1:2 CPU:RAM ratio possible?


Jan 16, 2003
With today's fast DDR1 modules, I was wondering if it was possible to run a Northwood A or B at 1:2 CPU:RAM ratio, meaning the RAM will run at the speed of the Quad-pumped FSB of either 400 or 533, and do away with Dual channel. This seems to make sense to me since DC doesn't come close to doubling practical bandwidth, so why not use a single module and double the speed?
I think I remember Crashman saying something about someone he knows who is running a Northwood A with a PC3200 stick, but this was a long time ago.
This could satisfy a bandwidth hungry P4, but how could it be done?

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Not officially supported, I ran a module at DDR400 on a P4S533 with a P4 1.8A. It worked GREAT. In fact, I was able to take the bus speed up to around 121 with the RAM at 2x CPU bus. I had to drop the ratio in order to get the CPU bus any higher than ~121MHz, this was using a module rated for DDR500.

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