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    Question Xeon 2470 v2 works only in BIOS ?

    Hi. Some time ago I became interested in the topic of xenons. I bought atermiter x79 on lga 1356, 16GB ram ddr3 ecc 2RX8 and 2420 cpu. I paid for it 40USD. I bought the 2420 only as a test processor to check if the board and ram work, because the target procesor 2470 v2 I bought on...
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    [SOLVED] Gaming performance slowed down after upgrading CPU ?

    I have an old rig : i5 3470 GTX 1650 Super 16gb RAM 1600 ASRock H61M-VS3 Mobo I just upgraded my CPU to a Xeon E3-1230v2 for the 8 threads and gaming performance went down. I have a save in Cyberpunk 2077 that runs at 50fps when I load on that level/save in my old i5. Now it just runs at 28-30...
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    Question Bios for asrock motherboard

    Hello. Im buying an xeon e3 1225v2 and I want to put it on AsRock, Intel H61, H61M-HVGS motherboard. I saw that mobo bios version needs to be at least 1.80 to run with that xeon but mine mobo bios version is 1.40, my problem is that I cant find a bigger version than 1.50 online..can anyone help me?
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    [SOLVED] Xeon vs xeon v2

    I'm choosing between xeon e3 1225v2 and an regular e3 1225, i'm buying them used and the price is 5 10 dollars apart. My question here is how much better is the v2 version and is it worth taking over the regular one (only gaming performance)? Thanks in advance!