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  1. Erazor7

    Question Password loop for Microsoft login

    When I try to log in to Windows, the Microsoft Store or the Xbox app, I get stuck in a loop of password queries
  2. I

    Question Recommend a Webcam for streaming from an Xbox Series X ?

    Hello everyone happy holidays. I was thinking about getting a webcam to stream from my new Xbox Series X so I could plug it right into the Xbox. Does anyone have any suggestions on a webcam that works on the Xbox Series X ?
  3. vlfie

    Question Display Port monitor to HDMI Xbox

    I want to use my Display Port Monitor with my Xbox Series S to run 144hz my monitor is an Acer Predator XB241H and only runs 144hz via display port what adapter would I have to use to get it running?
  4. S

    Question Getting an XBox like experience on Windows 11 PC

    I have a Windows 11 PC in my den connected to my bedroom TV via HDMI cable bored through the wall. I would like to use an XBox controller to create an XBox like experience where I don't have to login to my PC when using the controller, however behaving like a regular PC when I use my mouse and...
  5. O

    Question Xbox Series X HDMI 2.0 ?

    Hello, I’ve bought an Xbox Series X and I only have an HDMI 2.0 port on my 4K TV. Will games like Fortnite and Flight Simulator run okay on it? The Xbox Series S I have works fine plugged in to an HDMI 2.0 port. Cheers.
  6. PsychoPsyops

    Discussion GPU Business Is A Scam, Change My Mind

    A decade ago, it was possible to get constant 60 fps with max settings at the highest resolution available, 1080p, with the best gpu available. Today, it is not possible to do the same, at 4K resolution, with the best gpu available. Additionally, not even first-party games can reach this quality...
  7. Y

    Discussion Service Host: State Repository Service - Deep dive into: Causes, Troubleshooting & Fixes [100% CPU Usage]

    Hello everyone, I wanted to discuss a persistent issue I've been facing with the service host state repository service on my PC for the past few months. This problem has consistently slowed down my computer to the point of it becoming almost unusable. Today, I want to share some valuable...
  8. M

    Question Administrator Account for Xbox/PC/streaming games

    So I have Windows 11 Home on our PC, and I would like to set up an Admin account on the PC so that random programs and such can not be continually downloaded. My kids play Xbox, Steam and Epic games on the machine. I want them or their friends to be able to have a guest account to play all of...
  9. L

    Question How to make generic controller compatible with Microsoft Games ?

    Hello I bought a new controller with a driver called "Twin USB vibration gamepad". Videogames can't recognize it so i ran XOutput emulator. It was working without vibration until today it stopped. I only managed to make it work and vibrate once, but no more. How can i make it work with games...
  10. B

    Question Xbox App on Win10 showing games from other platforms

    I need help please. Suddenly my Xbox App on Windows 10 is showing games in the that I played on Epic Games Store! it's shown in the "recent played" on my Xbox profile. it even shows in the Achievement section. I hate because I don't want it to be shown there! Does anyone know how to remove that...
  11. S

    Question Looking to get a Voltage Stabilizer or UPS for an Xbox Series X

    Hello all, hope this finds you well. I bought an Xbox Series X, and I am using it in Pakistan. Sometimes, the voltage fluctuates and I experienced the on-off effect of my living room light. Question 1 My plan was to invest in a stabilizer to counter these fluctuations. But, I saw in various...
  12. M

    Question xbox gamepass access

    hi am i aloud to play xbox gamepass games if i install that app on a chromebook, firestick or do i only have access to the games on windows and the xbox console?
  13. S

    Question 32 Inch Monitor for PS5 & Xbox Series S (Possibly X) - 4k

    Hello I am looking for a 32 Inch Monitor for use with my PS5 and also Series S (Maybe getting a Series X though). Looking for 4k. Budget between £500 and £800 approx. Any good ones to look at and ones to avoid? Thanks
  14. S

    Question Xbox causing router to run very slow

    Hello, I currently own both a Series X and S and am having a strange issue. Whenever the units power on it causes my router to run at very slow speeds. I have a 1 gigabit connection and when the router is running normally and I test the connection I get download speeds of around 950mb/s...
  15. Krait2299

    Question How to connect a Xbox and PC to one monitor while being able to listen to both?

