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  1. PsychoPsyops

    Question My YouTube Stream hangs repeatedly

    Hello everyone, My youtube stream has been freezing for about 5 seconds every 1 to 3 minutes. To the viewer, it may appear as if it skips 5 seconds, not showing the time where it visually freezes. I cannot for the life of me find out why this happens. It does not happen on Twitch, with the same...
  2. PsychoPsyops

    Question Adblock for YouTube in iOS?

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knows of an adblocker for the iOS YouTube app that I can install on my iPad. I don't want to use a VPN, and the Safari extensions only seem to take care of the ads on the youtube website via Safari. Thank you.
  3. PsychoPsyops

    Question Possible to hide playlists from view in YouTube?

    Is it possible to hide saved video playlists from view in YouTube? I'm not trying to make a public playlist private. The thing is, I have a playlist I like visiting every other day, but gets pushed to the back because playlists I create myself are showing as well. I want to hide the playlists...
  4. PsychoPsyops

    YouTube Streaming

    Two questions on Youtube streaming. 1. Each time I stream, I have to manually set the game title, playlist option, tags, etc. every time in Youtube studio. Is there really not a way for Youtube to remember the settings from the previous stream? 2. My stream quality is great, but when I go...
  5. R

    Question Streams/videos I watch on second monitor stutters when playing games

    Hello, I've had this problem which has been bugging me for quite a while now. I recently bought a new pc, but whenever I have a stream running on my secondary monitor and a game running on the main one and the game is focused, then the stream starts stuttering and goes down to something which...
  6. I

    [SOLVED] 8K video only processing up to 4K on YouTube

    Don't really know what category this question is, forgive me I uploaded an 8K video with HEVC codec to youtube, only for the video to have a maximum quality option of 4K, and not 8K like the original file... any help would be greatly appreciated! Specs: The video...
  7. V

    Question Random stutter issues with certain programs/sites

    Hello! I've noticed some weird things going on lately with my system. The biggest thing is that while watching YouTube, the video will freeze and start buffering, however audio will continue to play. After a few seconds of this, the audio will rewind to the point where the video started...
  8. thomas jefferson

    Important YouTube question

    So basically I make videos where I showcase levels in a game. In two levels that I showcased in two separate videos, I re-used audio for the songs that go to these levels from other videos made by other people by recording the music from the videos. One of the songs I recorded to use from the...
  9. T

    Question How to download YouTube videos in high quality in a convenient way ?

    For the longest time I used to use the YouTube Video and Audio Downloader (Dev Edt.) add-on for Firefox, but it seems to be dead now for somehin like 2 months And before anyone yells "That's piracy!": Kurzgesagt channel is an educational channel which encourages it's users to share their free...
  10. weybrew

    [SOLVED] VLC media player won't play or stream videos ?

    I'm not sure why, but VLC has begun baulking at playing downloaded video files. It also will not stream videos. I had been trying to learn how to download YouTube videos but have had no success since the first procedure is to play the target video. I've re-installed VLC and set all the proper...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Various websites loading extremely slow

    I was hoping to find an answer on why certain websites namely the most annoying of them being YouTube run so extremely slow on my PC. I have done all the troubleshooting I can on my end and have found no certain answer. My original theory was that my ISP was throttling me on certain sites...
  12. A

    Question YouTube Redirect? (Help as I really think this is new like today Nov 18 2022, just coming out issue maybe!)

    Hi All, I am in tech and i usually can solve anything ... however and whats weird and I know how to use google, I cannot find one piece of data on this. See the image and or video if i can ... and how and why in the world when I click on a you tube video it is getting redirected to a PAGE I...
  13. JCarax

    Question CPU usage goes 100% while watching 8k vids on youtube

    Hi, I've had this cpu 11600kf for a while but I recently tried to watch some 8k vids and they are unwatchable. As soon as I switch to 8k the video starts to stutter and cpu usage goes to 100%. I find it pretty weird given I was able to watch 8k vids with my old 7700k. I tried this on chrome...
  14. B

    [SOLVED] Ethernet only sometimes works?

    Apologies if this is not the right place but here I go: Ever since a power outage, my internet connection through ethernet has been... funky. I've noticed it mostly on Google websites (YT, Search, GMail) where it takes a really long time to load, especially Youtube, where it will tell me I'm...
  15. C

    Question My internet is too slow to watch youtube and play intensive games like rust when others are on it, though my download and upload speeds are over 300.

