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  1. H

    Question MOBO XMP Issue

    Hello Everyone! I'm having issues with my new build, PC won't turn on when I use optimised RAM slots (A2,B2) but will boot up when RAM is in A1,A2 however speed is locked at 2666MHz. RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 32GB 3600MHz 2x16GB DDR4 MOBO MSI PRO B660M-A WIFI DDR4 Intel Motherboard BIOS...
  2. Kyle Q

    [SOLVED] XMP causing blue screen of death

    Whenever I enable XMP in bios, (Gigabyte b450 DS3H), My PC will blue screen on 50% of startups and give me error codes like: CRITIAL_SERVICE_ERROR IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL KMODE+EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED I originally had 2x4 Corsair 3000mhz and upgraded to 2x8 Corsair 3000mhz so now I have 2x4, 2x8...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] XMP does not run at advertised speed, Gigabyte B550i AORUS PRO AX, Ryzen 5800X, Viper Steel RGB 2x16GB 3600MHz

    When selecting the XMP profile for the RAM I have installed my computer will either not boot Windows completely or boot but have screen flickering issues every 1-5 seconds and will blue screen within 2 minutes of use. I have the lastest BIOS update for my MoBo and have tried the only other...
  4. F

    [SOLVED] XMP not stable

    I upgraded my PC earlier today w/ an i9 9900k & 3080. I've been having nothing but trouble since. First problem was the PC would freeze after bios/before windows with the 9900k in the system. It only started working after I put my 9700k back into the system and updated the BIOS. Now the system...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] I added two extra ram sticks to boost my ram to 32gb, now I can't change frequency

    I upgraded my ram with two extra sticks and now im experiencing memory failure (I've set my memory retry on 2) on anything higher than my xmp 1 setting (2933) My specs are: GPU: 1660ti CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x RAM: Kingston hyperX predator ddr4 8gb @3200mhz Motherboard: MSI x470 gaming pro I've done...
  6. KillerCrock

    [SOLVED] XMP Failure

    I got a new system i5-10400 on PRIME-Z490M PLUS with GTX 1660super and 500Gb ssd Problem is my XPG SPECTRIX D60G 8GB DDR4 3000MHz won't go over 2666MHz and XMP won't boot
  7. B

    Question XMP not working , cant OC Toughram 3600, gigabyte z370xp

    Hello Comunity, Recently I bought a pair of DDR4 2x8 3600 toughram, really nice looking... Sticks work but mother is using stock 2600MHZ to run it... I tried to enable the XMP, but once applied, PC keeps rebooting, so I clear CMOS and try several configs, none of them succeded... Also, I read...
  8. eibelbilly

    Question Fx 6300 xmp causes windows repair

    Mobo is msi 970a sli krait edition , CPU fx6300, ram 2x4 ddr3 Corsair 1600mhz It's only running at 1333 so I enabled xmp and Bois seemed great but windows crashed and went in to automatic repair I undid it and now it's fine but how can I make it run at 1600