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  1. S

    Question My second AMD RX 480 is not detected by my computer. How do I make it detect it so I can use Crossfire?

    Hello all, I just installed a second RX 480 8 GB today (no need for a crossfire bridge) and it is not detected by my PC. I already tried reinstalling the AMD software and that didnt work. The second GPU does work though because I tried playing it by itself. Any suggestions? My motherboard is...
  2. Barty1884

    Question Have XFX left the PSU space?

    Random thought for the day: "I haven't seen an XFX PSU in a long time"...... I saw one in someone's signature, and it got me thinking. Glancing at PCPP for Canada/US/UK/France/Germany, I've found a solitary XFX 400W "XT" actually available to purchase, via Amazon.fr (even then, only "fulfilled...
  3. R

    Question Computer randomly restarts

    my computer is restarting ,but after restart I can use it for hours or weeks . For example yesterday the computer restarted after 2 hours playing , then after restart I've run aida 64 for 1h and half on stability test and everything was fine .... Today I've played for another 2h and restarted...
  4. D

    Question RX 5500 XT doesn't display. Could it be that my pc is too old?

    I just bought a XFX RX 5500 XT 8GB Thicc II. But I can´t get it to work. PSU's 8 pin is well connected and the card is sitting fully in the PCI-E slot. When I turn on the computer, the fans spin and a blue led lights up (it means that the 8 pin connector is connected correctly). Then the...
  5. R

    Question GPU thermal pad still usable ?

    Hi , the pink thermal pad is still usable ? it did was accidentally removed while opening the gpu but I putted back again since don´t have another one like that . Image
  6. Vwgtivr6

    Question 5700xt won’t work with 3 monitors.

    I just bought a xfx 5700xt ultra thicc 3. Adding it to my old system which has a i5 4960k, 24gb ram. Before I was able to run my three monitors no problem. I have a 1080p tv (1) at I believe 60hz, the main monitor (2) at 1080p and 60hz and a 1600x900p monitor (3) at I think 60hz as well. Monitor...
  7. J

    Question XFX RX 5700X ULTRA THICC III

    Hello fellow XFX owners or experts. I have a question involving the Quiet Bios Switch, after extensive research I cant find anything about it online explaining the difference in performance. I was hoping that someone could tell me what it does and how much it effects performance and ultimately...
  8. C

    Question [HELP] GPU fans not spinning at all (rx 5700 xt XFX thicc II)

    so here's the story, if you don't wanna read it all here's the TL;DR: after a crash occurred (radeonsoftware.exe) fans stopped spinning , report stuck at 65k rpm, constant amdkmdap errors in event viewer, choppy movements and such. all fixed after reseat and driver reinstall via DDU, and fresh...
  9. R

    Question System crash

    Today I was installing xbox controller drivers on my Logitech f710 controller because Windows was not loading the plug and play drivers of logitech correctly ,so I manually on device manager tried to install xbox 360 controller drivers and the system just crashed , I saw some artifacts on screen...
  10. R

    [SOLVED] GPU PSU cable a bit twisted/bended

    I had to change my PSU some days ago to a bitfenix formula Gold 550w , the cables are a lot different of my previous corsair vs550 , so when I was building the PC again , I notice that some cable were twisted to do my best at the cable management , and the GPU cable is worrying me a bit ...
  11. S

    Question If you have an RX 580, what have been your experiences with overheating and crashes?

    Recently one of my friends purchased a secondhand XFX Black Edition RX 580 8 GB, but had many troubles with game crashes. It seems when the card reaches exactly 70 degrees, games crash to desktop. I was considering getting a RX 580 myself, but my friend's experience gave me second thoughts. If...
  12. L

    Question Should I return?(XFX RX 5600 XT RAW II)

    Recently purchased the XFX RX 5600 XT RAW II from Best Buy, I paid about $300 because they refused to price match their own website. Problem is, I still need case fans for my PC, and there are cheaper models on Amazon of the RX 5600 XT. Would it be worth returning the card and grabbing a...
  13. R

    [SOLVED] GPU temperatures seems higher than before

    hi , Yesterday I was stressing my system on AIDA 64 as I bought a new power supply and already have done 3 stress tests on GPU only , I decided to do one final test to the whole system , but on that test the GPU is with higher temps that on the tests that I did to stress test the gpu only , I...
  14. R

    Question MSI afterburner close autommaticly when trying to play fortnite

    hi , seems that MSI afterburner is closing on Fortnite , I only use the app to control the GPU fan´s . I am a bit worried about that because I can control the fans to don´t pass of 75ºc to 77ºc on my gpu during long gameplays , but since it closes on fortnite is goes to 79ºc in some seconds...
  15. B

    [SOLVED] 5700 XT Fan Curve Issues

    I recently purchased a Thicc III Ultra RX 5700 XT and I'm enjoying the card a lot. I haven't gotten any of the AMD black screen driver issues; however, I am having trouble controlling the fan curve. I've tried using MSI Afterburner and the adrenaline software. I set it to 40% fan speed until it...
  16. D

    Question XFX Radeon RX 590 Fatboy Only Detects One Monitor

    Just recently built a new system for the first time in 8 years. Parts are as follows... AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte B450 Aorus M AM4 Motherboard XFX Radeon RX 590 Fatboy 16 Gig of RAM Thermaltake Toughpower 650W power supply The RX950 has 3 display ports and one HDMI. No matter what combination...
  17. SOLD

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  18. A

    Discussion RX 580 crashes while gaming

    Hello I just got a XFX 580 8GB. Its a really nice card and works fine with the games I have tested it with, but most of the time it crashes. I get static(grey with dots) and black screen flashes or simply games screen freezes while the sound its still playing.( If I manage to close the games...
  19. L

    Question XFX RX 5700 fan spin

    Hi all! I upgrade most of my PC with a Ryzen 5 3600X and a XFX RX 5700, I had to change my case because the GPU not fit into the old one, I bought a Cougar Turret but when the GPU is using lots of power the glass gets really hot, the temperature goes above 80C even though I set the speed to...
  20. C

    [SOLVED] RX 5700xt Black Screen Crashing

    Hey there, around two weeks ago I purchased an XFX RX 5700xt Thicc III to replace my gtx 1060. Upon its installation, I have encountered many black screens, typically during more gpu intensive situations and all the time in COD: MW. Sometimes in Overwatch too. Also many times while running...