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  1. R

    Can I upgrade from sapphire r9 290 oc tri x 4gb to PowerColor Devil R9 390X with my current setup?

    MOBO: Asrock z97 extreme4 RAM: 8GB Kingston Hyperx Current GPU: Sapphire R9 290 OC TRI-X Processor: I5 4690 NON K 3.50 GHZ. PSU: Evga G2 1000watts SSD: Hyperx 120gb kingstone HDD: WD Black 1tb Help is appreciated. the card that i am looking forward to buy...
  2. lezmaster98

    My future pc so far

    Hello I am planning to build a gaming/programming/editing pc and was wondering if I should wait or buy each part one by one cause I dont have 1000+$ in my pocket which i can finish the build in March 2016 so I have the part list here : https://pcpartpicker.com/parts/partlist/ The ram I have...
  3. H

    Save up for 980Ti or get 390X?

    Im building a new pc as the old one had a water damage... Was pretty bad anyways but it's hard to live without one especially as an IT student, but thats off-topic. Anyways, is it worth saving up for 980Ti instead of getting 390X? Im planning on getting an Acer Predator 1440p 144Hz G-Sync...