Jul 13, 2004
I am currently looking for a 1.4 GHz Athlon 200 FSB for my Abit KT7-RAID Mobo (I reflashed to a newer BIOS to enable 1.4 support).

After looking on E-bay I could only find Athlon 1.4 CPU's that run at 266 MHZ FSB; and I was wondering if it would be possible if I could fit this CPU with the FSB turned to a lower setting; and if so how do I do it?? Would the comp lock up on bootup?


Dec 31, 2007
Nope, it won't work! You need to find a 200mhz 1.4 T Bird. They run god-awful hot, but keep looking on E-Bay and you'll find one. My back-up PC has a 1.3T-Bird I've had for over a year. I'm running it at 1.266 just for coolness!

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Feb 7, 2003
It is going to be hard to find that processor, and if you find it, you are going to spend a good penny for it. That processor was the last T-bird manufactured before AMD went to the XP line. The T-birds ran very hot, so consider a good heatsink/cooler. I don't know how much you want to spend, but it would be worth your money to get a N-Force 2 board and a XP processor, and some DDR memory. You can get a good combination for a great price.


Dec 31, 2007
If you can get your hands on an unlocked Tbred B XP2100+ or XP2400+ you can drop it right into the KT7. It will default to a 20X multiplier, running at 20 x 100 = 2000 Mhz!!!! That's a real 2000 Mhz (not XP2000+ speeds). Runs cooler than a Tbird 1.4 but you still need good HSF.

You can also use a XP1700+, XP1800+ or XP2000+ (unlocked Tbred B's only) but you have to mod them to enable the 8X multiplier bit.

I tested my XP1700+ (mod'd to XP2400+) in my old KT7 (no, I don't mean KT7A) for a very short time but I was a bit lucky. My week 0302 Tbred has a default VCore of 1.6 V which was stable enough at that 2000 Mhz to give me enough time to get into BIOS setup and set VCore to 1.8V which is what I need to keep my Tbred stable at that speed. Some people with the 1.5V Tbred B's weren't as lucky, not able to POST at 2000 Mhz

If you have a news reader then checkout the alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.abit newsgroup. Use Google groups if you don't have reader. Plenty of people have successfully installed Tbred B into the KT7/KT7 RAID. Even one or two people installed unlocked Bartons.

The keys are the processor must be unlocked, must have the multiplier 13x or higher (either by default or by modification), and the processor should be at least a Tbred B. Tbred A's are no good because they won't POST at 20 x 100 (or very few will).

Not aware of anyone trying it with the new XP-M processors. I think the L6 bridge limitation would be a problem.

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