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  1. erogenesis

    [SOLVED] Can I tell a Zotac gtx780 to chill?

    hey peeps. Question: Can I tell a Zotac to make due with 400W, or will I fry it? Story behind this question: I have this old HP Z220 Workstation that I use for doodling around, and it came with a 400W PSU and a gtx660. Recently I ran a game called Ghost Recon Wildlands and its lowest...
  2. S

    Question Zotac 1060K - GPU fallen off the bus

    Hi We are running a C++ program on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The app runs fine on a Zotac 1060 however when we run it on Zotac 1060K it appears to freeze the display. We can not switch sessions (eg. Ctrl ALt F1 does not work etc). The GPU "falls off the bus" causing the freeze usually after a couple...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] gpu fan stopping, starting, stopping, starting...etc... HELP

    My new Zotac 1070ti's second fan (one furthest from connection to motherboard) ramps up to speed, stalls out, then spins back up. While the gpu didnt heat up too much under load it did rattle almost constantly due to the fan. Any solutions?
  4. Jeff_120

    Question MSI Ventus 2080 vs Zotac Gaming 2080?

    In my country and within my budget only 2 cards are available: -MSI Ventus RTX 2080 at 830$ -Zotac Gaming RTX 2080 at 770$ I had 2 gaming X MSI card before (GTX 960ti and GTC 1070) and I must say I like the MSI quality and apps, the Ventus is also factory OC and has more leds while the Zotac...
  5. AndrewFreedman

    News Zotac Refreshes Mek Line With Intel 9th Gen, Adds Pink Mini

    Zotac is bringing it's entire Mek gaming lineup to Intel's 9th Gen Core processors and Nvidia's RTX graphics, the company revealed here at Computex. Zotac Refreshes Mek Line With Intel 9th Gen, Adds Pink Mini : Read more
  6. Denta_Code

    [SOLVED] Zotac 2080 amp extreme Core inaccurate Mhz Boost Reading

    Ok :D i know i maybe freaking for the wrong reason here :D but my card is supposed to read 1860 Mhz Boost instead it reads 1875 Mhz with 0% overclocking tried many utilities including zotac firestorm, msi afterburner & Gpu-Z and all the same readingis my card faulty or did i just got lucky :D ...
  7. SoumyaHD

    Question Futureproof Graphic card

    Want a modern card for my brother so he can do work plus play at the same machine Mostly VFX works and multimedia and also recent aaa titles at 60+ fps 1080 or 1440 Budget 300-500 USD. Team Red or Blue or Green Whatever Thanks in advance and it also should work as good after 5 years later...
  8. S

    Question Low GPU usage whilst gaming

    Whilst playing games my GPU usage is really low and rather quite annoying as I am not getting the performance which I payed for. My specs are as follows: CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1240 v3 (i7 4770 equivalent) GPU: Zotac GTX 1080 AMP Extreme Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz PSU: 600W 80+...
  9. marek_shields

    [SOLVED] Best air cooled RTX 2080 (non-Ti) cards

    After talking myself out of buying an RTX 2080 Ti due to the insane cost increase over the RTX 2080 and not enough of a performance increase to justify the cost, I have turned my sights on the RTX 2080s. Looking around on Newegg and some review sites to try and narrow down which to buy, there...
  10. A

    Question ASUS P8Z77-V PRO motherboard not booting up

    Hi everyone, I recently acquired a malfunctioning gaming PC whose components are as follows: Motherboard - ASUS P8Z77-V PRO RAM - Corsair Vengeance LP 8GB*4 = 32 GB Cooling Unit - Noctua NF P12 Power Supply - Cooler Master G650M Processor - i7 3770 K Overclocked @2.7 GHz GPU - 2x Nvidia GTX 670...
  11. G

    Question PSU Causing Issues

    My PSU (~6-year-old 650W Seasonic modular, not exactly sure what model) has made noises now and again for quite some time but after upgrading my GPU (from evga 950 to zotac 1050ti) recently, it's consistently made a clicking sound which I've discovered persists when I stop the fan. It also has...
  12. OneApples

    Question Zotac 1080 ti mini heat expansion clicking?

    Hello, I just recently bought a used 1080 ti mini for a good price. Now after using the card for a couple of days, it's come to my attention that the card emmits a clicking sound when it is either heating up (Benchmark start) or cooling down (not sure). The Zotac 1080 ti mini has a hard-locked...
  13. B

    Question Gtx 1060 6gb Which to choose ? galax or colorful or zotac

    Galax gtx 1060 6gb OC or Colorful gtx 1060 6gb NB or Zotac 1060 6gb AMP ? other brands cost too much here and out of my budget.
  14. N

    [SOLVED] Strix RTX 2080 or Zotac RTX 2080 Ti

    What’s your personal preference? I have some conditions: I want ROG build and they have $140 price difference. Strix OC 2080 vs. Zotac AMP 2080 Ti. And what’s your reason?
  15. Discussion Community Questions: What's Your All-Time Favorite GPU?

    We recently updated our GPU Performance Hierarchy to include a few brand-new cards, which got us thinking: What’s our favorite graphics card of all time? Everyone has their own personal golden age of gaming. If you were born in the late 1970s, perhaps it was the DOS era of PC Gaming known for...
  16. U

    Build Advice Xeon e5450 and GTX 950 in 2019? (THIRD_WORLD_COUNTRY!)

    I found a deal locally for the following pc Xeon 5450 8gb ddr3 1666mhz (dual channel) Xotac GTX 950 2GB 240GB SSD 500W PSU from Antec He's asking $250 for it.I know thos is the best I can build because older refurbished 4th and 2nd gen i3 i5s cost wayy too much here ( more than its new price )...
  17. Squirtle4life

    Question GPU not showing, instead its using Intel HD 530

    So the other day i got home and the monitor was blank. I switched to the other HDMI port and it started working but all the games i played had low FPS. I went from 60+ FPS on a game like BDO on ultra settings to 10- FPS. I did a factory reset to perhaps clear some things out to help, but the...
  18. SkyRock1986

    [SOLVED] Overclocking CPU & RAM safely with X470 Pro

    Hey guys! My signature specs are up to date, please lead me through on how to safely overclock my CPU & RAM without the need to do stability testing... So in other words a overclock that isnt pushing it to its limits, but is better than the stock. I am using stock cooler for the Ryzen cpu.
  19. T

    Get an i5 8300h/gtx 1050ti laptop now or wait for i5 9300h/1650 ti laptop?

    I just got a gp63 leopard 8rf from newegg but I'm going to send it back. It's got too many flaws for my liking. I didn't need a better laptop until August anyways. I got a windows 8.1 i7 4700mq 8gb ddr3 1600 ram gtx 770m laptop that can last me another four months if need be. So I'm going to get...
  20. [SOLVED] Molex vs SATA to PCIE wattage

    Hi, I've been searching around the web for the wattage of a single molex to PCIE adapter and a SATA to PCIE adapter but find different numbers everywhere. Any expert in this area who knows not only how much the Molex and SATA connectors can supply, but also how much of the wattage each adapter...