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    Question XTU OC help on i7 9700K

    Hey guys, Sorry if there is already a thread about this but I’ve been trying to follow this video on overclocking my 9700K: View: https://youtu.be/zVl6pcBD1TI I have the same CPU setting all my cores to 49x multiplier and I’m slowly increasing the Core IccMax by 5 Amps but I instantly get...
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    Question CPU utilization dropping in game, along with core count drops causing stutters

    I am having stuttering issues on warzone, and I have tried so many fixes and nothing has worked. A couple days ago, I tried to disable/limit power limit throttling, and it appeared it worked quite well. Now, I was having those stutters again and this time, I tried turning on different things to...
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    Question Power Limit Throttling

    Im currently using i5 8300h undervolted to -120mv using XTU, cpu temp is good, thermal throttling is mostly gone but power limit throttling is near constant. It gets really annoying. My turbo boost power max is set at 45w and turbo boost short power max is set at 78w. Question is, how do i get...
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    [SOLVED] 'Speccy' Reading Performance Incorrectly?

    Just slapped in my upgrade for the year (32GB memory) and ran into something i have never seen before. My speccy program thinks i am running my sticks at a much lower frequency than my BIOS and XTU does! My system is a bit older so my motherboard max RAM frequency is 1866MHz (increased from 1600...
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    Question OC Profile crashes after xmp is loaded

    Hi everyone, i'm new to overclocking and i'm having a bit of a issue, i'm using intel xtu to overclock my i7 9700k to 5ghz and it runs stable at 1.375v, but that's on 2133mhz memory, then i reboot i go to bios and load xmp profile1 (2666mhz) and when i go to xtu and load the profile I run into...