    I recently bought a monitor for my Xbox and PC. I was thinking of connecting both of them to the same monitor to be able to quickly switch from PC to Xbox if wanted, but I came across a problem. Every time I switched HDMI channel; it would then mute the other channel that's not being used even...
  16. EAC_Is_Killing_Me

    [SOLVED] Easy Anti Cheat "insufficient privileges" error after installing game via Xbox app?

    Hello, I've spent the last 4 hours trying to figure out how to fix this issue, but nothing's helped so far. Two days ago, I downloaded the Xbox app on PC, and through that Xbox app I downloaded a game - Sniper Elite 5. After the game was installed, I tried running it, but ran into an issue with...
  17. K

    [SOLVED] Xbox one x motherboard SATA power connection question

    So I have an Xbox one X that seems to have some problems with its hdd connector cable and I want to create my own adapter. Thus as i state in the title i am trying to understand what voltage each pin is carrying. The motherboard hdd power connection is this. And the cable going in there is this...
  18. M

    Question ps now, xbox gamepass and nintendo online app question

    Does the nintendo online app have all or most of nintendo game catalog? would i be able to play any of those games on a regular desktop or laptop. Also does the ps now, xbox gamepass and nintendo online apps work on all devices?
  19. J

    Xbox Series X - Turns on then off again..

    I've posted on xbox forums and bestbuy forums, but they have too much control of what gets deleted.. The saga: I have had the XSX shutdown twice before mid game (warzone)... but I was able to reboot and continue on fine. Then the other day it did the same thing... but after turning it back on...
  20. H

    Question Why does my Xbox have high packet loss on my ISP only?

    This is really strange, so hoping the genius-hive here can help! Recently, I've been experiencing frequent connection errors to my Xbox party chats. After exhausting all of the Microsoft & Unifi forums, my best guess is that it's tied to my ISP somehow. Through the Xbox network settings, I see...
  21. J

    [SOLVED] Best monitor for xbox series s

    Looking for a 1440p 1ms 144-240hz GSYNC ips monitor that preferably has the 2.1 HDMI port that everyone's talking about. I bought an 144hz ASUS monitor years ago that, I later learned, was capped at 60hz the entire time. I paid the high price tag because it was 144hz, and it never ran at that...
  22. 7386545981

    Question Question about a XBOX HD

    I have a XBOX 360 S HD (250GB) that I bought cheaply from a friend not a while ago. More specifically, it is the model X854830-001. What I want to know is: Can I use a SATA to USB adapter to use it as an external HD? What is the purpose of this 4-pinned port? (marked in the red square)...
  23. Nate88888

    [SOLVED] Controller failing to install drivers after plugging it into front panel USB port ?

    I plugged my controller into the front panel and back into the rear USB and now it shows up on device manager however drivers cant install on it. I have tried troubleshooting and it only comes up with PNP error on advanced view. The controller is Afterglow Wired Controller for Xbox Series X -...
  24. F

    Question I can't remove Gaming Services ?

    First I noticed that I can't install a certain game from either the Windows Store nor Xbox (the latter spitting out 0x000000001.) Then I deleted the GamingServices and GamingServicesNet registry keys as people instructed and reinstalled Gaming Services. Still doesn't work. The problem now is...
  25. benjamin_a_hu92

    Question New XboX Series X Controller Issue with Windows

    Hi guys! I have a problem with my new Xbox Series X controller. If i play FIFA , the down direction button get stucked, not physically, i do not touch the controller and ingame seems like i push the down button permanently. I returned the product and the shop changed it, and have the same issue...
  26. M

    xbox all access question

    what the purpose of xbox all access? is it giving me 24 months to pay off the system and giving me game pass as an incentive for that time? you won't need 24 months to pay off the system if it's $39.99 a month, is there something else involved?
  27. I

    [SOLVED] TP-Link powerline adapters randomly stop working at night

    I've had a TP-LINK (Model: TL-PA2010) for a long time connected to my xbox one. It always worked fine, until some months ago when it started randomly disconnecting always at the same time (from about 9:00pm to about midnight, italian time, always at a random time between these hours once a day)...
  28. J

    [SOLVED] Xbox Controller Syncing Problem

    So this might be a lost cause but the sync button on my controller is not working. My pc has Bluetooth on the Wi-Fi card but I can't connect it without the sync button. I have tried to plug it in with a cable to see if they would sync but no luck. I have a microsoft wireless adapter that I can...
  29. W

    [SOLVED] Wired controller flashing when using USB hub.

