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  1. chrod64

    Question Z690I Aorus Ultra Lite DDR5 - GPU not detected but fans still spinning

    I'm using a Quadro P2000 gpu. In the BIOS it states there is nothing in the PCIEX16 slot, but the fans on the gpu are still spinning as if it's getting power. The motherboard came with bios version F20, it did not work so I decided to flash the latest version (F23a) and it still does not work...
  2. jordo21

    Question First time build problems

    I am building a PC with the Z6901 Aorus with the Kraken X63 AIO. the Motherboard manual shows that the USB 2 header should have 9 pins. However the actual motherboard USB 2 header has 12 pins. And this prevents me from connecting my Kraken USB 2 connector which only has 9 pins. Either I'm...