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  1. Question Outbound Packet Loss (Wired Connection)

    I have been PLAGUED with this outbound packet loss issue for as long as I can remember. As for solutions: I have accumulated days in google searches, youtube videos, forum posts, hardware changes, service technicians out, pings, tracerts; anything you can think of. Nothing I've done so far has...
  2. nickkiefer

    [SOLVED] 2 routers share name and signal

    Need help with home network. Have a xfinity xb6 wifi router on one end of home and a netgear wifi router on the other end of home connected by ethernet. One broadcasts Network 1, and the other broadcasts Network 2. How do I make them share a signal/network? 1 is while 2
  3. -Bigred

    [SOLVED] Wifi speeds significantly lower then any other device

    I use the xfi xb7 router with a xfi pod that I recently installed to get rid of a dead spot in my home. I have a 400mbps plan. Prior to getting the xfi pod alll device in my room got 20-25mbps now they get 350-400mbps.... except my pc, it still is at 20-25mbps. On the xfi app it says my pc is...
  4. M

    Question Internet dropping every 1-5 minutes for the last month ?

    Please help. I can’t deal with this anymore. One month with Xfinity constantly dropping. I’ve restarted the router countless times, even got a new one. We live in an apartment building so that might be an effect? But we’ve lived here for years and it’s been fine up until the last month or so. I...
  5. mydude1101

    [SOLVED] Download speeds slow across multiple devices, but fast for Usenet/Torrent ?

    So I am having an issue with my home network download speed and it's driving me nuts. I have noticed that it takes a long time to download various files on my Android phone while on my home network. Then I noticed it was the same on my Windows 10 (Home) laptop and my wife's MacBook Pro (all...
  6. X

    [SOLVED] Ping/latency spikes seemingly out of nowhere on ethernet

    Hello, around January 1st, I have noticed during online gaming sessions that I would occasionally, and sometimes frequently, get ping spikes for a few seconds when before going back to normal. For example, in League of Legends, I would get around 17ms-18ms at all times, while now it fluctuates...
  7. O

    [SOLVED] Does Xfinity ever change the IP address on their Modem/Router combos?

    I have two factor authentication on for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and when I go into the login activity of my accounts it says I logged in from CT last month even though I wasn't there at all then. My instagram data I downloaded shows a new IP Address which is also in CT as I managed to...
  8. DirtySZN

    [SOLVED] Severe packet loss only on Fortnite servers..

    So I’ve had severe packet loss issues on Fortnite for 6 months now. I play on PS4 Pro, and I’m connected via CAT-6 Ethernet from my Arris modem to the PS4(modem connected to outlet in wall via coaxial cable). My plan I pay for is “Extreme Pro Internet” - 600mbps download/15mbps upload speed...
  9. T

    [SOLVED] Could this cut be why my internet doesnt work?

    Hello, basically I have switched from att to Xfinity and noticed I could not get an internet signal from my modem. I checked the Xfinity box outside and noticed that a cable is cut. Could that be why I'm not getting an internet signal? I've been on hold for more than an hour and if its something...
  10. D

    Question Modem randomly stops communicating with router (xfinity) IP issue?

    Running on xfinity high speed internet in the U.S. So here's what happens.. Our modem will randomly stop communicating with the router, kicking off all wireless devices, and devices wired to the router lose all connection. We have tried with both the xfinity modem router combo, as well as...
  11. Willcollins40

    [SOLVED] How much will lower than recommended upstream power affect my latency/ping?

    I'm having an odd issue with my latency on my Xbox One. I get between 14-20 ms ping on speed tests and in games on my PC but my Xbox gets 60 ms or higher(both hard wired and using an IPv6 connection/cables) and when I play Apex Legends I have moments where my game will seem to freeze and...
  12. L

    Question Discord and the green light of death

    So ominous title aside I've kind of tried everything to no avail with this and have yet to find a solution so let me explain the issue here and see if anyone has any clue whats going on. So recently i decided to get a Xfinity service upgrade to the new Xfi wifi router gateway combo thing...
  13. Bambam47

    [SOLVED] WiFi Mesh Extenders + Existing Powerline Adapter?

    I have Xfinity as my internet and TV provider and we have a pretty beefy plan for the internet but with both my parents streaming all the time and me and my friends downstairs are all downloading and playing online games, I thought to buy Xfinity's new xFi pod wifi mesh range extenders for the...
  14. Chief121

    [SOLVED] Xfinity & Data Usage

    Got a legitimate message in browser from Xfinity saying I had 45gb left of the month. 15-20 minutes later of just browsing and a discord call, got another message telling me I used 100% of my data and I gave 0gb remaining for the month. Any idea of what could be causing this? Second time its...
  15. NightHawkRMX

    [SOLVED] What gateway to buy?

    Hello. I am looking to eliminate the monthly "modem rental" fee from my homes Comcast bill. I have minimal knowledge with networking (to put it plainly) so I need some assistance. I need help deciding what wireless gateway or modem+router combo to buy. What I need (priorities from greatest to...
  16. J

    [SOLVED] Can I connect a modem to this Hotel Xfinity Co-axial?

