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  1. jam500

    Question "No Memory" error on boot ?

    Hi there I'm building a new system and am currently getting a "no memory" error on startup. I currently have 2133 ram from lenovo (https://www.ascent.co.nz/productspecification.aspx?itemID=472451), which after further reading I may need to have ecc memory for the system to boot is that correct...
  2. G

    Question Choosing between i5 and Xeon...

    Hello all. I have a bit of a dilemma I am hoping you can help with. I am looking to run a server which has the following: Nextcloud server ARK Server (4 people) CCTV Server (3 cameras) Potentially Teamspeaker server (4 people) I really like the look of the T40 Dell with the Xeon 2224G however...
  3. poretga99

    Question Intel server MoBo new CPU memory error

    Hello. I have some problems upgrading my current MoBo with newer Xeon CPUs. My previous setup: MoBo: Intel W2600CR (https://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/motherboards/server/sb/g34153004_s2600ip_w2600cr_tps_rev151.pdf) CPU: 2x Xeon E5 2609 RAM: 2X G.skill SNIPER...
  4. M

    Question Mainboard broken?

    Hello, I bought and used Supermicro x8dti-f mainboard from ebay, with 2 Xeon X5670. When I install an CPU in the CPU slot 1 and connected the fan and the PSU. If I start the Workstation the fans turn for a half second on full speed but then all stops spinning. I get no beep code or something...
  5. S

    Question Xeon mod on my Fujitsu Esprimo P2560

    Hey, I have an old Fujitsu Esprimo P2560 here and I'm wondering if I could mod a Xeon E5620 with the Sticker and use it on the PC. I don't know if the Chipset is correct or if the Bios on my Fujitsu Esprimo P256 is blocking the Xeon. Please help
  6. I

    Question 771 to 775 MOD with E5462

    Hello as I stated in the title I bought E5462 really cheap and wanted to install it on my motherboard. The motherboard that I have is GA-EP43-UD3L. Now as far as I can tell everything should be working fine, but when I put the CPU in the socket, the PC is not booting to bios. It's turning on and...
  7. B

    Question Xeon 1225v2 shows reaching 3.9 ghz?

    i bought this xeon about 6 months ago, its 3.2 base and boosts up to 3.6 (locked?) , however while i was checking the perfomance tab on task manager i see it boosting to 3.9 and dropping to 3.4 and going all over the place, under no important usage, my motherboard has some issues, like a power...
  8. RedMac

    Question X5690 vs X5687 for Emulation

    So I’ve seen the threads all over the internet for using these CPUs for gaming, but what about for emulation? I know with emulating you end being CPU bound more often due to the CPU having to emulate the graphics as well and I’m not sure if the extra cores will help in this case or if the higher...
  9. CaptainDiabeto

    [SOLVED] How To Flash BIOS When Computer Wont POST

    Hi Everyone, I was trying to do a BIOS Update on my server computer because I had bought a new CPU and it required a BIOS Update in order to run, but somehow during the flash it corrupted itself and now the computer won't POST. My Question Is: How do I flash a new BIOS onto it without being able...
  10. J

    Question Computer thermal shutdown in Windows 10 & Ubuntu but runs fine in DOS & BIOS

    I have a Dell T3400, with Intel Xeon x3360, no overclock or anything. I know it is old but it is still a solid build fine computer. It recently developed this issue of thermal shutdown during the boot process of Windows 10 or Ubuntu. The machine basically turn itself off during the boot...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Troubleshooting black screen with Error 67 with new Ram

    Searching forums in hopes of a solution but now at the point of asking those much smarter than I. I have a working desktop that I recently picked up ram upgrade (used purchase) With 2 upgraded ram sticks installed, motherboard flashes error 67 and system does not post. Only black screen. I’ve...
  12. taimoorbaig382

    Question Core i7 4790 vs Xeon E5 1650 v3 (For Gaming)

    Hello Everyone! Let's jump into the topic. I found a very good deal on Intel Xeon E5-1650 V3 and X79. I was going for i7 4790 and a suitable motherboard first, but found this alternate deal. According to cpu.userbenchmark.com, Xeon E5-1650 V3 is faster than i7 4790. So what should i do? Kindly...
  13. hannankhan

    Question Which Xeon E5 V2 is Good for Gaming?

    Hello, I have bought a Dell Precision T3610 Workstation with Xeon E5-2660 (non-V) and 16GB ddr3 Ram. I want to build it a Gaming PC so I thought of Increasing my Ram to 32GB and Change the Processor. I am a bit confused that which one to take. I have been looking for Xeon E5-2687W V2 and Xeon...
  14. BackInTheDust

    Question Does the RX 570 and Xeon E5 1620 v2 Bottleneck?

    As it states in the title does the Xeon E5 1620 v2 bottleneck my GPU? And if it would, do you guys perhaps know a cheap CPU that doesn't bottleneck it?
  15. S

    Question Intel Xeon Compatibility with Motherboard

    Hi everyone, I have a small little question about a build I'm working on. So, I'm trying to build a LAN system, but when I'm not taking it places it's going to be running a (mostly) 24/7 Minecraft server. I'm using the motherboard from an HP Pro Desk 400 G2.5 SFF, which is an LGA1150 socket. The...
  16. A

    Question Switching from VM to Physical Home Server

    Hi All, I've been hosting a minecraft server and web server on my PC in a ubuntu virtual machine for some time now. PC Specs are in signature. I have 8 cores allocated to the VM and 8GB RAM as well. The minecraft server uses 4-6GB of RAM most of the time, and I don't see any more needed in the...
  17. O

    [SOLVED] 1620v2 power consumption? And pc budget build help.

    Hi I’m trying get a gaming pc on a tight budget, so I decided that I might go with a Xeon cpu, but I seen that the 1620 v2 has high power consumption and will up the bill a bit. Can someone confirm on this and if you would have any other recommendations for a cpu then please lmk. Thank you .
  18. [SOLVED] Cooler modding/swap on a Dell PowerEdge 860 / PowerEdge R200 1U server

    Good day to y'all in your favourite timezone :) Complete newbie here asking for some advice on cooler replacement on a PE860 / PE R200 server. I managed to buy two of these beauties in a liquidation sale CHEAP. Both come with a Xeon X3220, 8 GB RAM and 2x 300GB SAS HDD, good enough specs for...
  19. HyperPete

    Question Xeon support on Asus P7P55D-E LX?

    I need a replacement motherboard because I am clumsy. :( My CPU is a Xeon X3480. The Asus P7P55D-E shows support for the I7 880, but does not specifically list the X3480. Is it safe to assume that the Xeon is also supported, or is there a physical difference that will possibly be...
  20. A

    [SOLVED] Xeon for gaming in 2020?

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for an LGA1150 processor because I need more FPS in games and I'm having huge drops in-game even with low settings (currently having i5 4460 and 1060 3gb). My question is that old Xeon processors(f.e. Intel Xeon E3-1285L v4) are suitable for gaming? Or should i stick...