Jul 1, 2007
Hey guys, Im currently running windows XP with 1 gig of ram. Ive played all the games like call of duty2, hitman, Fear etc. with no hiccups or problems. Will I need to upgrade to 2 gigs for future games even though I have XP? Thanks

Edit -Actually, I have money left for one more upgrade. I can either get the 8800gts 320 for around 150 with evga step-up OR a new 2gb dual channel kit for around 100. I know most people will say get the 8800, so is it a good trade-off for sticking with just 1 gig (I cant just get another 1 gig because I have a mesh-mash of different 512 ram sticks)? thanks.
Yes, eventually. Games like Supreme Commander can reach 2 GB.

Why don't you just install the game you like and check how much memory it uses. Look in Task Manager, under Performance, at the Physical memory area. If you've only got a little still available then it's time to buy more.