‘Just Right’ Multi-Process Architecture Helps Firefox 54 Claim Memory Usage Crown

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People don't use Chrome because it is "faster and more secure". People use Chrome because Google constantly advertises the browser as being "faster and more secure". And when it comes to advertising, there's simply no way Firefox can compete with one of the largest advertising companies on the Internet. Google has a large number of popular "free" ad-supported services, and has made sure to regularly remind users visiting these sites with other browsers that they could click a button to get Chrome for a "faster way to browse the web" or a "better browsing experience". They also install the browser by default with their desktop software and many unrelated freeware apps, leading many to replace their existing browser unintentionally.

Other browser companies feel that by simply copying Chrome, they will regain users, but in reality, the people still using their browser are mainly using them for the things that make them different. By stripping out these unique features, they'll only lose more users. Opera also tried to make their browser more like Chrome, then eventually just decided to discontinue their browser and tack the Opera brand onto a Chromium reskin. Firefox seems to be headed in the same direction.


Feb 14, 2007
Well I've tried 54 and 55 Beta (both 64-bit) and am not seeing much savings compared to Chrome. Only real difference I've seen is that new 55 Beta seems to open a little faster and now is showing addons with "Legacy" tags to them...presumably in preparation for Firefox's new extensions. I'll be curious when developers release the popular ones. I'll probably stick with Chrome as a main browser though. Does anyone know if/when Opera will release a 64-bit browser again...if they haven't already? The last one I see when searching is when it was version 12.


Hopefully having multiple processes will permit reclaiming memory more effectively. In my experience Firefox has been traditionally poor in this area. Closing all but one tab should cut memory usage significantly, but it may still chew over 1.5GB if it hasn't been restarted for a while. Being able to kill a content process that has been alive for a long time should help.
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