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  1. A

    Question Is 771mod to LGA775 worth today?

    It is 10+ years old now. How big is the difference between Xeons, DDR3, SSD and 3rd+ gens and DDR4? Is it able to run media and webserver and Photoshop-like applications as good as newer generations?
  2. PROfil_official

    Question Overclocking XEON E5430

    I tried overclocking this on my ASUS P5KPL-AM EPU motherboard. Yes I did the 771 to 775 mod to support the CPU. I got all the microcodes flashed into my custom BIOS. But whenever I overclock it I either get a blue screen of death or my PC shuts down. Here are my full specs: Specs: CPU: Intel...
  3. kintaro_takanori

    Question Is my System dead because i use the wrong PSU?

    hello world i have an older system i wanted to rebuild with newer hardware. it haz 2 xeon processors and an old gtx gpu and some old ram sticks. nothing fancy. so after couple weeks and a forum post later i now have my third PSU installed. a corsair RM 850x with 2 CPU connectors obviously. i...
  4. pazarac01

    Question ASUS P5G41-M Supports Xeon LGA771 CPUs?

    Hello, Im new to this forum and website , but I did find alot of "cures" for my PC problems here . Now , the thing is that several weeks ago , I bought this very cheap mobo which name and model can be seen from the title of thread . Overall , Im very satisfied with the mobo itself and Im...
  5. A

    Question Please suggest a GPU for below

    Its silly for a LGA775 socket i know but due to tight budget issues i have to do this. I have a mod Xeon x5450 3.0ghz 4cores 4 threads 6gigs of ram, 450w psu Now i wanted to add a GPU and i am confused between these two- GTX 750ti 2gb or GTX 950 2gb. Please help guys
  6. Matthughes576

    Question Thermal shutdown with z420 custom build

    I recently built a pc using a z420 motherboard and an e5 2670. Everything boots just fine, using ecc memory with an 24 pin to 18 pin adapter. However, every time i boot the pc, the cpu runs at .24 ghz then shuts down due to thermal issues. I am using the EKWB EK Fluid Gaming A240 cooling kit...
  7. S

    Question Is a Xeon E5-2660 V1 good choice for Virtualization?

    I'm looking into Virtualization and I want to build a new server to run 2-3 VMs at once with pretty good performance. I would run unRAID as the base system, Windows for light gaming (my current gaming setup is a C2Q Q9400, 5GB RAM, Radeon HD7770, I hope, I can get at least this performance on my...
  8. G

    [SOLVED] Cooling for Xeon e5-2420

    Hi, I recently bought a Xeon e5-2420 from eBay without the heat sink. When I went to buy one the only ones I could find that wasn’t passive was £30. I was wondering if there was something I’m missing or if a different Xeon heat sink would work instead. I live in England so I may not be able to...
  9. M

    Question Help finding a motherboard for this Xeon

    So I got a Xeon E5 2696 v4, and surprisingly there's almost no info about it. Hell - it doesn't even have a product page on Intel's site. I have been wanting to build a PC with this for a while now, but just hadn't gotten up to it until now. I'm really confused because apparently I'm supposed to...
  10. G

    Question What will fix my cpu bottleneck ?

    I just bought a rtx 2060 (1365 mhz) and paired it with my old Xeon W3550... the problem is... i cannot upgrade my motherboard and it only accepts following processors : Xeon X5677 ( 4 cores, 3,47 ghz ) Xeon X5687 ( 4 cores, 3,6 ghz ) Xeon W3580 ( 4 cores, 3,33 ghz ) Xeon X5680 ( 6 cores...
  11. R

    Question Low performance HP Z600 dual Xeon

    Hello, I searched quite a lot about my problem, found people with similar issues but I couldn't find a solution. I recently bought an HP Z600 to a professional seller on eBay. It is equipped with 2 Xeon X5670 and 24GB 10600R RAM, Windows 10 Pro 64 bits. I bought it to run extensive simulations...
  12. E

    Question Help on upgrade

    Hi guys just want to hear your thoughts? im planning on a build upgrading from my old I7 870 I stumble the E5-2420 v2 and chinese mobo on aliexpress saw reviews of buyers can tell its legit but im worrying about the low clock speed of the E5-2420 V2 only 2.7ghz but it has 6core and 12 threads...
  13. F

    Question Xeon CPU temp going above 80c.

    Hi guys, I recently bought lenovo s20 system with w3565 cpu and rx 470. Now when I play csgo on it the temperature of cpu goes above 80c and the fans starts making very loud noises. The idle temperature of cpu is around 60c-70c. Are those temperatures dangerous?
  14. J

    Question How can I overclock my Xeon X3440?

    Hello, i've built a cheap gaming computer with an Intel Xeon X3440 CPU, 2x4GB HyperX Fury 1600 MHz RAM, XFX Radeon R9 380 2GB GPU, and an Asus P7H55-M motherboard. The thing is that the default CPU speed is 2.55 GHz, which is a little bit slow for todays standards. That's why I was hoping I...
  15. A

    Question Xeon x5460 over heating

    Recently i switched from core 2 duo to modded x5460. I bought it from aliexpress and installed in my g41 motherboard of lga 775 socket. The processor is pre moded to work with lga 775. But its temperature is pretty higher than normal. Ideal state: 72 - 82 ℃ In Game : 92 - 100℃ Processor...
  16. Zorax demon

    Question Which LGA 1155 Motherboard Chipset for Xeon to get?

    I need a motherboard for Xeon E3 1220 V2 which chipset should I buy of LGA 1155 motherboard.
  17. N

    Question Xeon E3-1225 with Rx 580 8GB a good pair for gaming?

    I recently got this pc, it's a Dell Precision T1600. I want to get into gaming, the powersupply upgrade should be easy, but I'm concerned about the cpu bottlenecking the gpu. GPU = Powercolor Red Devil RX 580 8GB CPU = Xeon E3-1225 --- If the cpu is a bottleneck, what kind of cpu would work...
  18. Ibrahim19

    Question Build gaming pc 1080p 60

    Ultra budget build rupees 50,000 pkr in pakistan Does work cheap xeon gaming good? Cpu = xeon e3-1240 v2 = 7500 used Cpu cool = intel stock Mobo = asus h61 e = 3500 used Ram = 4x2 1600 Mhz =4000 used GPU = msi armor 1060 6gb = 29,000 used HDD = 1 Tb 7200 rpm = 3500 used Psu = 500 watt = 2500...
  19. G

    Question Gigabyte G31M-S2L - Success Bios update - black screen

    Hello folks, Yesterday I took my old 775 Gigabyte MB and I bought new CPU(Xeon E5450) in order to bring new life to that old machine. I tried to put the cpu in the MB, and it recognized it but the machine has shut down and it never succeeded to post the OS screen. So I put my old e5200 cpu...
  20. HappyTorrent

    Question Best Xeon for Workstation Use and Light Gaming?

    First of all, hi y'all! Been a while since I've been to the forums, not a fan of the new UI for mobile though. Seems a bit clunky and the ads are much more aggressive, but that's not what this post is about lol. I'm looking to do a budget workstation/gaming rig. Yes, I'm aware of this magical...