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  1. T

    [SOLVED] "Long range" point to point connection to an outbuilding ?

    I'm interested in "beaming" wifi between 2 points on my property using possibly home-made yagi antennas. The points will have line of sight with no obstruction. And worse case they'd be 1500 feet away from each other. I was hoping for a reliable connection that isn't constantly cutting out, and...
  2. wassupthw

    [SOLVED] Boost wifi with yagi antenna?

    Hey, I'm soon moving into a college dorm and the only type of internet there is through wifi (one hidden access point for 8 rooms on the floor), no Lan or cable. The students living there told me that in the rooms there's basically no wifi signal whatsoever. I was wondering if I could connect...
  3. M

    Can I use EXP GDC Beast v8.4d for mining from my laptop and a R9 280X?

    I have a R9 280x tri-x vapour-x GPU and want to do mining on this card while connectiong it to my Laptop (LENOVO G500S). Will I be able to do Etherium/XMR mining? If yes then How much can I bottleneck?

    Will any DDR3 RAM work in any motherboard with DDR3 RAM slots?

    I'm thinking about buying a new mobo.http://.It has 4 dual channel DDR3 RAM slots with strange numbers next to them in the diagram. My current mobo has 2 DDR3 RAM slots which contain 8GB(4x2) of RAM. Is my RAM(3491.7 MHz) compatible with this mobo? Thanks! :)
  5. P

    Gaming PC 1500 dollars

    Hey! do you guys have any good ideas for a 1500 gaming pc buld ? Which will give me max fps possible! And do you know any good mechanical keyboards? :D Thank YOU!!! :D