1 GB ATI 5870 for Eyefinity

Ray Alexander

Sep 1, 2011

I have a 1 GB ATI 5870 card in my Windows 7, 2.67 GHz, i7 920. 6 GB RAM. 64-bit OS. I may expand that 6GB very soon. Just went to crucial.com.

Currently attached I have 1 HDMI monitor and 1 monitor with a DVI adapter, the 17-inch Dell E773c CRT.

I have another 17-inch Dell E773c CRT already, but not hooked up.

What does everyone recommend I do to get Eyefinity? ...................Get a Display Port adapter for the other monitor?

Buy a Display Port monitor?

Buy another monitor and get Display Port adapter?

Had this machine since Nov. Time to fill with memory and get Eyefinity.

:ouch: :ouch: :ouch: :ouch:
oh 1080p is fine on the 1GB card in most cases and as far as three monitors there are only a few situations where a 2GB card would be significantly better. If you run without AA and AF on the more demanding games you may be o.k as far as memory, though I would recommend adding another card :D.

Anyway, you only need to use a display port adapter if you want a 3rd monitor. For two it is simply a dual display.