1 Modem -> 1 Wireless Router -> 2 Managed Switches -> Devices?

Jun 25, 2018
I am planing to Purchase these




Cat7 Cables:

I know this is overkill by a ton for my personal Business, Don't care about that. I want to know if my idea will work.

I want the Modem connected to the Router Obviously, then 2 lines from the router running to major areas of my place. Both of these will be connected to a Managed Switch. Then from each Managed Switch the devices in the local area of each managed switch will be connected.

1) Will I be able to still control both managed switches, and configure the traffic priority properly?

2) Will everything work without an issue assuming proper setup.

3) Would I have to configure the QOS on both switches, or Just the Router?

4) Should I be using Unmanaged Switches Instead, and using the Routers QOS?
In which case I would be using this Switch:

Thanks for your help!

QoS in the lan would only mean you have a serious design issue.

Even very inexpensive switches can run at what is called wirespeed or non blocking. What this means is every port can run 1gbit up and 1gbit down all at the same time. The total traffic the switch can run for a 8 port switch is 16gbit

So traffic would never be delayed since all ports can always be passing traffic as fast as each end device can possibly use it.

The only way you could have a issue is say you connect 2 switches together, even via the router as your propose. Since you have 8 machines on each switch they can produce more than 1gbit of traffic between the switches. If that happens QoS can not really fix it you would need a better design likely based on 10g uplinks. Very few people have anywhere close to 1gbit of traffic total in their network.

A router QoS can only lan-wan. It can not do anything about traffic passing lan-lan.

That particular router I have seen comments about lan-lan performance. It seems there are 2 4 port switches internal rather than 1 8 port switch. It therefore limits the traffic between the 2 groups of machines similar to the example example I gave about 2 8 port switches.


Can you describe what is on your network? That gaming router is not what I would choose for a business setup. Do you need guest WIFI? POE for phones? You have presented a solution, and asked some questions about it, but haven't presented the problem you are trying to solve.
Why two 8 port switches? Have you already ran your cables? A 24-48 port layer 3 switch will be better if you can get the cables to the same place. Cascading switches has a lot of downsides. Running everything to one switch is ideal. You would only need more once you have a lot more people 30-40+.

You would only need QoS on the switches if your 1Gbs LAN traffic bogged down the trunk to your primary switch or router or a server. qdisc won't work for those speeds on the switches, you could use limiters to shape file server traffic so you don't bog down the LAN if that actually does happen. QoS on the router will only help with internet if that's what you want.

For wifi get access points not an all in one router.