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  1. Leonardo_N

    Question Colors on my new ASUS Zenbook 14 seem wrong ?

    Hi all, a few days ago I got myself a new ASUS Zenbook 14 UM425QA-KI163W: https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/1793660/asus-zenbook-14-um425qa-ki163w/specificaties/. (This is a dutch site, so you might have to turn on translation). The laptop is great, but the colors seem to be unnatural and wrong...
  2. G

    Question Need to buy new laptop for Work - ASUS Zenbook Vs MSI Summit

    Hello, I am looking to buy a new laptop for work, I am working as a Web Developer (Java/Js if it matters) I am considering 2 models, and I don't know which I should get : An Asus Zenbook 14X for the OLED high res 90Hz, good portability 14" and 1.4Kg, build quality and adequate keyboard numpad...
  3. I

    Question Is headphone socket on Asus Zenbook UX330UA also a mic socket?

    The built-in mic hardware on my Asus Zenbook UX330UA seems to have died (I've tried it on Linux and Windows, to check that it wasn't a driver issue), so I was thinking of trying a headset/mic, plugged into the headphone socket. Does anyone know if the socket supports a mic as well as headphones...
  4. I

    Question How to check microphone hardware on Asus Zenbook UX330UA?

    The microphone on my Zenbook UX330UA has recently stopped working. The speakers are OK, but audio is not being detected by the mic. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the Realtek audio driver from Device Manager, and also tried downloading and installing the latest version of the audio...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Is this Asus laptop compatible with a eGPU?

    I am thinking of buying this laptop - https://www.amazon.in/ASUS-i7-1065G7-13-3-inch-Graphics-UX325JA-EG137TS/dp/B08CL13QZV/ref=sr_1_1?crid=BZDZ1JG3ZH9J&dchild=1&keywords=asus+zenbook+13+ux325ja&qid=1601104195&sprefix=asus+zenbook+13+ux325ja%2Caps%2C305&sr=8-1 Can I pair this with a egpu like...
  6. Melonator

    [SOLVED] Laptop having lag spikes at all games, and CPU running at 70c on idle

    I have an Asus Zenbook 14 with the specs i5 8265u mx 150 8gb ram First off, my lag spike problem. I play low spec games like terraria, superhot, and Minecraft. Hell, even Roblox on the lowest settings. You see, performance wise its always 60fps but the framerate would drop so bad every half...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] Asus Zenbook UM431DA only available in webshops in my country

    I would like to check out this ultrabook in person, but i cant find it in any shop in my country. It is only available from webshop, unlike any other zenbook and vivobook i can touch and check out. Any idea why there is no product of this zenbook available? Not even in the official asus store...
  8. G

    [SOLVED] Upgrade SSDs in ASUS Zenbook UX51VZ

    Hi I have a 6 year old ASUS Zenbook UX51VZ (or U500VZ - not sure why it has two names). It was born with two 128 GB SSDs in RAID0 configuration. I would like to upgrade the two SSDs to two times 256 GB or maybe even two times 512 GB. However, it seems the installed drives are not standard...
  9. cm0scm0s

    Question (OWNER)Asus Zenbook UX331U password locked (boot/bios)

    Okay i see the irony in my user name, and also the fact that this problem exists is very embarrassing but lets go; STORY: I OWN a Asus Zenbook UX331U which when you press the power button prompts for a password. This password has been set in the bios (by me) which we can not access. Folklore...
  10. M

    Question Asus Zenbook - Random BSOD

    Hey Guys, since a forced BIOS Update from ASUS via Windows Update my Laptop is running in a couple of problems. The most annoying ones are the random bluescreens (DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION). The Bluescreens just appear randomly, sometimes after hours sometimes after couple of minutes. After...
  11. S

    Best Touchscreen Gaming Laptop under $1000?

    Hi all, I am going to college soon and I need a new laptop. My needs: A Graphics Card to run some demanding games (like Dark Souls 3 or Outlast 2) Touchscreen (don't care if it flips or not) Lightweight (have to carry it around) 14-inch screen preferably (I found it best for me) I can go to...
  12. FlamingoMan

    Question Cant decide on two laptops

    I've been really into pc then suddenly I like the idea of laptops again. So I was looking for laptops and came across these two different laptops. I couldn't decide between them as they are really similar...
  13. M

    Question Best laptop for school and university?