    The wifi here is dreadful. I'll be here for a while. Could I purchase a co-axial modem (or router, I think I need a modem though right?) and screw the co-axial cord from my cable TV into the modem to get a hard connection or am I stuck with this crappy wifi? Do you think they'd let me get DSL...
  17. C

    Question Consistent Internet Drops

    Last year, we've been getting good internet connections, re-setting it was seldom. This year, we've been getting more and more internet disconnection. As of Summer of 2019, it has just gotten worst. Our customer support told us that it was time to upgrade from the XB3 model to the XB6 model and...
  18. C

    Question Slow Download Speed

    Hi guys, I am having an issue with my download speed. I remember that back in April and May, my wireless desktop PC was able to get about 70 Mbps down and now my down speed is at 10 Mbps. The office computer that is plugged into the modem/router with an ethernet cable is capable of going over...
  19. C

    Question Xfinity Modem / Router internet keeps disconnecting

    I have a modem / router from Xfinity and just about everyday, our internet keeps disconnecting two or three times a day, everyday. If any of you have similar problems and have resolved this issue, please share me your solutions. Would anybody tell me if a "dual band router" like this one here...
  20. V

    Question solved

    turns out i need to find a gpu that is supported by the G5 build to connect to as monitor
  21. T

    Usage at 0% for GPU, 100% for CPU, 50% for RAM during gaming

    Build: CPU: Intel - Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Cooler: Corsair - H100i 77.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Motherboard: MSI - Z87 MPOWER ATX LGA1150 Motherboard Memory: Kingston - HyperX Fury Black 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory Storage: Samsung - 250GB 2.5" Solid State Drive...
  22. T

    Is there anyway i can plug an HDMI into my xbox into my hp chromebook and record what i'm playing on my xbox with my chromeboo

    I'm trying to record what i play on my xbox 360 with my hp chromebook but i don't know how
  23. V

    New gaming laptop

    Hi guys, because of my new job where I have to travel a lot, I decided to sell my desktop to buy a new gaming laptop. The only 2 games I play are World of Warcraft and LoL. I need your help because I have no idea how to spend my money. Budget 1800 euro, and I will buy online, therefore EU...
  24. W

    MSI X99A Gaming pro Carbon USB

    Since upgrading to this MB with it's 3.0/3.1 USB ports none of my gaming peripherals work properly. I have a SimXperience Motion platform and Accuforce wheel and windows tells me they should be plugged into a USB 2.0 but I only have 3./3.1 Is there a work around for this issue or a way to get...
  25. Ed Vest

    Thermaltake Core p3 airflow and dust

    So i bought this case and un wondering how are the temperatures un ir, since its an open design i think they wont be bad. Also, what about the dust?
  26. steedsofwar

    having overclock trouble

    TLDR: Why is the multiplier showing 44 in CPUZ when it shows 46-47 in bios? Seems the overclock isn't being applied. Okay guys... My old setup suffered water damage to the MITX motherboard, which I've since replaced with a larger MATX ASRock Z97M OC Formula board and a midi case to fit it in...
  27. J

    Does the router matters for wired connections?

    First: Where I live the options are limited and expensive in terms of models I can choose Second: I don't give a crap about wifi Third: My connection is 100mbps fiber As of now, I use a cheap TPLINK WR841 10/100 router that actually bottleneck my internet speed. Having wired connections in mind...
  28. F

    how to move firefox profile to a new computer without reinstalling the addons etc.

    hello guys, i wanted to know if there is a way to copy my Mozilla Firefox profile as is, with the addons installed, the favorites and other preferences onto another copy of windows . i don't want to reconfigure from scratch. also i want to move it from a winxp os to win7 . is it possible? what...
  29. S

    New System Build Suggestion - Budget $800

    Hi Folks, I need your suggestions in building my new PC. I already have a PSU as CM GX-750 & a HDD 1GB Seagate SATA and currently using i5 2400s with GTX 560Ti. I would like my new PC to run all the upcoming games at Full HD 1080p with Ultra or Very High settings. 4K would be a plus if possible.
  30. S

    can dell inspiron n3543 core i7 run gta 5 at high settings??

    Can my laptop run gta v Here are the specs: Intel core i7 2.4 GHZ 8GB RAM 15.6 display hd wled 2 GB vga P.s:If its able to run it;Will i also be able to run it at the maximum setting?? Thanks in advance
  31. M

    Can I use a SATA 3 drive on SATA 1 controller (120GB HyperX SAVAGE SSD SATA 3 on Intel® 945 Express Chipset with SATA 1)

    Hello folks Laptop is Toshiba Satellite A135-S4467. Upgraded the memory from 1GB to 4GB. Mainly used for MS office apps or web browsing or perhaps a movie everynow and then. While browsing the site I noticed some interesting SATA III SSDs. Was thinking of spending (up to) $100 in order to...
  32. H

    R9-290 Crossfire question

    So I got a R9-290 Tri-X today already and the prices are coming down nicely, just a smidgen above 200 dollars. Thinking about getting a second one. I got a few questions, though. This is my mobo...
  33. S


    Started getting almost daily blue screens from one of our computers. Bug Check String: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION Bug Check Code: 0x0000003b Parameter 1: 00000000`c0000005 Parameter 2: fffff880`12efe2ec Parameter 3: fffff880`08ff0950 Parameter 4: 00000000`00000000 Processer: x64 From what...
  34. E

    Upgrading Asus P8H61 Series (LGA 1155) to which motherboard to go for

    Which motherboard to replace my ASUS P8H61 Series. To upgrade for Sata 3 and usb 3.0 and which to go for AMD or use same intel i5 to transfer to new upgrade motherboard? Current motherboard ASUS P8H61 SERIES MEMORY: DDR3 1333MHZ (2X8) BRAND NEW Am only using pc for playing virtual world...
  35. Z

    xbox live Gold what Free games I can download

    What free Full game's Do I get xbox live one month free Trial today , I do not Have Xbox one just xbox360 system. I've try psn + free trial membership I dislike Most newer Of ps3 games full Games Not offer Much action, adventure, Plat Former third person shooters genra ps3 Games reply soon