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  1. lyingfire

    Question Why does my audio sound weird on YouTube?

    I'm a producer and I upload my beats to YouTube, when im making them and export them they sound amazing. But when I upload them to YouTube, the hi hats sound loose and flat. But when i open the actual Wav file, they sound fine? I know it's fixable because any other channel that uploads beats...
  2. mangaman

    Question How do I download bought movies on the playstore to my computer

    I purchased a few movies awhile back on the play store, when Google was giving out coupons. I would like to download these movies and put them in my personal collection, but how do I do that? I've search online about this, but so far only mobile users can download the movies for later use. I own...
  3. C

    Question Chrome hardware acceleration

    Playing 4k or 8k youtube videos on chrome makes it stutter like hell and lag without enabling hardware acceleration. With hardware acceleration On, the video plays smooth. I've read that hardware acceleration moves work load away from my CPU to my GPU in this case. However, I'm wondering if it...
  4. B

    Question iGPU or dGPU for browser (for online video)?

    Hello all, I have a laptop with Intel HD and a Nvidia MX150 dGPU. I've noticed that the Intel HD gets really pushed while I'm watching videos (youtube and other streaming sites/content). I was thinking if it would make sense to set the dGPU (Nvidia MX150) as default for my browser (Chrome) via...
  5. B

    Question wi fi stops working every few minutes

    my laptop hp stream laptop 11-ah1xx has a huge problem the wi-fi keeps shutting down for no reason. sometimes it stops but the wifi logo still says that its connected to my wifi. then there are other times when it'll show that my wifi has no internet (the temporary solution is to disconnect and...
  6. H


    After launching of GOOGLE STADIA GAME STREAMING on YouTube and twitch is going to be closed? Will people still watch stream or gaming videos on twitch and YouTube? In other words GOOGLE STADIA will kill game streaming on YouTube and twitch??
  7. N

    Question Hardware acceleration

    Hello, I recently purchased a new screen (144hz) and when I watch videos on google chrome on youtube on that same screen, I get some “artifacts” but when I enabled Hardware acceleration those same “artifacts” went away but in its place came a choppy youtube video ( video freezing while audio...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] YouTube is choking my PC. Months of troubleshooting is inconclusive. What could be causing this?

    When I click on a YouTube video, each and every time the video was play for a second or two then stop while the audio plays for another second or two then also stops. When this happens YouTubes video player is also unresponsive or very slow. After a 3-15 seconds the video will catch up and all...
  9. Z

    Question Amazon warranty/return policy helping request / MWE 650 cooler master

    So I've tried to request an rma to amazon,the thing is bought from 3 mounths ago (10/12/2018). I found a guide and cant find the option Return or replace items. And thats it my PSU just died and I cant rma it,cant get anything done on my pc. HELP and thanks.
  10. ust4ever

    Question Can I run an RX 580 at 75W? (Mac Pro 5,1)

    Hey! I've just bought an RX 580 8GB Sapphire Pulse for my 2010 Mac Pro. This card takes two PCI 6 pin connectors, but as of present I can only power it with one, as I'm waiting on the proper cable to come in from China. Can I use the card with just the one connector, temporarily? It'd be...
  11. bernatespinet

    Question Is my integrated graphics running?

    I can notice that on idle, AB shows my clock speed is 140mhz but my 1060 6gb has a stock frequency of over 1500mhz. Does that mean that is working my integrated gpu of my i7-6700HQ?
  12. B

    Question Windows 10 crash

    So ever since my pc has been upgraded to 16gb of ram it seems to be crashing every now and then. I replace an old ram and it didnt fix it. but when i run my pc only 8gb of ram it works and i tested both stick seem to be working fine.
  13. M

    Question Need Suggestion for GPU upgrade

    Hi, Currently I am using GTX 970 on 6th Gen it with gigabyte H series mobo. Also I've zowie xl2411p 144hz e sports monitor. My question is Should I go for 2070 rtx or will that be too much power which I can't utilize due to my monitor? Don't have that much budget to upgrade everything atm...
  14. T

    Question After GPU OC I have a monitor glitch.

    So yesterday I have been overclocking my GPU a bit, everything seemed fine, but today after I started PC again I noticed some glitching in my Chrome. I managed to capture the glitch on screencap. When checking the frame I realized chrome is disappearing for a split second and showing the windows...
  15. P

    Question PC won't turn on, was working just fine a few days ago

    Hello, I left for spring break on Sunday (Mar 17) and turned my computer off before I left. I have some back today and I cannot turn it back on. Nothing happens when I press the power button to turn it on, nor when I press the reset switch (might've done something). I saw that you can short...
  16. T

    Question Any advice for a build?

    I'm looking at building my first PC, which would be used for photo editing, work, and some very casual gaming (Minecraft). I've read what seems like every article on the internet about this but still am not sure what the best build would be for my budget (about $600). Also, not looking to OC...
  17. T

    Question How to fix micro stuttering in Apex Legends

    So I have an i5 4670k, 16 gig ram ddr3, RTX 2060, 600 watt power supply. Windows 7. All drivers are up to date. I am wondering if upgrading processor would get rid of stuttering. Thanks.
  18. J

    [SOLVED] Ram Upgrade

    Hey! Right now I have 8 GB ram and I will upgrade it to 16 by adding the same one. So my question is do I need to make something to my computer or I just can install the ram on the slot, turn on the computer and everything will work fine? (I'm sorry if this question sounds dumb)
  19. B

    Question Random Frame Artifacting

    whenever i go to play a came on my computer i get random frames that are usually completely artifacted. my parts are: 1050 ti 4gb i5 2500k 8gb of ddr3 nothing is overclocked. thanks
  20. H

    Question Is it possible to run a cpu on a different PSU then the motherboard?

    I have a desktop with an I5 and a powersupply of 300w, which is pritty low. And I was wondering if I could use another PSU of 300w that I have lying arround justfor the cpu.