Question £400 budget for a router & repeater/extender?


Dec 24, 2015
Hi all,

I'm no networking genius, I can assure you of that. So, I'd be very appreciative if someone could help me with a solution to this WiFi issue I will have in the near future.

My office is moving out into the garden outbuilding and I'll have basically no choice but to be wireless (currently wired, welp). The router and repeater will be around 32ft from each other, and the repeater/extender around 22ft to my PC in the garden.

In terms of a router and repeater/extender, what would you suggest the best in each field would be for what I want to achieve? I have around £400 budget to at least try and get this half decent enough to use for gaming. I'll also have to consider a decent wireless adapter as well I'd assume.

My current download is 70mb/s wired, it would be nice to at least get 40 but that might be wishful, not sure.

Thanks in advance.
Your best option is outdoor bridges. Ubiquiti sell a number of models. At the short distance you have the lower end ones will work they should be just over $100 for a pair. This will in effect give a ethernet port in the remote building. If you need wifi buy a cheap router and use it as a AP. Other than for some ethernet cables and some mounting hardware your costs should be under $200. Since it is a point to point wifi signal it is a little better in terms of interference but it is still wifi so you may get spikes playing games. Be sure to mount the bridges as high as you can so someone does not park a truck or something in the beam.