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  1. badwwolfe

    [SOLVED] Code 38 on Mass Storage Device, possibly a chipset driver problem ?

    I have a home built PC that's a couple years old with a new problem that I think I've sourced to the motherboard. here's the important thing's in the build: MSI Z-390-A-PRO motherboard RTX 2070 super Intel i5-9600k The problem: On startup, I can plug a USB or SD card into any port on my...
  2. Verybusy44

    [SOLVED] Trying to find a right ram kit, help!

    I7 - 9700k z390 a pro (runs 2666mhz ram speed) rtx 3060 ti I am trying to buy a new dual kit of RAM. I will be using xmp, not manual tweak. Q. The game i play requires very high ram speed, so my initial thought was to get 4000~4400mhz one. such as...
  3. Verybusy44

    [SOLVED] motherboard DVI port not working

    z390 a pro, 3060ti I have a second monitor with dvi cable, and just found out 3060ti doesnt have dvi port. The motherboard apparently has the dvi port, but somehow it doesnt detect the machine. What should i do except buying another monitor with hdmi?
  4. P

    Question Black screen on installation, 6700 XT, please help :(

    As you can tell by the title, bought a Gigabyte RX 6700 XT OC today plugged it all in and there is no signal to my monitor. Just upgraded from a 1060 (6GB) so I really wanna get this sorted out without having to wait a few months for a replacement as this is my last upgrade in my pc. I've tried...
  5. D

    Question MSI z390-a pro 2nd PCI-E 16x runs only with 2x

    I put a PCI-E 4x NVMe adapter into my 2nd 16x slot. The manual states that this shoul have 4 PCH lanes. The problem is that it only runs with 2x and thus the ssd speed is below 2000MB/s (should be 3500). I already tried to pull out all SATA drives (don't know if lanes interfer there) - with no...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Installed M.2 drive (Adata 8200 Pro) for the first time and running into issues. PC won't boot into BIOS.

    So I have attempted to install a new M.2 drive (Adata 8200 Pro) into my Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO motherboard. When I first installed it I was able to open up my BIOS and see the SSD and also could install Windows onto it via the usual USB method. However after installing Windows and attempting to...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] different kinds of m.2 slots?

    hello, my motherboard, the msi z390 a-pro, has an m.2 slot. however, on the webpage, it doesn't say what kind of m.2 slot it has, only M.2 SLOT - 1. i noticed on pcpartpicker that there are two different kinds of m.2 drives, m.2 22180, and m.2 2180. will both of these fit in my mobo? here is...
  8. IceTokki

    [SOLVED] CPU Overheating - Cant find the culprit

    So I noticed my CPU overheating to 100C and have been trying for days to figure out what it is. Here's what I know: Parts: CPU: Intel i7 9700K (not overclocked, purchased new 2019) Mobo: MSI Z390-A Pro (purchased new 2019) Cooler: NZXT Kraken X53 (purchased 2 days ago to possibly solve this...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] Z390 Aorus Pro compatibility

    Hello, I'm searching for a good SSD to be included in a Z390 Aorus Pro. I have read (here) that a slow disk could be a bottleneck for my processor (the i9-9900k) so I would like to have an NVMe (also simply I would like a speedy disk simply for gaming and to run my daily task quickly). So I...
  10. Eled

    Question Cpu and motherboard upgraded but won't boot.

    I got a new Z390 Aorus pro and a i5-9600k but when I turn on the pc it just turns off and on on a loop. The motherboard has an indicator that shows up that the Cpu is not working correctly. Ram and psu are both correctly connected and it seems like there are no bended pins for the cpu. Any idea...
  11. H

    Question Is this max?

    Hello,i thing i make max OC,but maybe you have some advice or smth like to make it more pwrful I have: 9600kf that oc'ed to 5.2 on z390 a-pro ballistix sport 2*8 (all settings on imgur) and 1060 wtf EVGA that have 2048 at 0.948mv and +600 memory cpu cooler - enermax t50 axe 6 120mm case coolers...