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    Question Computer powers on, no display, no power to any ports

    Hi there, Currently just moved into a new house and had to move my desktop. Done the same way that I have each time with no previous issues by packing it into the original box the case came in with styrofoam and some padding with a plastic 3D printed support for the GPU, carried gently and...
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    Question z270e GPU compatibility

    Hey folks. I'm looking to upgrade my GPU. Currently running Mobo: Asus z270e CPU: i7 7700k GPU: 1050ti Psu: rosewill 850w I know I have enough power to upgrade. I'm looking to the new Nvidia 20 series. Specifically the 2060. Depending on where I look, some sites say no 20 series are supported...
  3. [SOLVED] Requesting help verifying SSD speeds - NVME vs SATA III

    Hi All - Big fan of Tom's Hardware - Have come here for many issues throughout the years to solve issues, I need some help now customized to my own rig. I recently purchased a V-NAND SSD 970 EVO PLUS NVME 500GB to add to my PC. I'm currently using (2) SAMSUNG 850 EVO 500 GBs connected through...
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    Adding a switch to existing network? Why does download speed slow down

    Question about adding switch to existing network-- Current Setup Comcast Modem ->Apple Time Capsule -> Network Switch (Basement) -> Another Network Switch (Located in bedroom -- This switch is really an old wireless router acting as an access point). My question specifically is why I have a sig...
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    Question about downloading WOW

    Hello. I am new here and not sure this is the place to ask. I have been trying to download WOW for about 5 days now and I know it is a big download. The problem is that it seems to be taking longer than needed. I started at 53 gig and after 5 days, 47.5 gigs to go. I am getting frustrated...
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    Is 290W PSU enough for GTX 1050 ti

    Is 290W PSU enough for GTX 1050 ti Specs i5-4590 8GB Case: Dell Optiplex 3020 (not slim)
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    Continuous beeping from motherboard

    I have an hp 8100 motherboard and I couldn't launch steam but everything else launched fine. Went to restart and all of a sudden my pc started beeping at me. It doesn't stop and at the end after a munute it sounds like a flat line. I was able to get into bios and do a memory check but my memory...