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    Question Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard won't boot ?

    Ok so recently i was playing a game with no problems at all , suddenly i left the pc on and went to take a rest near the pc and suddenly i heard pc turned off by it self , i tried to turn it on but it wont turn on at all , i opened the case and checked and i can see the red led on the z170. Is...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] Need help upgrading ram for Z170 motherboard

    Hi there folks My system currently has 2 X 8GB DDR4 G.Skill TridentZ 3200 CL16-18-18-38 1.35V ( Motherboard: Asus Z170 Deluxe - CPU : i7 6700K) never had any problem with them but recently really felt the need for more memory (damn After effects!) If I can find another pair of my current...
  3. M

    Question PC restarts itself under high CPU load without BSOD

    Hi all, My PC sometimes just restarts by itself when I launch my warzone. I have a high suspicion that is cause by my CPU load. CPU never goes above 80C and gpu is essentially capped at 20%. Probably because the CPU bottlenecks it. CPU load hovers around 90-100% when playing. I make sure that...
  4. [SOLVED] "old" Corsair dominator platinum overclocking potential ?

    Hi all 👋 When I built my last rig five years ago, along with 170 chipset and Skylake CPU I bought Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x8 CL15 2666MHz ram sticks (CMD16GX4M2A2666C15) just before "nand crisis" happened and RAMs sticks prices started to go skyrocket. Now I'm planning to build a new rig...
  5. andresrdz

    Question ASUS Z170-A powers on but no boot. CPU_LED blinks once every 12 seconds

    Hello Wondering if anyone had similar fault. I've had no luck looking for this specific symptom online or in ASUS manuals. MB: Asus Z170-A CPU: Corie i5 6600k Memory: 4x Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 (32g total) GPU: GTX 1070 Background, this was a running system, it ran well for long time. Last...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] CPU recommendation?

    I have a Asus Z170 pro gaming mobo currently running an I5-6500 3.2 ghz cpu. I know the mobo is dated but the entire rig has ran like a champ for the better part of a decade. I want to upgrade the cpu to see if I can get a few more years out of it before gutting it and starting over with a new...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] No TPM on a gaming PC. what to do?

    my gaming PC from 2015 seemingly does not have TPM 2 nor 1.2. CPU is 6700K Motherboard is Asus Maximus VIII Hero Alpha with no TPM header There is no option to enable TPM (or PTT or anything related) in bios does Z170 have this chip? can I somehow unhide TPM in bios and enable it? will there...
  8. G

    [SOLVED] raid on an old asus maximus viii hero z170

    i bought 4/5 years ago my asus z170 maximus viii hero witch has one only m.2 slot. now i'm wandering i could anyways configure 2 nvme ssds in raid 0 and boot into it; the first one in the m.2 slot of the motherboard and the second one in the third pcie slot (pcie x4 gen3) with an adapter like...
  9. Ben_L

    [SOLVED] z170a wont post anymore

    I went to install windows on a blank pc that had booted and worked fine in the past and it would not boot. I have since removed everything but the cpu and one stick of ram. I've tried both sticks of ram one at at time in most of the ram slots. the power led lights up when i plug it in and the...
  10. Cobaltbass

    [SOLVED] Booting issues

    Hey so I have my computer with an I5 6600k Amd 5500xt 24gb of ram basically this was my old pc I replaced the gpu with a lower end one To repurpose as a second computer for my girlfriend and this computer worked fine but was running slower than normal I went to update the drivers for the gpu...
  11. Saad Tariq

    Question Gigabyte Z170 USB 3 issue with Windows 10 default driver

    I am using Seagate external Drive(1TB) which is supported usb 3.0. My issue is from begining of Windows 10 that there was no such usb 3 drivers from Gigabyte and it was included in Windows 10 by default but this generic driver is causing issue that it run normally for few mins and then it...
  12. I

    Question Motherboard prefixes question

    Hi all, can someone explain what that prefixes mean... For example in the "Gigabyte Z170 - HD3P" what HD3P means? And more...in the "Msi Z490-A Pro" what A means? Thank you ^^
  13. taimur_111

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte z170n gaming 5 itx OverClocking help

    I have z170 system that I want to Overclock. My 6700k is still running solid. I was thinking to upgrade to 9700K or Ryzen 3800x. But the increase in gaming performance is minimal so I thought to stick with my current setup for another year. I am absolutely a noob in overclocking. I use...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] What should I do?

