£250 budget.


Sep 16, 2012
Need a new graphics card. Currently have a Radeon HD 5770, but looking to upgrade with a budget of £250. I need something as future-proof as possible thats going to run games at ultra settings in high resolutions. Any suggestions?
I'll +1 Sunius and add two things... firstly, register your details with them within 30 days of purchase and that becomes a five or ten year warranty. Secondly, if you can stick another £20 on your budget, you could grab a GTX670, which is an absolutely amazing card for the money. Near enough the same speed as GTX680, but £100 cheaper. It will play Far Cry 3 1080p AA and ultra (nothing less than a GTX670 will be consistently above 30fps in that situation). But if £250 really is the absolute limit, GTX660 Ti won't disappoint.