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    Question Razer's demonstration shows problems with Chinese Omron switches double clicking

    Razer's own demonstration shows EXACTLY how the double click happens in this video. How the metal contact point is the real reason. The Razer Optical Mouse Switch - YouTube View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b12B48EcUtM&ab_channel=R%CE%9BZ%CE%9ER Skip to 0:18 should you please. Thought...
  2. S

    Question Question on Zowie mice double clicking on Huano switches.

    Hi. Do the Zowie mice with the Huano switches double click? They had a product recall a few years back because the products they were selling at that time had Chinese Omron switches. But then they moved to using Huano switches. Has anybody using these new Zowie models with Huano switches...
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    Question Mouse switches impression of the community (CN Omron, JAP Omron, Huano, Kailh)

    So, us gamers who've been around many different mouse models spanning from logitech, to cougar, to zowie to razer have faced one problem. The dreaded double clicks. We know that the Chinese Omron with the prefix D2FC are the biggest culprit for which Zowie switched form them to move to Huano...
  4. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] Looking for a new mouse.....

    I have been needing a lightweight mouse for fps games and these are some things I prioritize LIST Lightweight (70grams or under) reliable sensor PTFE skate feet not a ergonomic design (ambidextrous mice have the best shape) Good clicks (click switch should have 50 million click rating or...
  5. waqas300

    [SOLVED] BenQ Zowie XL2546 240Hz or XL2731 144Hz?

    Primary game is CSGO, Cant decide between BenQ Zowie XL2546 240Hz and XL2731 144Hz. Upgrading from a 60hz display!
  6. G

    [SOLVED] Speed type mouse pad or control?

    I was using a control type 30x30 cm control mousepad till now,but now ordered one which covers my keyboard too but it is a speed type pad,so should i buy the control variant or use this ,i play apex legends and cs go ,i was asking because i learned that people prefer control type mouse pads for...
  7. snowycalamari

    Question Serious color distortion issues with BenQ Zowie XL2731 27"

    Just got a new BenQ Zowie XL2731 monitor and for some reason its colors are so bad idk why they are just awful to look at like the entire monitors colors are distorted and saturated. Many people have complained about it on the Amazon reviews and others state the complete opposite saying it works...
  8. C

    Question Can "displayport to HDMI/VGA/DVI" adapters do 144hz?

    I just bought a new "ZOWIE XL2411P / 24" / 144Hz / 1920x1080 / 1ms / Vesa" monitor and it came with some kind of display port cable that is the same on both sides. However, it turned out that my PC only has HDMI, DVI and VGA ports. Currently I am using my old DVI cable. What should I do...
  9. M

    Question My mouse feels "uneven" and high amount of friction after replacing the skates (mouse feet) Zowie EC1-B

    I don't know what i am doing wrong and I'm using the ones that came with it . I have already used 2 sets and same results. if someone could tell me exactly what to do step by step it will be very much appreciated! because i didn't find any sort of tutorials !
  10. rofets

    Question 144hz monitor

    Hello everybody, would like to buy a 144hz monitor (Viewsonic XG2402 or Benq Zowie XL2411P) my computer... GTX 1050 2gb AMD A10 8 GB di RAM 1tb hard drive will this system support a 144hz display? thank you
  11. Dimasuumsi

    Question Asus X450CC new ram not recognized?

    So i just bought a 4 gb ram to upgrade my x450cc laptop from 4gb (total) To 6gb(total). It has 2gb on board memory and 2gb upgradable memory. Both the previous 2gb ram and the new 4gb ram was usable until it become unrecognized, the 2gb lasted a couple years and the 4gb stick lasted a whole...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] Hardware to test multiple hard drives at same time using Windows

    Hello all, need your help for a project. We have a Windows based software application to test hard drives. We need to be able to test 15-20 desktop sata hard drives at same time (or more). Our program handles it but need the hardware to run it. Again, this must be Windows based. The program...
  13. N

    is upgrading i5 3570k to i7 6700 worth it or should I go for 9th gen i5/i7.

    I currently own a pc with i5 3570k @4.2Ghz GTX960 2gb VRAM 8gb ram and theres a preowned computer for sale with i7 6700 gt750 16gb ram i will probably get a rtx 2070 in the future and I was wondering if this upgrading to an i7 6700 is worthwhile and what price I should offer for the pc...
  14. S

    Monitor and tv together?

    I connected monitor with vga cable,tv with hdmi on same gpu.When connected together,can they have different resolutions? Right now it looks bad on tv. Max resolution on monitor is 1680/1050,tv is HD Ready.
  15. P

    Activating a program via internet.

    Hello, My program needs internet access to be activated. Is it possible after that to remove the installed program(in fully working condition) from the installed location to another PC that is not connected to internet(via USB memory stick for example) or is there any other way to cheat?
  16. Sagar_20

    Wei Score of 7.5 with 8GB of DDR3 RAM ?

    My pre built Dell desktop from 2011 had come with a total of 4 GB of Samsung DDR3 RAM in dual channel, and the built in Windows experience Tool would rate it 7.5 which is yet the maximum as compared to any other component. A few months back, i had to upgrade one of the Sticks with a 4GB DDR3...
  17. 1

    Can you plug a 125v psu power cord into a 240v outlet?

    I have a psu that has a 220-240v rating. However the cord connecting the psu to the outlet says 10 A 125v. Will it be safe to plug that into a 240v outlet?
  18. D

    Best cpu cput to pair with RX 480 8gb

    I was just wondering what cpu i should pair with my rx480 8gb for my Friends build
  19. U

    Samsung Magician v5.0.0 - Firmware Version?

    I have Samsung 850 EVO 500gb installed. I'm stumped regarding Magician's display of 'Firmware Version'.:??: What does 'Latest' mean? Am I running the latest version or the 'Latest' is something else? Very unclear and confusing! Others have stated on this forum that 'EMT02B6Q' is the latest...
  20. W

    SSD Drive for my toshiba laptop

    i have a toshiba satelilte L-15W-B1208X do the make a ssd drive for my 2in1 laptop