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  1. R

    Question System doesnt boot with XMP Profile enabled

    Just bought some new ram (3200mhz) and it doesnt boot with xmp enabled, so i basically have to run it at 2133. is it my cpu? (i5 7600k). I know my motherboard supports this speed.
  2. Ryzn

    Question 3600mhz Memory, running only at 2133mhz with xmp enabled

    i just bought a Tirdent Z Royal silver with 3600mhz speed and my motherboard is Aorus X470 Gaming Ultra. I set the xmp profile but i'm not sure if its running at rated speed. i tried opening command promt and run "wmic memorychip get speed" and only got 2133mhz. Do i need to manually overclock...
  3. P

    Question P6X58D-E 1600MHz XMP profile won't boot

    So, i have a Xeon x5670 @ 4.3GHz and 3x8GB of the Corsair CML8GX3M1A1600C10 in tripple channel configuration and when i tried enabling the XMP profile inside the bios. It wont even post after that so i cleared my cmos and got my settings back to my OC setting. The Ram should work at 1600Mhz...
  4. K

    Game crashes due to insufficient video memory

    I have been playing fortnite lately and when im in a game it will crash with the error message that i provided in the screenshot. I know this should not be happening because my computer is more than capable of running fortnite on max settings. To try fix this i put my settings to the lowest...