    I have never gotten to play rust or watch YouTube on my computer because of my internet. YouTube will automatically set the quality to 480p and not play if its higher. Rust will have me teleport everywhere. My ping is always very good even when I am having problems. I have already ruled out...
  16. W

    Question anyone have knowledge with youtube quality?

    I have been trying to fix this issue for over 3 years now. I have VP09 enabled on my videos I export my videos in 2560x1440 at VBR 2, 270-300 bitrate (I tried 50, 60, 70, 100, 150 ETC and they all look the same) and I have (use maximum render quality) checked and render at maximum depth checked...
  17. A

    [SOLVED] How to filter out Youtube Shorts from Youtube results when searching?

    I don't know where to post this thread, so I post it here. Anyway: Anyone know how to filter out all of the Youtube Shorts that appearing in the results of Youtube searches?
  18. Q

    [SOLVED] I'm going to buy a RTX 3080. Is playing the game myself better than watching YouTube videos of that game (in term of graphic/visual)?

    I'm wondering if I should buy an RTX 3080 card now. I used to watch youtube videos like "Game xxx max setting ray tracing at 4k" and I enjoy the beautiful scenes in that game. Now the price is dropping and I have enough money for an RTX 3080. I wonder that if I buy the card and experience the...
  19. C

    A youtube video I uploaded won't play on PCs and laptops

    So I recently uploaded my first YouTube video and while it can play fine on phones and on the YouTube app on game consoles, it simply refuses to play on PCs and laptops. It loads for a few minutes then just gives me an error message and a playback ID code. Does anyone know what the issue might...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Any Channel's About page doesn't work on YouTube

    So I've noticed that any channel's about page does not work on my youtube account when I go to check it out. I just get a gray screen with nothing. I have tried this on a different youtube account and it worked, everything was normal, but on my main account it never works. It's as if the site...
  21. M

    [SOLVED] Video artifacts in all youtube videos (other platforms and gaming runs ok)

    Hi there. From a time to now I'm having video artifacts (you know, random rectangles, lines, bad compression squares...) in almost every youtube video (on PC). At first I thought my vcard was dying, but heavy gaming, other platforms (FB, daylimotion...) and local videos (VLC mainly) play...
  22. 1

    [SOLVED] Making Youtube RIG

    Hello guys, Since i've been not active much at this forum like for several years, My Budget is 2000$ If possible. I need help to setting a new rig for mainly for (Video Rendering would not be heavy) Since mainly im going to make youtube videos with only Sound and Screen Record. Youtube Light...
  23. TerraCorbix12345

    [SOLVED] Does anyone know which model of keyboard this is? I was watching a Joey Delgado video and tried to find the keyboard, but got absolutely nowhere. .

    This keyboard showed up in some of Joey Delgado's earlier PC build videos, but he hasn't linked them in the descriptions of his videos.
  24. MarxAthium

    [SOLVED] 4K Screen turns black and then becomes blurry if any video plays, then it's clear again when browser is closed ?

    Hello I've been having this weird phenomenon lately with my screen. I'm in 4K, and everything is looking sharp and clear as day, usually does and its been fine Recently on certain websites, so far especially YouTube, or on a website that auto plays any kind of video, if I goto a channel that...
  25. LazerTechX

    [SOLVED] 4K Youtube playback performance issues

    Hey guys wanted to ask about my two systems, System 1: Ryzen 3 2200G 16GB DDR4 2666(2x8) GTX 660 Windows 10 20H2 System 2: i3 3220 8GB DDR3 1333(2x4) Integrated graphics Windows 10 20H2 The problem is that whenever I play a 4K youtube video on both systems, System 1 would use about 40% and up...
  26. P

    [SOLVED] Youtube video quality looks better with Nvidia GPU than the iGPU

    So I noticed this morning while playing a 4k 60 fps video on YouTube that by default chrome was using intel GPU of laptop to render the video (in task manager Intel GPU shows 30% usage while nvidia 0%) so I thought why not nvidia GPU for video playback and went to the windows graphics settings...
  27. JerrWolf

    Question Blocking specific ads?