    Hello, I have been the happy owner of an overclocked i5 6500 and a Z170 board for a couple of years from now. Unfortunately, I killed my cpu in an attempt to delid it. The thing is that I don't need the PC a lot these days due to my lack of time because I am a student, can get by with an old...
  15. Kazin76

    [SOLVED] Experts Needed - Suddenly slow POST and Boot times - ASUS Z170 Motherboard

    Hello All, I am of intermediate skill level PC builder and overclocker. My PC specs are: CPU: 6700K Mobo: Asus Ranger VIII Memory: 16 GB Corsair Vengence Boot Drive: m.2 NVME Samsung 970 (250GB) GPU: EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3 Cooling Full custom watercooled (hardline) Keyboard: Corsair K70 OS: Windows...
  16. zantaff

    Question Z170-A giving high Vcore values on a 6700K

    I'm overclocking my i7 6700k on a Z170-A mobo. I was using the mobo's "EZ Tuning" feature to get a benchmark for how much I can overclock my CPU on this board before manually setting it. It has essentially 3 different tuning settings and each seemed to give me higher than normal Vcore values...
  17. Foyboi

    Question Bluescreen after flashing bios

    Just updated the bios on my Asus Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura and now my PC won’t boot. I can get to bios, but when I try to launch windows I get to the bluescreen/error screen. Windows auto troubleshoot doesnt work. I reset CMOS. I think I set bios to default settings(its kinda hard to tell). I tried...
  18. K

    [SOLVED] Accidentally hit clear CMOS button

    Hello all, First of all my system specs: Mobo: Asus Z170 Deluxe CPU: i7 6700K Bootloader: Clover PSU: Corsair RM750 OS: Separate SSD dual-boot MacOS Sierra & Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit) SSD: Samsung 840 Pro 512GB(MacOS) & 256GB (Win7) RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport PC4-21300 (4x8GB) GFX: 1080 Ti...
  19. K

    Question 2.04v recorded on vcore in BIOS Msi z170-a SLI Plus

    CPU: i7 6700k Motherboard: Msi z170s SLi plus Ram: 16gb g-skill aegis 3000mhz SSD/HDD: 128gb adata ssd, 1.5tb toshiba HDD GPU: Gtx 1070 PSU: Corsair cx 500 Chassis: Bitfenix Comrade OS: Windows 10 pro I had this issue with my 6600k as well. Cpu-z is recording the correct voltage but the board...
  20. M

    Question BIOS Loses Configurations If Disconnected From Power

    I have a Asus Z170i Pro Gaming motherboard that seems to be otherwise completely functional, but it only retains BIOS settings as long as it's connected to a power source. If I unplug the power or switch off the power supply, all my BIOS settings are lost. I tried another CMOS coin battery from...
  21. A

    Question Gigabyte Z170 Gaming 7 debug code C1 with Corsair RAM

    So if you see my previous thread I got a refurbished gigabyte motherboard after the one I had fried because of improper repair by Gigabyte. The were generous enough to replace with another board under warranty. But it didn't boot with my Corsair vengeance LPX 3000Mhz (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15R) 16GB...
  22. M

    [SOLVED] How will an i5 6600k + z170 fit into my build?

    Hello! I was wondering how this upgrade would fit into my PC. Currently I'm running a i5 3470 being cooled by a Corsair H60 on a Gigabyte H77, 2x4GB 1600Mhz DDR3 Corsair Vengeance, included with a GTX 1060 6GB by MSI, along with a 700watt Corsair PSU. All I need to run at one time is OBS...
  23. N

    [SOLVED] What motherboard among these? (Z170 chipset)

    Hi there! As I explained on this other thread (https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/motherboard-or-cpu-dead-not-sure-which-one.3442824), either my CPU or motherboard was busted. Now, I am almost certain that the motherboard is gone and I need to replace it with a new one. The ones I was...
  24. ririx4268

    Question need advice on choosing a new laptop!

    Greetings, i'm considering purchasing a new budget laptop that'd i'd more than surely game on, and after around two months of delaying it, reading about models within my budget and searching through several online retailers, i've kind of had a grasp of what i want, GPU wise, as far as the...
  25. A

    Can I run GTA 5 with 4 gb ram and Intel graphics 4400 and Intel i5 4th generation clock 1.70ghz

    Can Can I run GTA 5 with 4 gb ram and Intel graphics 4400 and Intel i5 4th generation clock 1.70ghz
  26. A

    [SOLVED] Pci-E 2.0 x16

    So i have a dell optiplex 990 MT whit I5 2500 and 8Gb of ram. I want to put in a small profile gtx 1050 ti but when i start the program named HWMONITOR it says that my pcie slot is only 10w??? The card is 75w and 3.0 pcie. Is there a problem or bug whit the program because a see alot of sistems...
  27. prince_xaine