    Hi all, When I connect my wired game controller (Xbox type) via a USB hub, the green ring light on controller continually flashes a solid green ring. However, if I plug it directly into a USB socket it stops flashing with just the top right segment lit as normal. When the light is flashing it...
  30. J

    [SOLVED] Looking for certain model EDID emulator for use with Xbox Series X and Dell P2715Q

    Hello My P2715Q is revision A02 (2015), which means its capability of 4k60 is only possible through the DP and MiniDP 1.2 ports. To remedy this, I purchased an HDMI 2.0 to DP 1.2 adapter (CAC-1331) to use with my Xbox. Unfortunately on other forums, I noticed that the timings are different...
  31. E

    [SOLVED] Network Switch is slowing down Xbox Series X?

    Switch in question: Connections Router - Xbox Series X Router - Switch - PC, PS4 and FireStick Before the switch is plugged in the Xbox has a download speed of around 40mbps and a ping of 23. After the switch is...
  32. M

    [SOLVED] Sign-in Screen Flashes Three Times on Microsoft Xbox App ?

    When I try to sign into the Xbox App on my Windows 10 computer, I see a small window flash three times then go away. Here is a screencap video of what happens: Similarly, if I just run Flight Simulator directly, when I see the "Press...
  33. I

    Question Headset for xbox series x?

    I recently purchased the new xbox series x and I know a lot of companies headsets are struggling because of no optical port. I want something wireless but also looking into a USB dac with a open back headset. Does anyone have an experience with any of this and if so any suggestions?
  34. S

    Question bad power issues in house, multiple PCs built and monitors,same problem please help!

    right so, i built my first PC at the start of lockdown, everything was fine, very smooth and perfect. then all of a sudden my warzone bugged out when i changed the settings (blue fuzzy screen on the grass etc). this then effected my other games like fortnite where i had bad input delay and...
  35. V

    [SOLVED] Xbox Series X controllers on

    Hi, I want to buy the new Xbox Series X controller for PC gaming. On Amazon I found two versions: - controller with wireless adapter - only controller Product details of the first one says: Batteries : 2 AA...
  36. B

    [SOLVED] PC that performs like Xbox 360?

    I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what components it would take to make a pc that would get Xbox 360ish performance. I know it was really optimized, so based on the actual result. I don't want a 100,000 dollar pc, something that could run flight sim or Modern Warfare and look like it's on...
  37. J

    Question Teredo is unable to qualify

    Hi There, For the last while I have had an issue where I am unable to play any games from the Xbox app on my windows 10 PC. I keep getting the error Teredo is unable to qualify. I have looked up guides and tried to fix this but I have had no luck. When I look in CMD and run the command netsh...
  38. jlaud03

    [SOLVED] Double NAT

    I have an Xbox One S and it says I have Double NAT detected. It says I have moderate. I tried some google searches and couldn’t find a solution. I live with my parents and don’t want to mess up any of their stuff. They have an Asus router I believe and then an ATT BGW210-700. I know I can bridge...
  39. IndraaBD

    Question Can't play Forza Horizon 4 online

    Hello everyone, I tried to start Forza Horizon 4 but I couldn't play online... only offline... I tried fixing my teredo with the steps from the Xbox site and I followed all the other solutions, but nothing worked for me... I think it's in my network because the other day I was downloading a...
  40. AndBaggio

    [SOLVED] How to have a better connection for Xbox streaming to PC?

    I've got both the Xbox One and the PC cabled and sometimes I play the Xbox One through my PC in streaming (using the Windows 10 Xbox app). Sometimes I get the "connection problem" message by the Xbox and sometimes during a game it lags and the video shuts off for a second. Why do I have these...