    First off, sorry if this is the less than ideal place to ask, I've been sitting here pondering the best place to ask and decided to just ask here as it's kind of software related? So I've installed the Ublock adblocker into Edge/Chrome (I'm fine using a "better one" instead, I have no...
  28. A

    Question Uploaded Youtube videos completely freeze, but the player still running ?

    In recent videos that I've uploaded to Youtube, I've discovered a strange problem: The video picture and audio freezes, but the player still running. The video files themselves don't have this problem. What can cause this problem?
  29. IdotEXE

    [SOLVED] Constant video buffering above 720p

    Since yesterday afternoon, I cannot watch videos from sites such as youtube or vimeo above 720p due to constant stuttering and buffering. My internet speed is fine on this laptop: around 70mbps down and 20mbps up, and beforehand I could watch videos comfortably at 1440p without any buffering...
  30. M

    [SOLVED] Only Youtube is my buffering problem...

    I see all kinds of problems and fixes for my constant buffering on YT, but I thinks this is a next level problem. I play a video, goes on for 30-60 seconds and won't preload further and then buffers infinitely. I go back 5 seconds and then it will preload again and I can watch for another 20...
  31. iamjudebot

    Question YouTube buffers quickly at the start and then just stops

    I've been having a really weird problem when I watch YouTube on my pc. Basically, whenever I play a video it buffers quickly like the grey bar jumps really far out and creates a sizeable gap over where I'm currently at on the video but then it just stops moving. When the red bar catches up to...
  32. Dankner

    [SOLVED] PC Freezing

    The past month my PC has frozen 10 times in the past month, every single time has been whilst watching twitch except once while watching youtube. Never when gaming. Right before it hard locks, I hear a buzzing sound through my headphones. There is no Blue Screen or a single error code any time...
  33. Pareeeee

    [SOLVED] BSOD when livestreaming to YouTube

    So I'm trying to fix my husband's laptop and can't seem to pin down the problem. It keeps getting BSODs but only during webcam livestreaming to YouTube. He can run games on it with no issue, watch videos, no issue... etc. I have submitted dump files here before, but was told they are empty...
  34. J

    [SOLVED] Who are your favorite Youtubers introducing graphics cards?

    I'd like to ask if there are any channels that you guys recommend? Thanks!
  35. G

    [SOLVED] FPS issues while streaming

    Hey guys, So I recently started streaming on my YouTube-channel. And one thing I seem to notice is that the FPS on OBS, but especially on the stream itself sometimes just tanks, while in-game FPS is running decent. So here my specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (Stock speeds) Stock CPU Cooler 4x8GB Corsair...
  36. svareee

    Question FPS dropping when gaming and watching video.

    When i play a game and watch a YouTube video or a Twitch stream at the same time my fps drops by 10-20 fps. I haven't tried too many games but in RDR2, COD Cold War, BF1 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 the fps drops. I understand that there might be some performance loss but it feels like a lot with...
  37. M

    Question Help with app ad domain blocking

    I got this iOS app called Adblock by Futuremind, but using it goes past my computer knowledge. To block ads on different apps, it blocks the domains that the ads run on. Snapchat though seems to no longer use, and I’m not sure at all what domain Instagram uses. On top of that, all...
  38. Gecko_Pirate

    Question YouTube lag in fullscreen mode.

    When I'm in fullscreen mode on a YouTube video (1920x1080), it starts lagging, but when I'm pressing Alt+Tab and switch to another window (ex. Task Manager), the lag stops, and the quality remains the same. Better understanding in this video: View:
  39. I

    Question Can i set chrome to use GPU for decoding videos from youtube

    Hello everyone, is it possible to watch videos from youtube at full HD with no lagging? System spec: cpu - q9400 mb - ga-73pvm-s2 ram - 4gb ddr2 ssd - 120gb kingston GPU - ATI radeon HD 4600 OS - win7 pro 64bit i use duplicate screen, so 2 monitors at the same time. i see high CPU usage when...
  40. C

    [SOLVED] Question regarding GPU usage watching videos

    What is a normal percentage of GPU usage while watching a 1080p Youtube video with hardware acceleration turned off? I am using an RTX 3070 and it normally hovers between 15% and 20%. Is this okay? Thanks in advance.