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  1. R

    Question Zalman Z3 Plus case fan controller

    Hello dear members. I am owning a Zalman Z3 Plus case and ASRock Z97 Pro 4 motherboard. How can I connect the 2 fans from top to fan controller? Is it alright to connect all fans (2x front, 2x top, 1x back) all of them to motherboard headers? I mean, in long-term, it can affect motherboard's...
  2. D

    My Computer won't boot after overclocking to 5.1 ghz

    I tried to overclock to 5.1 since it booted to 5.0 ghz. When i tried 5.1 it would just stall at the start up bios. I tried to click F11 everything didnt work. Since my mobo didnt have a CMOS/reset button. I just pulled the psu plug out of the motherboard then i put it back after 1 min. Now it...
  3. CooperPC

    Which one of these three laptops is the best for me?

    So my birthday is coming up in a few days and I am allowed to get a laptop around $600 for (mainly) FL Studio, personal use and school. I was browsing on JB HI FI and found these three i3 laptops, however they all look similar to me. So could any of you guys or girls please help me choose which...