    [SOLVED] HIbernation Windows 10

    This might be a strange question, but here goes. With Hibernation disabled, turning on the computer from a shut down state takes around 22 seconds including BIOS. With Hibernation enabled, turning on the computer from a shut down state takes around 12 seconds including BIOS. The question is...
  28. C

    Installing M.2 into motherboard (missing screw)

    Hello, I'm currently looking at installing a basic M.2 into my build. (https://www.cclonline.com/product/265239/WDS240G2G0B/Solid-State-Drives-SSDs-/WD-Green-240GB-SATA-III-M-2-2280-Internal-Solid-State-Drive/SSD0898/) I have the B350 Gaming Plus Motherboard. My question is, I have lost the...
  29. A

    [SOLVED] Want to upgrade cpu on Toshiba L505-ES5034

    I have a Satellite L505-ES5034 with a i3 330m processor. The chipset is an Intel HM55. Bios is an Inside 1.40. I wanted to know what processor can i upgrade too. I been searching online and can't find a solid answer. Closes answer i came too was to use an i5 540m or an i7 620m. I would...
  30. A

    Can I play these games

    My rig- q8400,gt 1030 2GB DDR5,8GB DDR3 Ram,1600x900 resolution. Can I play cod ww2,ac unity,gta v on this pc without fps drop? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0B7i9zIy9Q https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S22Umn-kcMY&t=2s https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5UWK2mijZPA In this video,I saw that he was...
  31. P

    8350 4.4 GHz idle Volts?

    So I wanted to OC it to 4.4 ghz and I did it and I passed the stress tests from prime95 + Valley both at the same time for 30 min and whats weird for me when the PC is under load the voltage slowly dropping to a certain point, I think it was 1.35 cca but when PC is on idle my voltages go high at...
  32. S

    800$ Gaming PC

    My budget is 800$ and I have to buy everything in this budget... I'll be doing gaming,video editing for yt and some music production. I was doing some research and got confused about Intel vs amd stuff, Right now I don't have anything so I need a full build. Thanks in advance.
  33. H

    Need info on upgrades

    Needing to know if and what I can upgrade this PC to be able to play modern games. Seems it's just out of reach with games I want to play like Ark, Rust, SCUM, No Man's Sky, etc. Been told to just buy/build a new one but just want to get but for a bit too I can afford to. This is the PC...
  34. F

    Plug Headphone/Mic into monitor instead of pc

    I currently have my headphones/mic plugged into my front panel options. Lately there have been a few bugs with it so I was wondering how to plug them into my monitor instead. I use a jack splitter on my headphones that has a mic on it. When I do try to plug it into my monitor no sound comes out...
  35. R

    Can I Play Gta V On Hp Pavilion Dv6 dx 7000 series???

    HP Pavilion Dv7 dx-7000 series Core i7 (2nd Generation) Quadcore large HD 17.3 inch display with Beats by Dre Audio sound Manufactor: HP Type: Notebook Model: Pavilion Dv7 Processor: Intel Core i7 2nd Generation Quadcore Hard Drive: 250 GB RAM: 4 GB. Builtin Graphics : Intel HD graphics...
  36. P

    PSU Enough for Liquid Cooling Kit

    I was in a bind when my main PC died after many years. I did not have the time or cash on hand to build another one. But I was able to get a line of credit from Dell (you can see where this is going). Anyway I picked up an Alienware Aurora R7 (Specs Below). During checkout the wording lead me to...
  37. M

    When it rains my router acts strange

    I have a modem/router combo called the Smart RG. Whenever it rains, my internet cuts out and I go into the browser and it says 'internet is online in routed mode with an IP address of _____'. Nothing loads in any browser and the browsers say that there is no internet connection. But tonight, it...
  38. Zii

    Can this m.2 SSD be used to cache an HDD like the optane?

    I want to buy this m.2 SSD, because it's an excellent price. However the only reason I want to buy it is because intel's optane m.2 (as seen in this video) works extremely well caching alongside a mechanical drive. So my question is; even though the WD m.2 SSD I linked above isn't an intel...
  39. M

    Deleted literally everything

    I went to go delete everything and start over but something went wonky and ended up everything is gone it just has a blue or black screen(cant remeber) when i turn it on and a line of words. How can i fix this
  40. A

    Is gtx 1060 3gb enough for 1366x728 gaming

    I am on a tight budget and have to use my old monitor till I can afford one. (which is like a long time away) So please tell me if the gtx 1060 3gb is enough for 1366x728p gaming. I will connect the PC with the TV sometimes and game on 1080p so what do you guys say.