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    Question Lenovo y700 boot loop

    Hi, I recently got a y700 laptop and all was going well until i decided to wack an ssd in it, how the bios on it was locked set up in a to not allow usb's to be boot from, which i needed to install windows on the new drive. So i pulled the back off, cleared the cmos but unplugging the battery...
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    [SOLVED] lenovo y700-17isk Help with EC Dump

    Good Evening All. I have got a lenovo y700-17isk with i5 6300hq, gtx960m 4gb, The laptop has a burnt chip 25q32 which is EC bios,. I have replaced the chip but i dont have EC/ kbc dump/backup for this laptop , Does anyone own this laptop and kind enough to provide me the EC dump.BIN and bios...