Question 011 mini fans

Jun 20, 2020
right so I'm building in the new 011 mini and wanting to have 9 fans corsair fans using the commander pro and the h100i AIO, however because the commander pro has a limit of 6 fans, I will not be able to plug in the last one?

Do I buy a fan splitter, or would I be able to connect the ll120 rgb fan to the motherboard?

or would 8 fans be enough and not have one for the rear
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9 fans? how you fit 9 in?
H100I is 2, where were you putting it? side intake would work for best cool air. (Yes, I know all the shots have top mounted but they also 360 aio, and if gpu is a 3090 or something, it will heat up CPU by having all its exhaust air blown through AIO Radiator on way out of the case)

looks at pictures on website... 3 in base, 3 in roof and 1 at back.
what direction are the fans? which are intakes vs exhaust? I assume top is exhaust and bottom intake?

I don't know if you need that many? What parts are you putting in? If you have 3 on the base, wouldn't the front intake fan there be conflicting with intake fans on side? I don't think you need 3 on base or the rear fan. If you have 2 side intakes (AIO) + 2 on base, that's more than enough intake to over power the 3 exhausts on top of the case, any extra air will escape out back. I wonder if you really need 3 on top as well, the one above aio intake would just be exhausting cool air.

sorry I ignored your main question, I was more curious why you need 9 case fans in such a small box.
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