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  1. rounakr94

    Question Stuck pixel in new monitor

    Just got myself a new 144hz ips monitor from Viewsonic and its got 1 red stuck pixel in the bottom right corner. Should I opt for a replacement? I tried Jscreenfix for half an hour but it didnt solve the issue. Sorry for the bad pic, my phone doesn't have a native macro mode so have to take...
  2. Toodey123

    Question Viewsonic XG2405 running at 2k resolution

    So I tried making a custom resolution in the Nvidia control panel on my Viewsonic XG2405 at 2560x1440 and at first I thought it failed but then I checked my resolutions in my display settings and somehow it was there and to my amazement, it worked and mind you I am running this using HDMI cable...