Question 0x803F7001 error. Having trouble reactivating Windows 10.


Nov 7, 2017
I'm having trouble reactivating Windows 10. Is there some way that I can reactivate it myself because I got this error of 0x803F7001. I tried calling Microsoft Tech support, but I sat waiting an hour and no one answered. I need help. I had to replace my motherboard. I ordered it online and Microsoft support won't accept the email. I can't get anyone to do a remote session. I got Windows 10 when it was still a free upgrade and I have a digital license. I have been using it for at least 3 years. I have college starting at the last week of August and I can't switch to Linux. I have to have Microsoft. Does Tech Support leave at a certain time or what? Can someone give me a number to reach them or get help?


when you upgraded for free, did you create and sign into a Microsoft account on the PC at any time during your usage of Windows 10?
Because that signing into an account is what links activation.

Also, is your system somehow unusable right now?
Last I checked, Windows 10 doesn't need to be activated to be used at all ever.
Unlike previous versions of Windows that would limit your time with the system and lock you out after you've expired that trial period, Windows 10 just continues to be 100% functional and all you have to deal with is a water mark in the bottom corner of your screen telling you that it's not activated, and you won't be able to use the personalize menu to set a background image and adjust window border colors.
But you can still download a picture, right click it, and set as background just fine.

To get a hold of Microsoft, you should send an official email to them and wait for a response.
Otherwise, you can try posting in their community help forum, or looking up their support number as well as their hours of operation which should be right there on their support site.

Also, when I just simply copy and pasted that error code into Google, the first web result was this.
Maybe it'll help.