like Apex legends(30-35 fps) and Rise of the tomb raider(sometimes 45+, but when action scene comes, it drops to 15-20fps). Frame...
  23. D

    Question Asus TUF Gaming Plus Z390

    Hello everyone, I just bought this mainboard and going to use it with i7 9700K. I don't think to OC it. What do you guys think about that mainboard? I saw few negative comments about it, but wanted to read your comments too.
  24. Tony Coleman

    [SOLVED] Modem doesn't connect to internet when using longer coaxial cords.

    Ok so basically i wanted to move my modem to a more central place in the house. Originally it was connected to the main line with a coupler and another cord that was about 2 feet or so and it works fine. But then i attached about 60 ft to it (2 30 foot coaxial cables Rg6) and when i did that i...
  25. S

    Question Wifi disconnects at low signal strengths

    WiFi disconnects automatically and shows problems whenever the signal goes 2 bar or below (in the windows taskbar). connecting to ehternet or if the wifi has full bar strength the connection is fine. This is a recent problem, i used to use the internet from my bed no problem, but now it...
  26. M

    Question Endless loop of "Preparing automatic repair "

    Hi. I'm not computer savvy, and need help..... Here's what happened. 1). I've been getting "stop code:memory management" green screen. So I did a system restore. 2). When it restarted itself, "Preparing automatic repair" came on. 3). Then this comes on, "Select Account. You need to sign...
  27. R

    [SOLVED] Help with building PC - 1500$

    Hi! I need advice with my PC build. I already chose all important component, but I think I can replace some parts with cheaper versions but with same quality. This PC will be used mostly for games. The main problem is I don't know how much power I need for the whole system and maybe you will...
  28. zLaughingDragon

    Question 1080s are being filtered on Newegg?

    It seems to me that the 1080 has no information available on Newegg. I've looked into a few pages for 1080s and I found that: A. Search terms for 1080 Graphics cards are being filtered. B. sales info on 1080 Graphics cards are either empty or nonexistent. Is this a glitch, or is Newegg trying...
  29. Z

    [SOLVED] Cooler Master H500 Case - Top Fans Worth It?

    I'm in the process of picking parts for a new build and was wondering if anyone knew whether the Cooler Master H500 benefits much from top mounted fans? I'd be running with the mesh front and don't want to mess up air flow or pressure if the default fan setup is better suited. I'm probably going...
  30. A

    Question Unsolvable PC lag and Stuttering, Please Help?

    I am from India, and i have a fairly average pc buildSpecs:- CPU - i5 7400 GPU - MSI GTX 1060 3GB OC edition Ram - Gskill Ripjaws 2400mhz 2 x 8GB sticks Motherboard - Gigabyte B250m PSU - Cooler master 500 watt lite Storage - 480gb SSD. 1TB 7200 rpm HHD My issue is, every component is working...
  31. ThePharaoh

    [SOLVED] New to PC and can't decide as I suffer from impulse buying

    I have always gamed on a console all my life. However, I have decided to switch to PC due to convenience and overall productivity. I am also studying software engineering, so having a PC where I can just game and work on would be great. I suffer from impulse buying, it's so bad to the point...
  32. gedwin21

    Question How can setup my second m.2 drive to use another ssd

    So I install a ssd on my motherboard m.2_1 and it worked fine and fast. So I bought another one and installed it on my m.2_2 but I can’t find it in my bios or in my windows storage I can’t figure out why.
  33. L

    [SOLVED] huawei ar1220w password reset

    hi, i have an old router that i want to repurpose,model huawei ar1220w. i don't know the password it was used as a router until a while back, when i changed the internet provider. i want to reset the configuration to default so that i can login and change the settings. web management is...
  34. Question Speed test discrepancies and how to push the issue with an ISP

    Hey all, Apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong place. Not long ago I upgraded to a 1 Gbps line through Centurylink. The price is good, but thus far I'm not really getting what I'm paying for. After several appointments with their technicians they remedied an issue on their end, and I...
  35. S

    Question My computer won't turn on.

    I've just built my computer, but when I power-on, the fan spins and it looks normal, but nothing displays on the screen it says "No signal". Then I turn it on it buzz once. What can I do? Parts: Motherboard: Asus B360-F Gaming CPU: Intel i5-9600K CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken M22 RAM: Tridentz...
  36. V

    Question solved

    turns out i need to find a gpu that is supported by the G5 build to connect to as monitor
  37. J

    2nd Gen Dell G7

    For context, am 18 and currently have a reasonably decent pc, 6600k and a 980Ti, etc. Will be going to University this September studying Aerospace engineering and want to have a decent enough laptop to take with me allowing me to do CAD work for the next 4 ish years as well as the odd bit of...
  38. F

    [SOLVED] Coolermaster masterliquid 240l rgb vs Idcooling frostflow+ 240

    I wonder if some of u guys have tested both of them and know which one is better. Iam looking for a AIO to cool an overclocked 8600k @ 5.0
  39. M

    power surge happening

    why power surge happens on keyboard and mice? and how to fix it?
  40. 1

    ASROCK X470 Master SLI/AC Bios wont work

    I've built my first PC and the first boots I've done had my bios working and then it shut off and shows a black screen and flickers until the third time. The third time the screen flickers shows the windows 10 login screen. I've been trying to use the recovery way and downloading the bios on a...