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  1. Z

    Question Zip file password, please

    Hey guys I just tried to open an old file with some very important things in it, to the point I'm really depressed about it because i can't remember the password... Is there any way to get around it? I don't care how difficult..i just need to get into it. Any help would be really appreciated...
  2. I

    [SOLVED] (.7z, .zip) Broken? password-encrypted archive files

    Around January or February, I had some files (mostly images and videos) to store that mean a lot to me, but that I didn't want anyone else to see under any circumstances. So I used a really old (and small in capacity) USB stick of mine, wiped it completely clean with 30+ overwrites, and created...
  3. akaikisaki

    [SOLVED] Using CPU to it's full potential during Zip File Decompression 7Zip

    Hello All, While creating/ splitting Zip files using 7Zip, I get the option to choose the number of threads which can be used to Compress the file more quickly. However, while decompressing, the cores and threads are not being utilized to their full potential. Task manager shows just 5 to 10%...