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  1. S

    Dell 2 in 1 - XPS or Inspiron (2020)

    Advice needed: I am purchasing a laptop for online teaching (2 in 1 convertible as I'm an avid traveller), I would like to learn how to edit my photos and GoPro videos and will also be studying a Masters in the future. I'd appreciate advice on which would be a better purchase. I was keen to...
  2. D

    Question Dell XPS 13 9360 LCD (2 amber, 7 white) self repair plan advice?

    A few years ago, days after my Dell XPS 9360 QHD+ touchscreen arrived, there was some distortion on the screen, and over the following weeks they sent three technicians, and the screen and motherboard were replaced but since there has been an intermittent issue, not with distortion but with the...
  3. C

    Question Black artifacts on HDR display.

    I just bought the brand new dell xps 9300 with the 4k UHD+ HDR display option. When I tried to consume some beautiful HDR content, i realized there were these weird black artifacts showing up in random areas of the image. I don't know what this could be caused by. The laptop is plugged in and...
  4. Molon Labe

    Question Laptop Suggestions - Under $1200

    Enrolled in Cybersecurity program for school. Finished cyber security fundamentals and starting ccna 1 & 2, at home casually taking a kali course by Joseph Delgadillo. (Great YT course) When it comes to virtualization, I know that RAM is more of a factor closely followed by CPU/core counts...
  5. J

    Question Best Laptop for College Under $1000?

    Hello, I've been trying to find a laptop for college for quite a while. I based my search on the usual criterium; price, performance, durability, etc. I thought I had found the best laptop for the money, a Surface laptop 2 with an i5, 128Gb SSD, 8 Gb of ram, and a 1504p touchscreen display for...
  6. jojesa

    Ordered ADATA XPG 960GB SSD, received a 2TB 2.5" SSD.

    I ordered a ADATA XPG SX8200 960GB PCIe SSD (paid $138), instead received ADATA SU800 2TB 2.5" SSD (price $220). What would you do? :oops:
  7. F

    [SOLVED] Dead cpu or mobo?

    I just finished putting together my pc with a 9900k and a gigabyte z390 xtreme waterforce. I loaded it up into bios and decided to overclocking it and didn’t even get to apply it or anything and it shutdown. Now all I get is a little red led on the power button on the motherboard and it won’t do...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] Inspiron 3647 adding SSD

    My husband has an Inspiron 3647 which has the small case. I want to replace his hard drive with an SSD. Will I need a bracket? Thanks!
  9. I

    PC booting up but not able to boot up bios setup.

    So i am new to the pc scene so i really dont know what to do at this point ive looked it up and came with no luck is any body able to help me. The thing thats happening is when i start up my pc i try and click F12 so i can go into the bios and overclock my cpu but with no luck i am not able to...
  10. 6R1M01R3

    Sudden computer performance decline.

    As of today I noticed the computer taking much longer to load the few applications set to run on startup, compared to yesterday. Also getting audio crackling when doing something as simple as opening the browser, games performance also affected with longer load times and lower fps. Reinstalled...
  11. C

    Digital to RCA

    I have an older television and I have the insignia digital audio to rca. I do not have the PCM option in my audio setting which I researched on google and many forums that would resolve the buzzing sound. Is there anything else I should try to resolve the buzzing sound. Thanks
  12. C

    Will Gigabyte H61M S2P motherboard support Rx 580 and GTX 1060?

    Title . I created a new thread because I can't find any regarding RX 580 My specs: Intel i3 3210 Gigabyte H61M S2P 8 GB dual channel RAM. And will my CPU bottleneck the GPU? If so what are the effects? Will it just give reduced performance or will there be any strain on the GPU and long term...
  13. gilles.brouwer

    Server for in my "game room"

    So first off, Hello fellow Tomhardware folks, I would like to ask your opinions and help about this little question of mine. So I am planning to make my room a game room (since I got a bigger room and I am not planning to go away in another 5 years or something). So in short, I want to buy a...
  14. B

    Tv sound to stereo receiver

    I have a Yamaha rx v1900 stereo receiver with HDMI output and inputs. Have just bought a new Lg oled 55c8pta tv, but cannot get sound from tv to stereo. Have gone through settings on tv, but no sound. Have optical out on tv, but not on stereo. Is is doable? Cheers, Brad.
  15. G

    Removing top panel of masterbox lite 5

    How do I remove the top panel of the masterbox lite 5 case? The screws are not hex or penta or any of the sort. Instead it is round like a stripped hex screw. Can anyone help?
  16. D

    Please Help voltage limit affecting fps bad

    I have this thread started in gpu but no on ehas replied so im putting here as well when I start benchmarking everything goes fine for a few then my fps drops bad and my card stays at voltage limit and I have to restart my computer before the fps will run normal again I kinda need to know whats...
  17. K

    Do ALL USB3.0 ports provide the same 5Gbps speed ?

    I am looking at a refurbished laptop with an i5-3320M , it has two USB3.0 ports on the side....do they have 5Gbps speeds ?
  18. P

    Where are your current thoughts on NAS/Storage? a discussion (long post)

    Let me preface this to say that currently IMO the best, most secure in terms of data loss, and cheapest (even free) options for storage are in "the cloud". With that said…. Years ago I was introduced to the world of "NAS" by a cheap little device called a DNS-323. It was amazing. It supported...
  19. S

    New PSU didn't fix odd issues when trying to boot PC

    Hey. So I recently ordered a new PSU because my PC has been having some odd issues for a while. It wouldn't boot unless I jostled it around sometimes. And weirdly, most of the time when it wouldn't boot, the RGB on my keyboard would light up partially (in colors that weren't what my profile I...
  20. J

    Is 30 fps in console same as 60 fps in pc?

    I am looking to upgrade my pc into a 4k rig, but the problem is I wanted to play some ps4 exclusives. As long as the 30 fps in ps4 pro is not as 60fps in pc, I am not going to buy it. Should I upgrade my pc or save some bucks to buy a ps4 pro?