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  1. C

    Question Ryzen 9 5950x Temperature spikes under load, while gaming

    Hello everyone, I hope you do great I have a Ryzen 9 5950x with a Noctua NH-D15 (Dual fan) I know that in Ryzen it is common and normal to have temperature peaks in IDLE, for example being at 40º it jumps to 67 for a second and goes down again. But does this also happen while the CPU is under...
  2. R

    Question Help, please? Which high-end CPU should I buy?

    Hello, friends! I want to ask this community for some piece of advice: I do NOT know what to choose from (I live in Romania, we have RON currency, but I'll convert it to EUR and USD): i9 10900KF (472 euro, 573 USD) i7 10700KF (349 euro, 423 USD) - I WANT THE KF VERSIONS BECAUSE THEY ARE CHEAPER...
  3. E

    Question 10850K for $240 or wait for Rocketlake or get a 5900x (First upgrade in 10 years)

    Hi guys, my i7-930 has finally met its match with Cyberpunk 2077 where even at 4K, it cant feed my 1080 ti proper in open city traversing. My CPU is yes 10 years old. I have been in desperate need of an upgrade. I can get a 10850K with my employee discount for 240 bucks or wait for Rocket Lake...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] 2x8gb 3200mhz ram vs 2x8+2x4gb 2133mhz

    So I am upgrading my cpu to the new ryzen 5600x. Would it be better for me to run 2x8gb at 3200mhz (16gb) or run 2x8 + 2x4 at 2133mhz (24gb). Is my slower ram going to bring down the performance of the pc? What is more important; higher freq or more mem? Set up: Ryzen 5600x Hyper evo 212 black...
  5. H

    [SOLVED] What happens if I have a zen 3 CPU in the socket if the bios that supports it isnt installed yet?

    My motherboard didn't come with zen 3 support out of the box so I will have to update it through USB BIOS Flashback so can I have the CPU in the socket before I do a USB BIOS Flashback update? CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Motherboard - ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING
  6. Themoniter61

    Question Ummm what time does Zen 3 CPUS go on sale online.

    I feel like since I can't find any info on this, it's a dumb/obvious answer, but when anyone know when CPUS go live on sites like Newegg or Microcenter? I'm abroad and would really like to nab something online and would like to know when to be in front of 5 different computers. It's bothering...
  7. K

    Question Mobo usb 3.2 gen2. Case front ports 3.0

    Hi guys, ok so im about to start ordering for my new build but need to know what i can do to be able to use the 2 front usb ports. The case i want is the fractal design meshify C and the motherboard is MSI b550 A pro. Issue is the case front usb ports are 3.0 and the motherboard is usb 3.2. Can...
  8. K

    [SOLVED] CPU or GPU Upgrade

    So i had my PC for about 3 years now : CPU: I7 6700 MB: MSI B150M Night Elf RAM: 16GB 2133mhz GPU: RTX 2070S With the recent and upcoming component releases, i need a suggestion on what component needs to be upgraded. It seems that the 2133Mhz RAM is causing bottlenecks on my system...
  9. F

    [SOLVED] Ryzen Zen3 4000 series question

    i would like to know if i should wait till the new 4000 series, im coming from am3 system, my b450m gaming plus and tfoce delta rgb 16 gb 3200mhz is on the way i already bought them. someone knows if the 4000 series will be sold the same october 8 and if any of them will cost below 150$ with...
  10. YouKnov

    [SOLVED] keep my ryzen 9 3900x and or wait for ryzen 4000s series

    So I just got the Ryzen 9 3900x* and was wondering if I should return it - which I only have 4 days left for - and wait the 1-2 months for Ryzen 4000s series or keep my stuff. Some info on what I currently need the CPU for in amount ratio 5:2: gaming (everything from Civilization 6 to...
  11. Pijmzhchus

    [SOLVED] Is there a chance my motherboard will support Zen3/Ryzen 4000:

    According to the photo below even 3000 series processors shouldn´t be supported on B350, yet my MSI B350 Gaming Pro carbon supports them. Is there a slim chance that 4000 series processors will be supported on my board? It´s the same socket even. Thank you for your respond. View...