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  1. gamerbrehdy

    Question Software update/downloads after mobo-swap?

    So here am I, plugging in my wireless headset dongle into my rear I/O, finding out one of my USB-ports died. It's an slightly old motherboard, and I'm looking for a motherboard equipped with a RGB header. So I found the Asus ROG STRIX H370-F, to swap out my Asus PRIME Z270-P. But I'm not sure...
  2. E

    [SOLVED] Asus z270-p won't power on - led lights are yellowish/amber

    Hello, I have the following configuration: Mobo: Asus z270-p Prime CPU: I5-9400F Cooler: Noctua NH-L9x65 RAM: HyperX DDR4-3200 16GB GPU: MSI GeForce RTX 2060 Ventus 6G OC Power Supply: be quiet! Straight Power 11 (750W) When powered up, the only thing that turns on is a yellowish/amber led on...
  3. D

    Question coffee lake on ASUS Prime Z270-P

    I want to upgrade my cpu but it seems that new cpus are a better deal. i know it is not offically supported but i know there are hacks to use a coffee lake cpu on a z270 or z170 board. does anyone know a made bios for my motherboard or how to make one.