Question £160 28" 4K monitor - Images are stretched


Nov 8, 2013
electriQ 28" 4K Ultra HD HDR 1ms FreeSync Gaming Monitor

so i bought this monitor cause it was cheap

but thing is it isn't exactly 16:9

my second monitor is a viseo243D
which is 53.1cm x 30cm, so 16:9 exactly

but this electriQ one is 62.2cm x 34.3cm
which is more 16:8.82

I noticed this because the wallpaper i have on the 24" looks nice
but on the electriQ looks a little stretched out

i even tested this, went to google got a image of a square,
then measured it with a ruler on my monitors
on the 24" monitor it is actually a square (the width and height is the same)
on the electriQ it isn't, its wider (width more than the height)

now whenever i'm watching youtube videos or movies, people's faces look fatter/wider

Is there anyway i can fix this? force it to go back to a 16:9 or basically squeeze the content so that it doesn't look stretched?

disclaimer, i run the screen in 1080p at the moment because my PC can't run games at 4K and i can't be bother to keep switching it back to 4K after i'm gaming
but even in 4K the images look stretched