    Hi, I had to take in my previous laptop to Harvey Norman due to the laptop malfunctioning and as it was under warranty they gave me a credit of $1300 to purchase a new laptop from them. I have been looking around and I have found two which seems appropriate for school and university but I would...
  14. M

    Question Asus ZenBook stuck on "in search of incredible screen", i think it might be a problem with the motherboard?

    So i bought a Zenbook UX303U off ebay a couple months back, and recently i have been having this problem where the laptop would get stuck forever on the boot screen that says "in search of incredible", with no loading circles. Very rarely will i get past this boot screen, and the only time it...
  15. D

    Question Second HDMI screen blank, but detected in Windows 10

    Hello guys, I have an ASUS ZenBook Pro UX550GE, with i7-8750H, 16GB of RAM and two graphic cards: Built-in Intel UHD Graphics 630 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Today I plugged my external display - Samsung S22D390 - to the laptop via HDMI port (HDMI-HDMI, as I always did with my previous PCs)...
  16. L

    Question Easily Overclocking?

    I just hate to increase 10 MHz then test for 15 minutes then increase it again. I know it could be done once but I'm lazy so. So when I go for 4133 MHz it fails. My CPU is 7700K at default clocks so that is 4.20 GHz. How high and easier overclock it to use my Ram at 4133 MHz?
  17. G

    Question NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU 100%; 5-15 FPS in game on all games

    Please help me! I have a 2 year old HP Omen 17inch 1080 resolution screen with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, i7-6700HQ Processor, 8GB Memory, Windows 10 home. I have DirectX12. Everything runs smoothly, all except my frame rates per second in games. Everytime I load a game - Assassin's Creed...
  18. C

    [SOLVED] New Rig wont boot or giving any sign of life

    Just finished building my new computer, but it wont boot nor the fans are working. The LED´s on the Motherboard are on so it is powered. I almost tried every thing i could find for troubleshooting. Even shorting ther PWR_SW has no effect at all. CPU: Intel I7 8700K Motherboard: ASUS Strix B250F...
  19. O

    Pci or pcie x16 for network card

    The Ethernet on my system board stopped working and I have two networking cards to choose from. One is pcie and the other pci. The issue is my graphics cards cooling system covers the pcie x1 slot, so I would have to use the pcie x16 slot instead. But I also have a pci slot. So the question is...
  20. B

    2 Wifi Extenders

    Can I have two of the same range extenders connected to the same router at different ends of my house?
  21. K

    Blinking line top left corner

    So Im browsing the net and I appear to catch a virus, run a few scans , I think I delete them and I finally reboot and everythings back to place. Oddly, the virus has downloaded crossout game, pandaviewer and some driver installer. I do my stuff on the computer. Nezt day, my PC passes the bios...
  22. H

    Games and programs crashing and sometimes bsod

    Hi guys So I had this problem weeks ago sometimes games and programs crash othertimes nothing happens and everything goes fine Yesterday after multiple games crashing I tried prime95 small fft I got a bsod with error massage PFN_LIST_CORRUPT memtest86 gives lots if errors at a time othertimes it...
  23. D

    Windows 8 problem recongnizing memory

    Hi! Today i decided to give a try at my old Windows Vista (that came with the system), and it was laggy and crashy before, but now i have 2GB RAM and i wanted to give a re-try at that "resource hoggy". But, as it installed, Windows 8.1 doesn't even detect it, the Metro bootloader ignores the...
  24. U

    Toshiba Satellite L50-C laptop keyboard lock

    I brought Toshiba Satellite L50-C laptop. When I restart the laptop each and every time its keyboard is lockked and i need to
  25. obeliskk1

    What AP is good for ~150m range but on weird place [more in post]

    I got 2 houses which are ~150m far away from each other. Problem is, internet modem and router are in the house which is lower then the other for about 20m in height. And i heard wifi signal goes down, so that might be a big problem here. I was thinking UBIQUITI UniFi Access Point LR AC would...
  26. T

    Will the G1 Gaming 1060 3gb Fit into my case?

