‘Battle For Azeroth’ Is Now Available For Pre-Order

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Blizzard has always had a bias toward Horde (I've played both), Horde will win in the end no surprise, or reason to buy this expansion. I've played since WOW 1st started, but all the changes and constant disappointments has finally burned me out on this game.


Dec 17, 2008
I started playing WoW back around 2005.... stopped after the release of Warlords of Draenor. With the addition of RTS elements, I lost all interest in the game. I couldn't see getting back into the game now.

I was on the initial closed beta back in early 2004 if I recall. Thought the game was horrible with the cartoonish graphics and dumbed down gameplay. Never played it after the Beta, thought it would bomb. I may have missed the mark on that one a tad.



Horde nor alliance are going to win jack. This so called battle is a precursor to an appearance by N'Zoth. Queen Azshara serves the old god and is going to be a boss in an upcoming raid.
Don't care I'm so burned out on WOW. It is no where as interesting to me as it used to be. Too many changes, too many times I had to learn how to play my toons all over again and again and again and then they're weaker, my main got nerffed so many times. It seems whatever I switched to playing as my main next patch and it's nerffed to death. Since early 2005 3 generations of my family used to play this together now just one person in my entire family still plays the rest of us are all burned out on it. And I'm not going to any more Blizzcons either, I'm done with it all. Say hi to the Queen for all of us.

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