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  1. System32_76

    Question Line-In & Line-Out not shown under "Sound Settings" in Linux ?

    Whoever has experience with the JACK sound server can probably help me out with this tech problem that I'm facing. So if I boot up my PC, open up QJackCtl (a GUI for managing the JACK sound server) and quit the app, my line-in and line-out are immediately shown under the PulseAudio Volume...
  2. System32_76

    Question Why can't I update Xubuntu ?

    Hi everyone. I tried to update from Xubuntu 20.04.1 LTS to 20.04.2, but for some reason, I can't easily do so. I executed the "sudo apt update" command before using these three specific upgrade commands: "sudo apt dist-upgrade," "sudo apt full-upgrade," and "sudo apt upgrade." The upgrade...
  3. System32_76

    Question My Desktop Keeps Freezing Up - Xubuntu

    Hello everyone! Recently, I've been having a recurring issue on Xubuntu 20.04 LTS where my desktop freezes up but I can move my mouse cursor around and access TTYs. Somebody told me that this issue has been happening with other Linux distros as well. I also found out that a bunch of people who...
  4. System32_76

    Question Xubuntu Installer Not Detecting 1TB HDD

    Hello everyone. I recently tried to install Xubuntu 20.04 onto my system, but for some reason, the installer doesn't detect my 1TB hard drive at all. It only recognizes the flash drive that I'm using to install Xubuntu with. The same thing happens when I'm trying to install Mint as well, but...
  5. System32_76

    Question Audacity Not Recognizing Audio From Keyboard?

    Hello again! I recently plugged my Casio keyboard into my computer via the line in jack on my PC and for some reason, Audacity is not recognizing the audio coming from it when I click the speaker icon to monitor the audio. If I go to my sound options on Xubuntu, I can see that sound is coming...
  6. G

    Router recommendations for VOIP

    I have a small office with 6 VOIP phones, 6 hardwired devices, 4 IP security cameras. Currently, I have only the supplied Comcast Business routers and are experiencing very poor phone connectivity. Using Elastix PBX. It's not a speed issue as we have 150 down / 20 up. I think I need to...
  7. M

    Palit GeForce GTX 750ti Random PC Freeze

    Good day to all of you guys here. I was hoping you could help me fix my problem. I built my first PC last week, all of which are brand new. The drivers are all installed and up-to-date. The motherboard drivers and BIOS are also up-to-date. Whenever I play games like Dota 2, Fallout 4, Tomb...
  8. K

    How to disable vdrop

    I cannot find the option to disable vdrop on my msi 970 g43 mb I clocked my fx6300 at a stable 4.5 1.4vcore and whenever I stress test the vcore drops to about to 1.31 how do I fix
  9. G

    Advantage,disadvantage of 3 gpu's (gtx 680)

    I have 2x asus gtx 680 dcu2 4gb in sli (i play on 3 monitors) and wondering what advantage,disadvantage there is using 3x gtx 680 i don't want to know about heat and power consumption since i know 2 cards can get hot and even 3x gpu's don't use alot of power (850watt would be enough)...
  10. O

    Can you get a kettle lead with the wire on the opposite side?

    Hello, I've just built a media server using a passive cooled PSU but the case i'm using has the PSU facing downwards to the floor and ive got to have the PSU this way round as the vent is facing the correct way currently. Is it possible to get a right angle kettle lead where the wire comes...