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  1. M

    Question MSI Z370M Gaming Pro AC - Very slow data transfer speeds through rear IO USBC port

    I seem to be unable to achieve anything higher that 19MB/s transfer speed through the rear IO USBC port. I have tried with a number of USBC devices (flash drives, external HDD) but they all seem to cap at 19MB/s. I have tried updating my chipset drivers from the MSI support page, but after...
  2. Kiwisko

    [SOLVED] PC freezes when using any application that uses graphics

    Hello! I recently build my very first PC , however whenever i use any application that utilizes anything involving graphics, the PC freezes randomly somewhere between 5 - 90 minutes after starting the program. This happens when gaming (Overwatch, PokemonTCG), but also when doing less...
  3. stonks333

    [SOLVED] Do I need to reinstall Windows 10 when changing motherboard to a different brand and chipset?

    Changing from a "GIGABYTE Z370M DS3H" to an "ASROCK Z390 Pro4" or will everything be fine and I just need to re-activate my Win 10?