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  1. razor1ster

    [SOLVED] 144hz Monitor or 144hz + FreeSync

    HI. Been using 60hz all my life and thinking to replace it with a 144hz one but can't seem to decide between Benq's xl 2411p which is priced at 241$ & Acer KG241QP priced at 192$ in my country. Now, I have the option of getting the Benq one ( used 6 months old) for 125$ and the Acer one for...
  2. sufyanmess007

    [SOLVED] Refresh rate & HZ question,

    I've got a Zowie XL2411P monitor (144hz max) & i play cs on 1024x768 @ 120 hz because that's the max the GPU can handle with HDMI, I can't play 1280x960 @ 120 hz, only 75hz, so if I use DVI would I be able to? Also you can create 1280x960 custom res @ 120hz but it doesn't let you use it, even...