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  1. AmeedMv

    Question ASUS Sabertooth Z77 Memory Not Displaying Correctly

    Hi, Recently changed a case for the following components in the image below. -All RAM sticks show up in BIOS but says only 16 GB in BIOS Infoscreen. -All RAM shows up in all DIMM slots in CPU-Z. -I have tried upping the voltage to 1.6 and lowering to 1.25. Currently it sits at the default...
  2. Noxious1

    Question What Happens When I Change Motherboard?

    Hi, As a few have suggested on a previous thread if I upgrade 1 peice on my PC I'd have to upgrade it all cause it was built long time ago.. Right.. So.. I'm curious to know what would happen when I change Motherboard and keep the same SSD ? Currently got a sabertooth Z77 and I'll be putting a...
  3. IInuyasha74

    [WTS] Custom i7-3770K Desktop w/ 16GB RAM + Z77 Motherboard (PRICE CHECK)

    Hello everyone, I'm in the process of building myself a new desktop, and will soon have no use for my old one. I wanted to see if there would be any interest here for the system, and to see about how much it might be worth. I'm having trouble finding an appropriate price on it as there aren't...
  4. Noxious1

    [SOLVED] Would My Set-UP Last!? (gaming)

    Hey Guys! Just looking for opinions and reccomendations :D What Do You Think Of My Rig For Gaming? should I leave it as is or should I upgrade and what part? My Rig setup is; Cpu - I7 3770K @ 3.60GHz M.B - Asus Sabertooth Z77 Ram - DDR3 32GB 4 x 8Gb's Gpu - GTX 1080 FTW 8GB H.D - Evo 860...
  5. T

    Question Z77 motherboardonly detecting 8gb of RAM

    Hello Tom's Hardware. Recently my aging motherboard (Asrock z77 extreme4) has began to only detect 8gb of RAM out of the 16gb that I have. I've tried out every possible combination of sticks in the slots and they all check out as functional. All the sticks are compatible & are identical except...
  6. Uwoodz

    [SOLVED] MoBo getting power but not turning on

    I had just got my new (out of the box) Aorus 450 Pro WiFi MoBo and installed all of the components(20+4 pin, 4+4 pin, and CPU + fan are all in the right spots). I originally had a Gigabyte 350 that turned on just fine but it wasn’t comparable with the CPU as I was getting no Video. (Meaning the...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] GPU not working after PSU failure

    My PSU died a few months ago and I only recently was able to replace it. At the time I only had a lower wattage PSU on hand which couldn't power my GPU so I have been using integrated graphics since then. Now that i have a powerful enough PSU my reinstalled graphics card will not work...
  8. ceriumin

    Lag Spikes = Bottleneck?

    So after a few threads of me being paranoid for getting the gtx 1050 with a fx4300, i finally got it and it works great on esport titles. On fortnite i get around 100fps on high but i get terrible lag spikes every 5 seconds and they are pretty large. Is it my cpu being bottlenecked or some other...
  9. P


    Dear sir I need.RECOVERY DISCS FOR SONY VIAO MODEL SVT14113CXS i WILL Pay for this..
  10. N

    Compatibility Trident Z RGB with Ryzen

    I am looking for memory for my system. My CPU is Ryzen 7 1800X with an MSI X470 GAMING PRO CARBON. I found this RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16 GB Dual Kit 2400 mHz (F4-2400C15D-16GTZR) I was wondering if this is compatible with my motherboard/CPU, but I couldn't find specific information. I know...
  11. 1

    My newly built pc won’t post

    I put my whole pc together, and it turns on. The fans turn on, everything looks as if it will post, and then the pc loses power and restarts the cycle. There is an audible click when it fails, and I do not know what it is coming from. Any ideas?!?
  12. J

    GTX 750 Ti Low Profile Bracket

    Can I use the GTX 750 TI Low Profile bracket on an ATX Case? I have another computer that has a GTX 750 Ti Low Profile in it, but I unfortunately do not have the Long bracket. This is the Low Profile Bracket I currently have right now...
  13. G

    The 10 Best (and Worst) Marvel Shows

    If you want to know what to watch and what to avoid before Jessica Jones Season 2, check out our ranked list of Marvel TV shows. The 10 Best (and Worst) Marvel Shows : Read more
  14. H

    Laptop Power Issue

    So basically im a little skeptical posting on this site because every time I do no one answers me but here goes nothing i just bought a HP pavillion laptop and I was playing GTAV on it while it was plugged in. Basically i got a notification on it saying my battery was almost dead which didnt...
  15. Jhenrique

    Help: Trash with 80 thousand files. Emptying Trash doesn't work!

    I leave the Google Drive upload accidentaly all my files and it uploaded 80 thousand of files. So, I tryied delete all files in Drive, but is impossible. Because the "Empity Trash" function erase only the files in the screen (+/- 100 files), so, will be necessary "empity trash" more some...
  16. Z

    Power Supply Switch Won't Turn Off

    Recently, the on/off switch on my power supply will not properly switch to the off position. It feels normal in the on position, but when switched off it readily flips back on and never really "sits" in the off setting. When the computer is on and the switch is flipped off, the PC does not power...
  17. J

    My pc build, recommendations please.

    Hello guys! Just wanted some advice for my new gaming pc build, I have a budget of 500$. I don´t know much about computer builds, only the basics so if you have a recommendation please anwer back. permalink: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/sRzgWX
  18. B

    Keeps redoing the loading screen

    I turn on my laptop, and it loads on the startup, pauses, and does the startup load, over and over again. Please help, this is my laptop and I'm sad.
  19. T

    Ryzen 1700 and gtx 1070 Build. sometimes is bottlenecking.

    These Are My Sepcs CPU: Ryzen 1700 Using the Stock Cooler GPU: GTX 1070 Armor 8G MOB: B350 tomahawk am4 RAM: 8GB corsair vengence 3200mhz ram SATA:1TB WD Black 7200rpm 6GB PSU: Seasonic S12II 620W CASE: NZXT S340 Red This is my budget build so dont expect me to upgrade my storage to 1tb SSD...
  20. J

    HELP! Not sure if my GPU or PSU is dead?

    I built a PC 2 years ago and it's run perfectly fine until I tried turning it on this morning. Everything turned on as normal except the monitor gave me a "No signal detected" text. I've searched through tons of forums but none seem to help. I've tried reseating the graphics card and even placed...