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  1. V

    Question different brands same specs ram modules?

    Hi guys i have a one question, I have Lenovo y520-15ikbn with i5 7300hq, 1050ti 4gb aaand one stick of 8gb memory: model sk Hynix hma81gs6cjr8n-vk, ok now I want to update one more 8gb ram stick buuut i cant find same brand but I found this one mta8atf1g64hz-2g6e1, like, I compere in every...
  2. R

    Question Lenovo Legion Y520 RAM Upgrade

    I want to add another 8gb of RAM to my existing 8gb so I can run it in dual channel, but i am a little confused. The memory in my laptop is PC4-2666V-SA1-11. CPU-Z shows my memory's frequency as being 2666MHz but running at 2400MHz. The memory i thought about buying is this one...
  3. MemphisRaine

    slowly upgrading my computer.

    Hi guys, I'm slowly upgrading my computer. which is an i5 6600 (non-K) I used to have 8gb of ram and just recently upgraded that to a 16gb and also used to have 120gb of SSD which is now a 500gb. As you may see, it kinda looks that my PC is on a dead end now and im not sure on how long can this...
  4. H

    [SOLVED] g402 logitech mouse stutter in game

    So for some reason I hope to find out my mouse stutters in black ops 4 multiplayer and this isn't rare it happens every 2 seconds I don't know why but when I'm out of the game or in the menu it doesn't stutter I have a logitech g402 and a 1080gtx with an i7700 if that helps