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  1. C

    Question Mobile Phone Suggestions ? *Help

    Hello, I am not really a "mobile guy", but I am trying to find a new phone since I got a Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 Lite for 4 years. It is very slow... I mean everything that has 1GB free space and 120MB Ram is. So I am looking for something about 90 to 100 euros. I read some forums that said...
  2. johnx125

    Question Smartphone only charges when connected to USB 3.0 port

    I have a Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone and a desktop computer with a Gigabyte 970A-UD3P rev. 2.0 motherboard. The problem here is that when I connect my phone to my pc via USB 3.0 it won't transfer data it only charges. When I connect it to USB 2.0 it transfers data no problem and charges at the same...
  3. andream.erti

    Question Proximity sensor fix - android (paranoid android)

    Ok guys, so my proximity sensor acts as if it was always covered and this causes me to need to reboot the phone everytime someone doesn't answer a phone call since the screen stays black and doesnt even let me close the call or do anything but rebooting. I've checked with an app that my light...
  4. G

    Question Which phone to buy?

    Galaxy j6 2018 or xiaomi redmi 6? price almost same
  5. J

    Is it possible to use amazon fire stick on a laptop?

    I just want to know if I could use amazon fire stick on a laptop. I do understand that the HDMI port on my laptop is for output data, not input which is the one amazon fire stick needs. So how can I go about to do it?
  6. T

    Format a sim card from host device.

    Is it possible to erase siim card from the host device. If so can host device reuse the sim without administrative help and be able to use it as a new SIM card?
  7. Z

    i7-6700k, working on 800MHz

    Hello, somehow after Christmas I noticed a drop in the performance of my computer. There were traces of dragging windows on the desktop. The drag itself was not very fluid and it looked like a refreshing problem because on the desktop sometimes the closed window was visible until after manually...
  8. Z

    Windows 10 keeps randomly BSODing

    My computer keeps randomly crashing with BSOD. There have been many different error messages, the last one (and most common) being "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT". These crashes happen when I'm doing anything from typing up my blog to playing Heroes of the Storm. I reinstalled Windows 10 not too long ago...
  9. R

    FX 8350 noise

    My cooler on FX 8350 is making too much noise even when im not doing anything on it. What should i do and what's the problem?
  10. I

    Am i being DOSsed

    Hello there, recently my internet has been constantly cutting out. Devices are still connected but the internet doesnt work on any devices. Resetting only helps for about 1 min, then it goes back to being passive. I do have some reason to believe that i am under DOS but i am unsure as to how to...
  11. H

    site keeps blanking itself out

    Is something wrong with Toms main page? It keeps blanking itself out after a couple of seconds.
  12. M

    Graphic card giving display sometimes and sometimes not

    Hello guys , i need help for my graphic card is not giving display consistently Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-H110M-DS 2 DDR 4 Processor : Intel i3-6100 @3.7 Ghz RAM : 4 GB DDR 4 Power Supply: 350 Watts Graphic Card : AMD Radeon HD-5670 ICeq series LED : Samsung LED Everything was working fine...
  13. R

    CM Storm QuickFire TK vs Logitech G710

    These two keyboards are in a similar price category though the Logitech looks more functional. It has a wrist rest, media buttons, macro keys and volume control wheel. Is there a downside to it compared with QuickFire TK (cheep materials, short durability etc)? Thanks!
  14. L

    How many watts does this RAM use?

    How many watts does this RAM use - RAM
  15. X

    I need help regarding drivers

    So I just upgraded from a GTX 760 to a GTX 970. The thing is that I already have the latest drivers (353.62) and have just swapped the cards. I proceeded to put the drivers disc that came with the new card and it wants to install the 344.11 driver which is older than the one I currently have...
  16. R

    is this laptop good for latest gaming

    hey... i am buying a laptop dell inspiron 15 3542 specs below i7 4th gen 8 gb ram ddr3 2gb graphic nvidia 840m.. can it run latest games smoothly if not y... plz suggeat me one under rs60000
  17. D

    ASUS PB278Q good for gaming ?

    hi for someone play lol . mgs . co:go . and another game is ASUS PB278Q good for this games ? or i should buy 144 hz ? i dont play shooter alot
  18. B

    Update or New Build

    Can't decide whether or not to upgrade or rebuild my PC as want a quieter system for streaming KODI to my TV. Current system: MOBO: ASRock M3A770DE Processor: AMD Athlon II X3 445 3.10 GHz RAM: Crucial 8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR3 PC3-12800 Unbuffered NON-ECC 1.5V PSU: Ace Black 120mm Fan 500W HDD1...
  19. J

    MSI RMA - What a load of bull!

    I bought an MSI z77a-g45 1.5 years ago for use with an intel i5-3570k. Recently started rebooting itself over and over, then went to not POSTing from there, with just one CPU Phase LED on. After hours of component testing, narrowed it down to the motherboard (the one with "Military class"...
  20. BiggerBluer

    Pre orders for skylake

    http://www.cpu-world.com/news_2015/2015063001_Pre-order_prices_of_Skylake_desktop_CPUs.html So as the article says, the next gen i7 4790k will be the i7 6700k and it is expected to be almost $400! Do you guys think this is the making of a monopoly or do you guys predict that the price will be...