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  1. Dankner

    Question PC Freezing

    The past month my PC has frozen 10 times in the past month, every single time has been whilst watching twitch except once while watching youtube. Never when gaming. Right before it hard locks, I hear a buzzing sound through my headphones. There is no Blue Screen or a single error code any time...
  2. Pareeeee

    Question BSOD when livestreaming to YouTube

    So I'm trying to fix my husband's laptop and can't seem to pin down the problem. It keeps getting BSODs but only during webcam livestreaming to YouTube. He can run games on it with no issue, watch videos, no issue... etc. I have submitted dump files here before, but was told they are empty...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] Who are your favorite Youtubers introducing graphics cards?

    I'd like to ask if there are any channels that you guys recommend? Thanks!
  4. G

    Question FPS issues while streaming

    Hey guys, So I recently started streaming on my YouTube-channel. And one thing I seem to notice is that the FPS on OBS, but especially on the stream itself sometimes just tanks, while in-game FPS is running decent. So here my specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (Stock speeds) Stock CPU Cooler 4x8GB Corsair...
  5. svareee

    Question FPS dropping when gaming and watching video.

    When i play a game and watch a YouTube video or a Twitch stream at the same time my fps drops by 10-20 fps. I haven't tried too many games but in RDR2, COD Cold War, BF1 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 the fps drops. I understand that there might be some performance loss but it feels like a lot with...
  6. M

    Question Help with app ad domain blocking

    I got this iOS app called Adblock by Futuremind, but using it goes past my computer knowledge. To block ads on different apps, it blocks the domains that the ads run on. Snapchat though seems to no longer use, and I’m not sure at all what domain Instagram uses. On top of that, all...
  7. Gecko_Pirate

    Question YouTube lag in fullscreen mode.

    When I'm in fullscreen mode on a YouTube video (1920x1080), it starts lagging, but when I'm pressing Alt+Tab and switch to another window (ex. Task Manager), the lag stops, and the quality remains the same. Better understanding in this video: View:
  8. I

    Question Can i set chrome to use GPU for decoding videos from youtube

    Hello everyone, is it possible to watch videos from youtube at full HD with no lagging? System spec: cpu - q9400 mb - ga-73pvm-s2 ram - 4gb ddr2 ssd - 120gb kingston GPU - ATI radeon HD 4600 OS - win7 pro 64bit i use duplicate screen, so 2 monitors at the same time. i see high CPU usage when...
  9. C

    Question Question regarding GPU usage watching videos

    What is a normal percentage of GPU usage while watching a 1080p Youtube video with hardware acceleration turned off? I am using an RTX 3070 and it normally hovers between 15% and 20%. Is this okay? Thanks in advance.
  10. prsnr

    Question Cast button on YouTube is present on my Lenovo W540, but missing on my friend's W540

    Hello! Me and my friend have the same laptops Lenovo W540 with the same parts, same Windows 10, same drivers but the thing is that on his laptop the cast to device button on YouTube(opened on Chrome browser) is missing and he cant cast anything to his TV which obviously supports that feature...
  11. MiIenaaa

    Question Youtube video quality bad after upload

    I want to upload a video to Youtube, but the video quality is horrible at 1080p and 720p. I render the video in 1440p, but the 720p version and 1080p version look chunky and blurry. When I watch the video in 1440p it looks perfect. I am also confused about the bitrate. I am using 70mbps bitrate...
  12. P

    Question Youtube on firefox crashes PC sometimes

    Hello. I've been a having this issue for months now and i've been searching for a solution ever since but to no avail. Sometimes while watching videos on youtube, when i try to enter/exit fullscreen my screen goes black. For a few seconds i can hear the audio playing in the background, after 1-2...
  13. Question Youtube refuses to load pages in Firefox

    When I load videos, playlists or channels in Youtube through Firefox, sometimes it won't load the page, and instead displays the following screen: In Microsoft Edge, this problem isn't happening. I already refreshed Firefox, and nothing help. How to solve the problem?
  14. D

    Question HELP ME!!!!! I KNOW acting really funny. Hard to explain.

    This is a tough one. I will do my best to explain it clearly.. Firstly, this is my first build by myself. System specs are: AMD Ryzen 3900xt MSI 5700 RX MECH OC EVGA SuerNOVA G3 850w 80gold plus MSI B550-A ProSeries Corsair Vengeance LPX DDr4 2 x 36GB 2400mhz Cooler Master Hyper 212 cpu...
  15. Devileyes

    [SOLVED] ShotCut video editer wrong settings?

    Hi, some help would be appreciated, i am trying to edit and render a gameplay video to upload on youtube. I am pretty new to this so i am not sure if i am using the correct settings, but i have tried multiple ones so far and none are even remotely good. video editor used: shotcut video length...
  16. Question Youtube blocking my browser when login into my Google Account

    Hello: Today, whatever I log into my Youtube Account, I get the following error: I refreshing the page and login, but: This repeating every time I login into my youtube account. How I get rid of this?
  17. 2

    Question I watch movies & surf only, I don"t game, what kind of computer do i buy?

    I want to buy a desktop. I prefer using my 75 inch UHD Smart TV as my monitor which is connected to my older laptop via HDMI with a wireless keyboard and mouse atm. I only stream movies from the usual places and like watching Youtube. I have a HDD full of movies I also like playing from as well...
  18. M

    [SOLVED] Youtube spikes my CPU usage randomly

    I have an AMD FX-6300 six core, using Chrome. This issue is random, so nothing specifically to pin down. Most of the time, I have no issues with Youtube, so I don't know where this stems from. When watching a random Youtube video, my CPU usage, according to task manager, will increase between...
  19. C

    [SOLVED] Watch YouTube on PC as an app

    Hi guys, Sorry if the question is misleading. I couldn't come up with a proper question to this problem. Okay. I have an unlimited package only for YouTube for my phone from my ISP. In case if I use my phone as a hotspot and watch YouTube, I will be charged. Is there any solution for this, to...
  20. J

    Question Why i can't play 4K videos on VLC or YouTube. ?

    VLC I have literally tried everything in order to solve my problem, but nothing happens. I don't know if it's a system problem or a codec problem. YouTube Are you guys having the same problem with YouTube. ? I don't know if it's a RAM thing or something else.