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Question 1 of 2 RTX 3060 fans making weird noises when starting to spin ?

May 3, 2021
Video: https://www.mediafire.com/file/35zmohb0t2wsped/VID_20210624_232457.mp4/file

Should i be worried about this? I understand that both are in a loop of off-on as when they are off the card gets too hot, just above the threshhold, so they turn on, the card cools and the temperature goes just under the threshhold, so they turn off and so on, but whats with the sound. Are the bearings in the right fan faulty? should i contact company that put the pc together and i have warranty to send me a new rtx 3060? When i looked closer at the fan it looks like the fan is slighly more 'buckled' than the other fan meanning when it spins, it does not spin as straight as the other fan. Any help will be good. Thank you

PC: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/scan-gamer-rtx-intel-core-i5-10400f-16gb-ddr4-12gb-evga-rtx-3060-1tb-m2-ssd-win-10-see-info