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Forum discussion tagged with z97-a.
  1. Tapogam

    Question Can't find M.2 Nvme SSD in Boot Priority

    Hello everyone, I just upgraded my system with new M.2 SSD (nvme 250gb Samsung evo plus) and i was able to install windows 10 x64 on it and after installation everything was running smooth. Also while installing windows on M.2 SSD I physically removed all my other storage device from...
  2. Sample_Sam

    [SOLVED] Anyway to have both a M.2 PCIe SSD and a Wireless LAN PCI-E Card working at same time?

    Hello, I recently bought and installed an Intel M.2 PCIe SSD. After installing and switching the BIOS setting for the PCI Express X4 slot to M.2 mode (which I had seen in a tutorial), I found that my Asus PCI-E Wireless LAN Card was no longer recognized. The motherboard I'm using is an Asus...
  3. J

    Question Windows10 not recognizing TPM 2.0 Chip after reinstall with new SSD

    Hey! I reinstalled my windows 10 (64bit) OS on a new m.2 nvme ssd and my TPM-Module is not working anymore and won't be recognised by windows but the option to active it comes up in my bios so it does recognize it with other words. I got both a Asus Motherboard and a Asus TPM-Module. Those are...
  4. N

    How to check who has file open using client computer.

    We have a network shared folder to store pdf files. There are several viewer softwares being used. The problem is when someone has a pdf open, others cannot manipulate it. All it says is someone has it open. It does not tell us who. We send a nroadcast email to close the file. It happens too...
  5. AleksiDj52

    My CPU says that it can go 3.2ghz but i don't see it

    Hello everyone I have Intel Core I5 750 2.67ghz and in the processor it says that It can go to 3.2ghz. Do I have to overclock it? or I have to change some settings in the BIOS? Specs: GigaByte motherboard GA-P55M-UD2 Intel Core I5 750 2.67ghz Geforce GT 9800 Corsair 12gb Ram 1333mhz PSU...
  6. J

    950 sli or rx470?

    I got a spare msi gtx950 2gb and a i3 7350k and I was wondering if I should get another 950 or something like a rx470 my gpu budget is 180$US
  7. N

    Windows 10 AMD drivers causing windows to not boot to sign in screen?

    I've been having having this problem for about 4 days. Windows will boot like usual, spinning circle, then will stay on a black screen. I can't get to sign in screen. I can get into safemode and bios. After messing around in safemode for a couple days, I solved my problem by disabling my HD...
  8. seagatedoge

    Best option for external dock

    Hello, I don't have much experience to do with external docking of drives. I intend to put 2 SSDs and 2 HDDs into a dock that will plug in to a laptop. Here is what I have been looking at: ORICO 2.5 & 3.5 inch SATA2.0 USB3.0 1 to 3 Clone External HDD Dock Will I be able to boot from a docked...
  9. T

    Comcast TG1682G Wireless

    Greetings, I currently have the XFinity TG1682G modem/wireless in my bedroom. From it, I am running a hardwired connection to the living into a new router that I bought hoping to extend my wireless range. Another thing, I also need to have the wireless on in the bedroom so I can't have the...
  10. I

    What kind of CPU Cooler should i use? InWin 805 build

    So after some thinkering i finally bought almost every component for my build. The last thing to purchase is the cpu cooler and addittional vents for the case. I also modded the case so that the front panel stays a bit open just for better general air flow. My build is the current at the moment...
  11. P

    Underperforming i7 6700K ~20% after i5 upgrade

    I've just upgraded my mini ITX PC from an i5-6600 to an i7-6700K alongside an R9 Nano. In Cinebench, PassMark, The Witcher 3 (Novigrad) and in AC: Unity the new CPU has been fairly substantially underperforming. With all graphical detail turned down, fps can drop to the 40s in Novigrad and the...
  12. S

    Need help with my upgrade

    Hi, I'm thinking about upgrading my rig, because I'm going to buy the MSI GTX 1070 X in a few weeks/months, and I'd like your help! At the moment my rig is: -i5 3570 (non K) 3.4 Ghz -AsRock z77 extreme 3 -8 GB Ram -BeQuiet Powerzone 750W Bronze I was looking at the i5 4690K and any compatible...
  13. S

    Should i buy a used Asus G750JH

    I was on kijiji and someone offered me a used Asus G750JH for $850CAD. Im not sure wether its worth it or not considering that the laptop was released 3 years ago (he bought it only a year ago) and that it has a 780m. I also heard that the battery life is bad. Thoughts?
  14. H

    Help building a gaming rig

    I am going to buy this build next week can you computer genius' tell me if there's any cost effective improvements I could make? And if it will all be compatible here are my specs Intel i5 6600k processor Asus Z170-A Intel skylake Sli/CrossFire ATX Motherboard 240gb SSD & 1tb HDD &16 GB (2x...
  15. K

    32bit intel B800 duel core 1.5Ghz -- can i replace it with a 64 bit CPU?

    I have an intel B800 in my Acer Aspire model 5349-2481, its a 32 bit duel core 1.5Ghz. is there any way i can get a 64bit mayb
  16. M

    I overclocked my graphics card and now it cannot be detected by my computer

    I have a Acer Aspire V3 571-G laptop (yes i know, very old). I tried to overclock the graphics card on the laptop to get a better performance on my games. The graphics card is Nvidia Geforce GT630M. I overclocked it too far and now my computer cannot use/detect it. How do I fix? For example...
  17. M

    My hard drive is damaged and i can't create Windows Recovery Disc...help?

    Hi, my windows 7 acer laptop hard drive crashed recently..well it's not completely dead, the head inside the drive went into the platter and my friend was able to move it back into place..it's still damaged because it's very slow and i had to slowly move all of my files onto an external drive...
  18. F

    how can I add a printer to my tablet?

    How can I add a printer to my Kodack tablet, the printer has wifi capabilities.
  19. M

    monitor help !!!

    hello , i wanted to know about dell S2240L 21.5" ips monitor ..i have no knowledge about monitor ... Is this monitor good for gaming or will i get a better 1 at this price range ? i m open to any suggestion. thank u
  20. P

    4790K 4.0GHz With H75 Temperatures

    I've looked through the forums and the only threads I'm finding on this subject question different coolers and overclocked CPU's. So please help me out and bare with me. I have a standard 4.0GHz i7 4790K processor. With the Corsair H75 liquid cooler. However I'm concerned with my temperatures...