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    Question Headset for xbox series x?

    I recently purchased the new xbox series x and I know a lot of companies headsets are struggling because of no optical port. I want something wireless but also looking into a USB dac with a open back headset. Does anyone have an experience with any of this and if so any suggestions?
  2. S

    Question bad power issues in house, multiple PCs built and monitors,same problem please help!

    right so, i built my first PC at the start of lockdown, everything was fine, very smooth and perfect. then all of a sudden my warzone bugged out when i changed the settings (blue fuzzy screen on the grass etc). this then effected my other games like fortnite where i had bad input delay and...
  3. V

    [SOLVED] Xbox Series X controllers on

    Hi, I want to buy the new Xbox Series X controller for PC gaming. On Amazon I found two versions: - controller with wireless adapter - only controller Product details of the first one says: Batteries : 2 AA...
  4. S

    Question Xbox Series X - What monitor?

    So, with the new Xbox Series X around the corner, would you recommend a 4k monitor or would 1440p 144mhz be sufficient? I currently only have a 1080p 60hz monitor so looking to upgrade and make the most of it. If you have any decent suggestions that'd be great! PS - will also be using for PC...
  5. B

    Question PC that performs like Xbox 360?

    I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what components it would take to make a pc that would get Xbox 360ish performance. I know it was really optimized, so based on the actual result. I don't want a 100,000 dollar pc, something that could run flight sim or Modern Warfare and look like it's on...
  6. J

    Question Teredo is unable to qualify

    Hi There, For the last while I have had an issue where I am unable to play any games from the Xbox app on my windows 10 PC. I keep getting the error Teredo is unable to qualify. I have looked up guides and tried to fix this but I have had no luck. When I look in CMD and run the command netsh...
  7. jlaud03

    Question Double NAT

    I have an Xbox One S and it says I have Double NAT detected. It says I have moderate. I tried some google searches and couldn’t find a solution. I live with my parents and don’t want to mess up any of their stuff. They have an Asus router I believe and then an ATT BGW210-700. I know I can bridge...
  8. IndraaBD

    Question Can't play Forza Horizon 4 online

    Hello everyone, I tried to start Forza Horizon 4 but I couldn't play online... only offline... I tried fixing my teredo with the steps from the Xbox site and I followed all the other solutions, but nothing worked for me... I think it's in my network because the other day I was downloading a...
  9. AndBaggio

    Question How to have a better connection for Xbox streaming to PC?

    I've got both the Xbox One and the PC cabled and sometimes I play the Xbox One through my PC in streaming (using the Windows 10 Xbox app). Sometimes I get the "connection problem" message by the Xbox and sometimes during a game it lags and the video shuts off for a second. Why do I have these...
  10. haidynjon

    Question Xbox and pc get different speeds.

    Right so I get 200mbps WiFi on my phone. I use an inline adapter and from that I connect my Xbox and pc. I get about 50-70 on my pc but 130+ on my Xbox. Why is my wired connection not 200 and why does my pc degrade is so much. Is there problem with my b350 gigabyte gaming 3 motherboard or my...
  11. Zorb-_-

    Question Mac and Xbox audio in one headset

    Hi I play Xbox and use my Mac for discord ex. I need something that can help me use my headset for both at the same time
  12. R

    [SOLVED] Logitech f710 drivers not working on boot

    My logitech f710 seems to not load drivers when it boot up , before windows 10 1909 I was able to install the xbox 360 drivers and fix the issue but now even with xbox drivers it happens the same way , even if I let windows choose the best drivers is the same issue . So since I bought it I have...
  13. markc1999

    Question xbox 360 HDD replacement/upgrade?

    I cant seem to find a way to upgrade my old 360's hdd to a, say, 500gb-1TB version myself. I can only find one for very specific hdds. Is there no general way to do this even now? Was the firmware issue never solved for do-it-yourself ers? Edit: using different language i found one up to a...
  14. T

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to make four 1tb SSD into one external HD

    I am wondering if it is possible to take the four 1tb SSDs I have and make them into one EXTERNAL 4tb SSD HD. IF so, would it be possible to use the external HD for an XBOX for more external storage. Right now I have a 2tb hard drive plugged into my Xbox, but it's a regular HD that spins. One...
  15. AndBaggio

    [SOLVED] XBOX wirelessly streaming to PC problems

    I have a little problem with my wifi network and streaming the xbox connected to the TV to my PC. Both are connected to the same router. The PC is cabled and the Xbox through the wifi. But most of the times I get the message "problems with network" when playing Fallout 4 on the xbox streaming...
  16. S

    [SOLVED] Bluetooth cant detect devices

    OK, so i keep trying to connect my XBOX one wireless controller via Bluetooth and i cant seem to detect it. I've pretty much tried every fix possible on the internet: services.msc and restart Device manager and reinstalling drivers downloading latest drivers I've also tried troubleshooting but...
  17. PaulDundee

    [SOLVED] Wifi Gaming Problem

    Hey all Got a litting problem hopefully one of you can answer. I am in student flats and th building has free wifi.I have an Xbox One in my room and I can do everything with it. Watch YouTube and Netflix, use the browser, download and play games including Game Pass games. I have Live Gold. I'm...
  18. skyline4727

    [SOLVED] Transfer save files from Windows App to Steam

    So I've been playing Vampyr through the XBox App with GamePass but I recently picked it up on Steam. Anyone know how to transfer the save data from the Windows version? Edit: I checked in the WinApps folder and I didn't see a folder for Vampyr. I'm thinking it might be in the Xbox app folder...
  19. A

    [SOLVED] Unallocated Space on External HDD

    I'm having issues with My mobile Seagate 5TB external HDD. I used it on My Xbox for a while before upgrading, now I want to connect to My router but for some reason there was multiple partitions. I formatted the hdd but now there is 3 unallocated partitions, what did I do wrong? 1 of them...
  20. M

    Question Are the Gamesir G3 or Redragon Saturn controllers good?

    I bought a generic copy of xbox 360 controller to spare the original, and I thought I wouldn't be bothered by possible deadzones and quality overall. The LB and RB and YBAX are very loud, but the problem lies with the analogs for sure. Only about 40% of the way they start responding. You cannot...