    Ok so i plan on getting a 450w psu and the 1060 g1 gaming it seems big i have a prebuilt LENOVO K450E im just wondering the case is kind of big will it fit? or no? which card should i get if it wont? here are the specs...
  27. N

    ROG STRIX-GTX1070-O8G-GAMING vs EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB FTW Gaming vs other

    Not sure which of these 1070 graphics cards are better and that will give a better performance and fps. If there are better 1070 gc pls state why its better and also state why you would recommend either the rog or the evga. Thank you!!.
  28. J

    EVGA gtx 970 SSC throttling at low temps

    My evga 970 ssc is stuck at 135 mhz clock speed. So far I've been able to get the clock speed back to its regular speed under load but it always clocks back to 135 mhz after 5-10 seconds of being under full load. I've set my power options both in windows and nvidia control panel to maximum...
  29. Charlise

    Is this a good build for my nephew?

    SPECS: INTEL CORE i3-6100 MSI B150M NIGHT ELF CORSAIR VENGEANCE LPX 8GB DDR4 2400MHz ZOTAC GTX 1060 MINI 3GB GDDR5 192BIT KINGSTON V300 120GB SSD WESTERN BLUE 2TB CORSAIR VS450W AEROCOOL AERO-500 He's aiming to play titles like GTA5, NBA 2K17 and such and I think this build will get the job...
  30. T

    PC Upgrade 2016 Nov. (CPU & SSD)

    Hello guys, I have been searching on the other threads but unfortunately I have no clue since I am not sure what to upgrade or what to buy. So actually, my friend told me to upgrade my CPU and I need to buy also SSD. So I've been doing a research but just to make sure it's worthy and good...
  31. Dabeavis

    MSi H170A PC Mate Onboard Audio not working.

    I recently got an open box MSi H170A PC Mate motherboard to replace my h110 board. But I can't get the audio to work at all. It just won't recognize anything in playback devices other than the AMD HDMI. I tried installing the Realtek audio driver from both the MSI website and Realtek's website...
  32. S

    Dual Monitors, Different resolutions and Eye Strain?

    Hello, I recently got a dual monitor setup at work with my primary being a 21 inch running at 1920x1080 and now a second monitor 17 inch at 1600x1024. I started noticing that my eyes are more tired than usual nowdays. Can going back and forth between different resolutions cause increased eye strain?
  33. N

    Best GPU That Won't Bottleneck FX-6300

    Currently I have a PowerColor 7850 PCS+ that is overclocked with Afterburner. It runs CS GO well in max settings around 250 FPS which is great. The only reason I want a better card is for games like Fallout 4, I run it in High & Medium Settings and get 40-60 fps but sometimes has major drops to...
  34. Cooly568

    USB 3.0 Drivers for Windows 10 that don't pop a power limit?

    Hey, so, dumb question, sorry for asking here, but I can't find my answer on other forums. I own a Gigabyte P34G V2, and it's a laptop, but it's been designed with a special USB 3.0 port to use for charging. This port should charge at 1 amp, compared to a usual USB 3.0 port's 0.5, But it has...
  35. O

    hot cpu when gaming

    my cpu is getting very hot when i play games, but when am watching a movie is not hot, this didnt happend before i changed my Graphics Card is there anyway i can make it not so hot?
  36. T

    Nvidia GTX 970

    I am about to order a PC and I have just been reading that there is a problem with coil whine (does this reduce the life of the card?) and them not being able to push past 3.5gb without stuttering and artifacting. Doe anybody know if this is still the case? as i was intending on getting one of...
  37. K

    Networked Display Port/HDMI

    Hello, I've looked on Google for the last hour or so for a particular wire. I have my base PC in one room of my house - and I would like to set-up a second monitor to another room (upstairs). What would be ideal is if I could get a displayport to plug into my PC, which then gets plugged into my...
  38. Y

    Newly built computer freezes at random times

    Hello, I got a newly built computer, I already had to RMA My videocard beacuse it was faulty. Now I have some problems again. The computer freezes with no error message, or BSOD. I have to restart it every time. I already tried reinstalling all the neccesary drivers, even windows itself. (Tried...
  39. L

    Best Custom Loop Liquid Cooling GTX 780

    I am having a bit of trouble trying to find a way to liquid cool my GPU. Im using a Gigabyte WindforceX3 GTX 780 and my case is the NZXT H440. The problems i am facing is that clearance in the case isn't that great, I don't want to use a pre made cooling system, and I am struggling to find the...
  40. P

    does my motherboard fits with my GPU? how can i know that?

    hi, i know many published that but i cant find a similar to my motherboard and video card i want to know before i buy a card if my motherboard P5KPL-VM fits with SAPPHIRE RADEON R7 240 or with any geforce gt630 version, its old video card was geforce 8800 gt or gtx i dont remember :P . if that...